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Get your Skintone

I went to Kicks, a makeup shop chain in Sweden, to get my skin tone code. They make it thus. With a little gearsteg 1 they point on three places of your face and so get a skin tone code with which you can buy the foundations that match your skin color.

I have done it twice. First time the shop assistant measured on three points of my cheeks, which are often red, and very red then, because I had been walking briskly in town. The result thus became fawlty as I am more yellow/golden basically. But may obviously be useful for choosing a blushing shade. So yesterday I did a test again in another shop of the chain, c and told her not to measure where I was reddish. She then measured at three points on the neck and the color I was matched to was a Max Factor somewhat number 55. I found out this color’s name is Buff Beige, which sounds perfectly allright. Buff being a color I look good in.

From Youtube comes this video, with Alice Red putting on foundation:


Here are some women with fair to light complexions and the foundation colors that suits them.

L’Oréal True Match Beige Buff N4Buff Beige

L’Oréal True Match N1True Match Soft Ivory

N1 a very Neutral Light. She is golden and peachy in tone.

Classic Ivory

L’Oréal True Match  Classic Ivory N2. Woman not as golden, but more matte skin.

Classic Ivory

L’Oréal True Match Natural Buff N3

Natural Buff

L’Oreal True Match C1 Alabaster — Cool tone and very very pale.Alabaster

L’Oréal True Match C2 Natural Ivory .  Also for cold toned women.Natural Ivory

L’Oréal True Match W1 Porcelaine   A warmish light color on the foundation. Her flecks are warm brown.Porcelain

L’Oréal True Match W2 Light Ivory. She is warm under the reddish cast.

Light Ivory


L’Oréal True Match W3 Nude Beige. Also warm but not as light.

Guess we have an Autumn here.

sheNude Beige


Color Wheel and Analysis


Color analysis books tell us of various undertones of our skin.

They mention for instance pink, blue, green, yellow, gold, peach, apricot, orange.

A truth with modifications, this is!

Undertones are not only pink, blue, peach, golden etc.

They are diffrent kinds of all those colors, even as undertones.

Each of these colors mentioned above have certain properties to them.

When you have discovered your undertones,

then you have to reveal its properties too!

You know of colors of clothes you are trying on in the fitting room – that they have

  1. a certain color temprature. a. cool. b. medium/neutral. c. warm.
  2. a certain color value from a. light b. medium. c. dark
  3. a certain intensity a.bright to clear b. medium c. soft and muted

All these traits are to be found in our skintone as well!

Choosing one undertone, maybe peach, we must decide its temprature, its value, and its intensity.

These are the diffrent choices possible for peach.

Color Temprature……..Color Value……………………..Color Intensity:


To intensity also belong Bold to Faint colors!)

Possible traits of Peach undertones: There are 27 combinations possible

if you count with 3 possible color temps, 3 valor possibilities

and of intensities also 3 possibilites.

And this is only the beginning. You can choose to break up temprature/valor/intensity in even more pieces. For instance: Valor can be divided further: lightest light (fair) -light- medium light – dark! light —- light medium – medium – dark! medium —-light! dark medium dark , darkest dark.

Temprature can be very cold- quite cool – not so cool – tepid – lukewarm -warm-hot- scolding.

Intensities can go from faint -soft/muted—medium–clear-bold-bright 

You can do this if you wish – but don’t think it is necessary to pull things that far. If you are not a specialist. Or an artist who needs to be a professional color connosseur!


