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Get your Skintone

I went to Kicks, a makeup shop chain in Sweden, to get my skin tone code. They make it thus. With a little gearsteg 1 they point on three places of your face and so get a skin tone code with which you can buy the foundations that match your skin color.

I have done it twice. First time the shop assistant measured on three points of my cheeks, which are often red, and very red then, because I had been walking briskly in town. The result thus became fawlty as I am more yellow/golden basically. But may obviously be useful for choosing a blushing shade. So yesterday I did a test again in another shop of the chain, c and told her not to measure where I was reddish. She then measured at three points on the neck and the color I was matched to was a Max Factor somewhat number 55. I found out this color’s name is Buff Beige, which sounds perfectly allright. Buff being a color I look good in.

From Youtube comes this video, with Alice Red putting on foundation:


Here are some women with fair to light complexions and the foundation colors that suits them.

L’Oréal True Match Beige Buff N4Buff Beige

L’Oréal True Match N1True Match Soft Ivory

N1 a very Neutral Light. She is golden and peachy in tone.

Classic Ivory

L’Oréal True Match  Classic Ivory N2. Woman not as golden, but more matte skin.

Classic Ivory

L’Oréal True Match Natural Buff N3

Natural Buff

L’Oreal True Match C1 Alabaster — Cool tone and very very pale.Alabaster

L’Oréal True Match C2 Natural Ivory .  Also for cold toned women.Natural Ivory

L’Oréal True Match W1 Porcelaine   A warmish light color on the foundation. Her flecks are warm brown.Porcelain

L’Oréal True Match W2 Light Ivory. She is warm under the reddish cast.

Light Ivory


L’Oréal True Match W3 Nude Beige. Also warm but not as light.

Guess we have an Autumn here.

sheNude Beige

Fair to Light Skintones: Alabaster

This beautiful girl came up among the Google pictures for ”alabaster skin”.  At first glance I saw her skintone’s just like my own. Could be a diffrence, though, depending on how good my screen is on correctly showing colors.Minty

By the way, some definitions of alabaster white color:

First an alabaster goddess – or woman:

Bildresultat för alabaster

She looks surely White. This is My kind of Whiteness. Alabaster skin said to be ”very pale white and translucent. See Nicole Kidman for a comparison. As you can see, diffrent lights seem to change her complexion color:




    Skin Cool or Warm?

    This Fair Lady with red hair and freckles, says Wisegeek.com.: ”People with fair complexions and blue eyes tend to have cool undertones to their skin.

    I could, unfortunately not copy the portrait, but here is a link. Well, later on, it could be copied from another page on Wisegeek.

    A young woman’s face framed by a strong orange-red mane. Might be natural, might be colored. Her face being very fair and with golden freckles all over her cheeks. Her lapis lazuli blue irises are mirrored in earrings of same blue tone.

    Wisegeek believes this girl has cool undertones because of her strong blue eyes.

    I don’t know. Think the freckles all over seem very golden, i.e. warm. Hair is warm. Eyebrows too. And look at patches on back what a bold yellow/golden.

    Skin beneath those freckles forming galaxies of gold on her otherwise fair white skin.

    Do I find anything cool in all this fairness? Yes, see some fair pink on her forhead, nose and chin. But that might be how the sun has burnt her and it might be blood shining through her delicate white skin. But blood color usually shines through cheeks on warm women, not so much on cheeks. So I guess she has burnt a little in the sun and that this is what Wisegeek sees.

    Ok, she might have some coolness, but mainly she is a typical fair warm.

    Like me!

    Or what do you think?


    12 Blueprints – posts on color behavior

    ”Alla” 1900-talets färger. (flytta till nytt inlägg)


    Color links to 12 Blueprints,  where knowledgeable women talk about color:















    Now, have a go on this picture test: To which season does this pretty dress belong? The dress in peacock blue with orange pattern. One of a kind, really, if you ask me. But it is not so simple. Christinems writes in the post:

    ” When we see that orange flowered dress among items that seem very True Spring – does it belong? How will we figure it out? By measuring it using comparison, of course!! Lie the swatch book on it and see what happens.”

    Well, looking at the dress it feels glowingly hot, so could it be Warm Autumn? Or Bright Spring.

    The Spring dress to the bottom right confuses me. Spring? Really? Could not Autumns wear it, too?

    Spring and Autumn Colours

    Now she asks:” Where do the flowered dress and leopard print go? Not any easier, is it? If the leopard print is Bright Spring, it will be fine with a little black. Ditto the orange dress if it’s Autumn.”

    Leopard dress – bright spring? But it is not bright at all. And can we be sure it is a warm beige? Beiges like this, when ordered from clothes shops, often turn out to be matte coldly greyished, not anything that enhances the looks of warm colored people.  So I say: the leopard dress could as well be for a Summer.

