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I go Gggggrrrrrrrhhhh! at Makeup.com

Not the first time I get mad at Makeup.com because their recommendations for ”all skintones”  does not include us Redheads!

Now, in their newsletter, they claim to present Rose and pink makeup colors for all: Fairs, Mediums and Darks. You can see for yourself below!

It’s not a secret I’m a Fair myself. A Fair Warm. Makeup.com surely presents color kits in rose/pink. But they presume all fairs are cool!

I wrote them a reprimand once and pointed out people are not only fair to dark, but also warm or cool. They did not answer.

So, folks, are there redheads out their who can wear that cool, light fuchsia toned rose Blush on the top left? You are probably pink toned and you have a cooler red tone in your hair, either it is your natural hue or you have dyed it so.

Us others had better buy blushes that draws towards yellow: like peachy rose/pink, orange  or salmon for Light and Clear Springs. For Golden Springs or dito Autumns mix gold into the colors just named.

The rouge for the Medium skinned, a strong peach to apricot, look suitable for a fair, warm Spring or Autumn. Why for Mediums? Because it’s a bit stronger? Well. I’d prefer this before the cool pink they recommend for fairs!

Here are the recommendations from Makeup.com:
Pink MakeupPinterest





These are NOT My Colors

Being a definite Warm there are some ”warm” colors I cannot wear, though.

This is one: Lanai Dress is perfect for those hot days at the beach! IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel. www.igigi.comA coral orange. It’s much too bright for me.

Nor this light cool salmon: Autumn Blonde Lowlights

Here more salmon colors.

And coral colors.

Corals and salmons seem to border on each other. They are said to be for Warms – but they are certainly not for me.