 pink, rose, red, blue, green, yellow, gold, peach, apricot, orange

Temp. cool…………light ……………………..Bright to clear

cool…………………………………light…………………..medium intensity

cool……………………………….light……………………….soft/muted intensity


Temp. cool…………………….medium————-bright/clear

cool………………………………..medium………………..medium intensity

cool——————————medium…………………soft – muted


……….cool———————-dark……………………. bright/clear

cool……………………………………dark…………………….medium intensity



…..medium temp……………light……………………..bright/clear

medium temp……………….light……………………….medium intensity

medium temp…………………..light……………………….soft – muted


-medium temp……………….medium. valor………………bright clear

medium temp…………………medium…………………medium intensity

medium temp…………………….medium…………………..muted-soft


medium temp………………dark……………………….bright clear

—-medium temp…………….dark……………………medium intensity

—-medium temp…………….dark……………………soft-muted


warm temp. …………………….light……………………..bright/clear




warm temp……………………medium.valor………………..medium intensity

warm temp……………………….medium……………………..medium intensity

warm temp  ……………………….dark ………………………..medium intensity


warm temp……………………medium.valor……………….soft-muted

warm temp……………………….medium……………………..soft muted 

warm temp  ……………………….dark ………………………..soft-muted 





Colors and Lights

Colors look diffrent in shifting lights, have you noticed?

How do your own skin color appear, lit by various colors of light?

According to Color Analysis theory you should always test colors of makeup and clothes in as bright daylight as possible.

You should smear a line of foundation on your cheek line, or a bit of rouge, or lip color, and look in a mirror that allows you to see the result in sunshine outdoors.

In natural daylight you can spot the more easily what category of color type you belong to.

Secondly, please hold a white piece of paper to your face – also in broad daylight – to see if your skin turns pink, blue, apricot, golden or whatever.

Personally, when seeing myself outdoors, sunlight makes me look totally marble white. Alabaster, as it is also called.

But am I really that white. Or are the sun rays so bright that it makes my underlying coloring fade away? Probably.

Our house wall is a white tinge and when holding my underarm against it, I could see my skin has a golden/buffish/ockra yellow sheen. Almost an olive – guess that is why I can wear olive so well.

How can it look so diffrent? First, at our step, so pale and marbleish, like an ancient statue. And suddenly compared to a white wall a strong golden gleams through and conquer the pallor – but then dissappears again when taking the arm away from the white background.

Then this experience with my computer screen. The white background of the blog on  which I am writing is shining brightly – when I put my underarm against this shining screen – the side of arm that is turned towards me reveals all its real tones. They are even more high-powered than they were against the house wall.

I have written about this experience before. Wonder what colors of yours are revealed when you let your computer screen – white – be background to your own skin.)

Morninglight and eveninglight, dusk and dawn, also change the colors that are yours at noon.








Chara on Color Seasons


Now for discoveries I’ve made concerning  color seasons and how to divide them.

There are already the divisions between the Four Seasons, between the 12, and recently also the 16 subseasons.

This may well be. But have thought very much of HOW the seasons flow into one another, not only Warm-Warm, Cool-Cool, Light-Light, Clear-Clear and so on.

These flowings are so obvious. There are transitions not so clear to people which take place within the four seasons. We may take for instance the passage every color analyst knows, say from cold to warm as in Clear Winter to Clear Spring, or from cold to Warm represented by Soft Summer to Soft Autumn.

But there surely is a motion through the whole wheel of seasons – now I take the 12 season theory as an example. Question then will be about Where on the wheel a Person starts her journey creating a bridge to where the colors do not fit her anymore.

Then we must take the original Four seasons into consideration. Because this gets at, first and foremost, the flowings within those four categories.

SPRING – Clear to Warm to Light —-(preceeded by Bright Winter)Brighter to Lighter

SUMMER – Light to Cool to Soft——–(preceeded by Cool Winter) -Cooler to Softer

AUTUMN – Soft to Warm to Dark—-(preceeded by Soft Summer) – Softer to Bolder

WINTER – Dark to Cool to Clear —(preceeded by Dark Autumn) Darker to Brighter

Finding it would be conventient to pull a line straight through all the original seasons, dividing each in Two. Forget, for now, the partins of threes.

Now, what are the typical characteristics for the seasons?

Well, for Autumns it might be SOFT and BOLD. So, according to my thinking, there’s a flow within Autumn from Soft to Bold. We already have Soft Autumn with sister season Soft Summer. But let’s concentrate on Autumn. What does Warm Autumn do? First, let us establish that Dark Autumn carries the darkest AND the BOLDEST shades. Because Dark Autumns borders on Dark Winter, and Winters have the brightest colors.