    The item with big white flowers on a red background, this I have no opinion of. It seems, in my eyes, more matte, cooler than the sprightly clear red dress on the top left. I see them both being of coral hues. Both are hot, so worn best by Brights and very Warms.


    Spring or Autumn Choices


    Finding Undertones on thigh or underarm

    Carole Jackson wrote in ”Colour Me Beautiful” that you find what undertones you have by watching the skin beneath any freckles on the surface of the skin.

    Then another trick is to look at the palm of your hand.

    Or to see if your venes go towards blue or green.

    I have done all that and found out my undertones are golden, not yellow, but golden: like buff or yellow ockra.

    Lately, however, people have started talking about all those colours as ”overtone”, which means that ”undertones” are entirely diffrent.

    Some people have yellow faces, but are still Winters.  Some have rosy complexions, but look best in warm colours.

    I, myself, have much pink in my skin, visible especially in broad day- light, when sun is shining the brightest. But I have an obvious trans- lucency to my skin, which makes the red underskin shine through.

    Have you tested to press down with your fingertips the skin of your underarm or your tigh? Do that, and see what tone will be occurring round the area where you press your fingers. You can also press and make a …. ing movement. See how the tone follows the movement of your fingertips.

    This is very interesting: I have established, already, that my skin is oyster with golden ockre, and so I thought this was all there was. But with the finger tip pressing test, a completely diffrent hue was being reflected. The tone that appears when pressing on my tigh, or my underarm for that matter, is a warm satin grey. That will be my true undertone, I should guess.

    Now, my husband and I have nearly exact matches of overtones, we are both warm, light and golden. But his undertone, I discovered, is a distinguished copper.

    Myself, though being a redhead, cannot wear copper. I tried it once on my eyebrows – but it clashed very pronouncedly.

    Now: warm, soft, satin grey or hard copper. What undetones can you find, else?



    My Zyla Colours – an Attempt

    My White – Essence color: very fair Oyster, golden white, golden light peach and golden yellow rose.

    My skin colour among these colours: is the one on the right above: very very light buff, matching the caramel coloured spots.

    The yellow golden on the left is very similar to my skin colour, but is very subtle, hardly noticeable on my porcelaine kind of skin.

    My colour is fair and warm/golden, as fair as nr 100 – easily burning in sun. But ground colour is nr 125 – yellow golden undertone.Bildresultat för undertone buffBildresultat för skin coloursBildresultat för colour buff

    Bildresultat för yellowish pink colorBildresultat för golden colour

    My Red – Romantic colour: Warm dark Rosy Old Pink: Dark Frangipan red, Dark warm Red, Rich Apple Red, Bildresultat för old rose colour

    My Blue – Dramatic colour: Turquoise, light teal

    Bildresultat för light teal


    Zyla has not got any colours of ”My Greens”. But some people do have greenish shades in their Venes and / or in their Eyes.


    My Energy Colour – Dark Green: Olive, Teal or Jade and Warm Coffee(Darkest part of Iris – my Iris is of mixed shades: teal/jade/turquoise and coffee and amber – could even be blue and green or Warm Grey, depending on clothing colours) –Coffee I transmit to being First Base.Bildresultat för olive colourBildresultat för olive colourBildresultat för blue greenBildresultat för olive colourBildresultat för coffee colorBildresultat för green blue

    My Tranquility Colour:  Light Pure Green, dito Blue, Light Teal, Jade, Turquoise, Amber, Grey (Lightest Part of Iris)

    Bildresultat för jade green eyesBildresultat för light amber eyes

    Bildresultat för light teal

    Bildresultat för blue greenBildresultat för light blue eyesBildresultat för light blue eyes


    My ”Black” (First Base Colur) (Ring around Iris)- not Black at all. I should say same as Dark colours of Iris, Same as Energy Colours:Dark Green Teal or Jade or Olive or Antracite Grey. Darkest part of Iris – my Iris being of mixed shades: teal/jade/turquoise. could even be blue and green or Warm Grey, depending on clothing colours)Bildresultat för warm greyBildresultat för olive colour

    My ”Brown”, so called Second base: (Well, my ”Blacks” contains Coffee and Amber!) But my Browns should be, according to Zyla, the Darkest tones of my hair: that is, should say, Dark Amber.Bildresultat för dark amber

    My ”Khaki”, Third base, Lightest tones of Hair, should be Light Amber, and Renaissance light red. (Thinking of queen Elizabeth I, and Simonetta Vespucchi, the model of Sandro Botticelli in several of his paintings: for instance Birth of Venus and the Four Seasons.)Bildresultat för light amberBildresultat för simonetta vespucciBildresultat för simonetta vespucci