Now the line straight through Autumn will stand straight in the middle of Warm Autumn. So Warm Autumn reaches to Soft in one Direction and to Bold at the other.

And mark all subseasons in the middle too, creating first and last parts.

Now an Autumn woman can have her flow beginning in Soft Summer via Soft Autumn into first part of Warm Autumn. Meaning she can pull of some cool softs, warm softs and warm autumn too, but not going too Bold.

She can flow from Soft Autumn part one over Warm Autumn into Dark Autum part one. This woman is all Autumn, wears only warms.  She can have soft colors, bolder colors, and all the intensities between.

Another girl’s color journey may start by Warm Autumn – first or second part can differ – and can wear some softs – which are often neutrals – and have a coloring strong enough to carry Dark Autumn colors and maybe som Cold Darks (Winter) too.

So you see this can be done with all the Seasons. Ask yourself: how can I name the both extremes in each color family? The borders of Autumn, f.i., I named Soft and Bold. Bold but not too Bright, as the Brights lie on other side Cool Winter.

What can we name the borders of Summer, Spring and Winter?

Summer suggestion: Light – Soft —main  border is middle of Cool Summer

Winter suggestion: Dark – Bright -main  border middle of Cool Winter

Spring suggestion: Bright to Light – main border middle of Warm Spring

And don’t forget the minor borders that divides each subseason in two.

Color season wheel traditionally goes: Clear-Clear-Warm-Light-Light-Cool-Soft-Soft-Warm-Dark-Dark-Cool-Clear-Clear and so on.

This I think ought to be adjusted. My suggestion:



Winter-Spring-SpringAutumn– Spring-Summer-Summer-Winter-Summer-Autumn-Autumn-Winter

This take the 12 subseasons into consideration but contra this division will then be that the Four originals do not automatically follow each other.

Well, this approach was maybe not so good. Best to stick with the old concept! But my idea could maybe be used in other circumstances.

Such as comparing Warm Spring with the three Autumns. Cool Summer with the Three Winters. Cool Winter with Summers. and so on.

The color temprature seasons – the cools and warms – are on opposite sides of the color season wheel. Putting them next to each other makes it easier to compare them.

Warm Autumn often compared with Warm Spring. But what about comparing Warm Spring with Soft Autumn. As Warm Spring is suggested to be soft too. This will be against the other Spring, clear and light. And how do Warm Spring meet with Dark Autumn?

Warm Spring being sister season of Autumn. But Autumns are three. So must be able to compare/contrast Warm Spring to each of the three Autumns!

These are my questions. And it goes for the other subseasons as well.




To Look On Deciding Which Foundation Suits You?

Well, I have found out a trick to decide if a foundation color suits you or not.

I urge people out there to see for themselves when applying foundation testers to judge from the result how the color tested influence the non-painted colors of lips and brows. Not to exclude natural nail color when choosing nail polish.

Don’t tell me to bring on lipsticks and brow gels on lips/brows that wrong foundation colors make pale cool grey or any other discoloring you might not like!

Of course you can bring on lipstick if you want, but not to hide a wrong natural lip shade brought out by wrong foundation. Not to hide, but to enhance right lipcolor, not distorted.

I try on very fair foundations and on practically all of them I can see, when spread all over my face, on the color of my unpainted brows and lips, that they are all wrong!

Lips and brows look better when no foundation at all.

That means colors of foundation are Sooo Wrong!!

Right shade of found is going to enhance the natural colors of brows and lips, no?

Are there any fonds out there which don’t make the rosy lips go cold grey like corpses lips, nor don’t metamorphose the golden blonde eyebrows into ash grey ones?

Woman or the Color

Found a comparison on Pretty Your World, where Lora Alexander  says the left color is wrong, the right is right. I am of another opinion. To me Paula Deen has chosen a correct color in the left picture. Because there you see Paula, and she is looking great in the dark rusty red. The screaming rose she wears on the picture to the right says: See me! and competes with her face and hair. Paula would have to be draped in more colours to determine if she is a Warm Muted or a Cool Clear. Picture with the hot pink blouse and blonded big hair gives me the impression of a Madam of the Brothel in her upper sixties trying too hard to make herself look forty again. She looks fake. In the left picture her clothing colors melt into her own colouring soo much better!Paula deen bad and good






On Trinnysus’s Body types

Trinny and Susannah presents 12 different body types.

son las creadoras del programa "What not to wear". En un formato muy ...

They can be divided into …. groups:

Curvied lines : Upper body smaller – lower body bigger : Pear – Skittle – Bell – Cello

Lower body smaller – upper body bigger: Goblet –

Upper and Lower body Equal with indented Waist: Hourglass – Cello (big hourglass) –  Hourglass -Vase –

(My Addition: Differently sized upper and lower body but with indention (waist)-  All the Amphoras)

Round body shape: Apple

Straight lines

Brick, Column,

Look at these magnifications and descriptions!  Cello – instrument actually is smaller at the top

Short waist – clearly defined, higher, nips in and out – in contrast to long sweeping waist. Can’t put no picture here.

Bildresultat för trinny susannah vase  Bildresultat för trinny susannah pear

Amphoras: Bildresultat för amphora body shape

This picture should illustrate how the gravity point varies among women.

Bildresultat för trinny susannah pear

Bildresultat för short waist


What I see i a fully ripe Pear.  Very small bust and high waist.

Diffrence Hourglass Cello?


Bildresultat för cello trinny and susannah





Out of the way for the Amphoras!

To broaden the sequence of 12 body types Trinny and Susannah have made famous, here comes the shape of the Amphora!

Have been wondering so what body shape I am. Apple? Bell? Cello?  None om them makes any sense really. Have thought I’d be something in between them all.

Have wondered how I might be able to discover my true shape, should I buy a dark fitting bathing suit or a skintight dress to reveal it?

Being into town some three days ago I came into a shop dressed in a flowery summer dress in viscose in a flowing quality. Testing a checquered shirt in earth colors – my season being a warm – standing in front of the whole figure mirror I did a try.  Having taken off the shirt I took the chance to try to really expose myself and how my curves were created by Him above.  Letting my hand hang down aside my leg, gripped the cloth at that level, drew it tightly round me, and then watched.  As my bust was hanging down – me being 56 years old, so you can imagine those assets (?) once so like Venus Milo, now Venus Willendorff, hanging down like fattened  wywerns. Size: large mangos -not as large as watermelons though. So I used my other arm and lifted  the bust, letting them rest on my underarm.

So with one hand I swept the dress’s skirt tightly round my body. The pompous bossom lay uplifted on the other arm. Now I could se my 3-dimensional image, as I had never seen it before. It looked like —I saw not what, in the beginning.

From neck to knees, this is what I got: Breasts, if heightened, prominent and dominant. Under my bust an area defined by vertical straightness, no curves,  measured all around could be compared to the shell of a wide tube. As shown in this pictures: the upper part.Bildresultat för trinny susannah short waist Bildresultat för trinny susannah short waist defined nips

 Bildresultat för trinny susannah short waist defined nips

Downunder this ”tube” – which probably should be the waist – came the underpart.  From ”waist” to knee a kind of large bulging, widest at belly and butt. Those parts, when taking my vertical shape into ……., are situated fairly lowly.  They are as prominent as my bossom.  I look like the woman to the right. But the outbulging starts further down I have a long straight part between bust and hips.


So: Prominent, bulging breasts – tubeformed waist – Prominent, bulging ass and belly. At the widest – belly, butt: a line far down, making me bottomheavy and short legged.

What I saw was not any of T&S 12 body shapes – it was an Amphora.  And there are of course several types of those depending where the waist is situated in comparison to the hifts, belly and behind.  My own amphoric shape is the one with the center of gravity placed fairly low.  Centre of gravity is always at the widest, and my widest part, stomach and bottoms,  as I have a long torso, sits very low. That mean I have short legs.

Guess, if I should dress to really show off my curves, it would be a demanding task to find skirts, the right length.  Because it looked like the curve flowing from waist and bending in slowly along my legs don’t stop until too late, too far down.  Where to draw the line, where on my legs should I put the hem? Above the knee? Not enough as I could conclude watching myself in the mirror. Far higher! But then, there is the problem of showing off thighs that are too fat and bulky. Well: dark stockings, would do the trick, maybe? An Amphora underpart is definitely to be shown in all its length, not to be cut off somewhere by a horisonal line as a hem. Clothes should reach somewhere below the widest line, absolutely. But not too far down making legs look still shorter. Bildresultat för short waist Putting the upper hem of skirts rather high in that ”tube” area under the bust should make skirts look a natural length, not being just a ”band” across the upper part of the thighs. Picture from ………,.


Windows-colors for red-haireds

Click on the Control Panel in Windows 7. There are some colours to choose from to adjust the windows’ glas. A new feature, I think.  Managing a control by moving it forwards and backwards, you can see the color basr below changing from light grey on the far left to a bright version of chosen color on the far right. In between the colors make a  exciting journey through the seasonal palettes.

Original colors for the” glasses of the windows” s are as follows: 

I present the hues as named in Swedish, translate back to English, although I have no clue as to what the authentic English designations are.

First above left: Himmel (Sky in English)

Second: Skymning (Dusk?)

Third: Hav (Sea, or Ocean?)

Fourth: Löv (Leaves?)

Fifth: Gröngul (Yellow Green?)

Sixth: Sol (Sun?)

Seventh: Pumpa (Pumpkin?)

Eighth: Agat (Agath?)

Colours below are from left to right:

Magenta (Magenta?)

Rodnad (Blushing?)

Lila (Violet?)

Lavendel (Lavender?)

Mullvadsbrun (taupe brown)

Choklad (Chocolate?)

Skiffer (Slate?)

Frost (Frost?)

As it seems fairly light and bright hues. But wait till you start moving the control. Then things really start to happen and you can follow the colors travelling through the Seasons.

Big disadvantage, though, that you cannot click on colors and paste them on this post. You are advised to find the colors for yourself on the control panel and try.

I will try to describe how the hues are changing.

We begin with the Sky Blue: Color strength for original color lies a bit to the left of the middle of the color changing track. To the left it is, as you can see it on the activity bar below, a light grey, then advancing through medium to somewhat darker, which in my apprehension turns thundercloud blue, still a bit grey. It is still muted, but as we continue, it starts to clear up to a clear summer sky brightening at the right end of the track.

So we have the Dusk? –Orignal color sits further to the right. It begins as a light bluish grey, becoming a muted thundercloud greyish blue toward the middle. Then loosing grey after midways, finally clearing up to a clear bright medium blue – as the Sky colour.

Now we take the Sea? color. Its original hue sits on the right outer edge. Very bright medium turquoise green. But at the left end it is a raincloud grey – unlike the thundercloud blues above – but, even here, the thunderstorm blues appear toward the middle, turning darker, then clearer, brightest at the end, a medium clear sky blue.

Color strenght of the color Leaves sits a bit to the left of the middle on the track. At the left end we see a light greytoned blue green, as a haze, as can be seen when rain seem to diffuse a far away pine forest.  Far away, this is because when you stand on a place watching hills beyond hills beyond hills, then the nearest crest is distinct and clear in color, the ones beyond becoming paler and vaguer the further away they are. These faraway notes are for Summers, obviously. Now moving your focus to the hills more near, and the control towards the track’s middle, the pine green goes clearer Springs, and darker, still being muted (Autumns) , even before the middle, becoming a strong medium dark forest green (Autumns). Having passed the middle to a medium dark strong grassy green. And intensifies further to end as a bright medium golf course green, that red haireds can wear if they are stong coloured as this green contrasts well to their hair.

Green Yellow begins as hazy and light, as a heavy rain, observed through a windscreen of a car in August. A light, sickly sulphuric grey is emerging, which I associate with the headache you can obtain with an abundance of negatively charged iones in the air.  Slowly this poring rain scarce visibility turns greener/browner, turning forest and olive,  darkest midways, then lightening up, becoming a clear green like birch leafs in spring, brightest at right pole.

Sun: even this color happening takes its beginning in a medium rainy haze with a tone of yellow. Becoming brownish yellow, as a desert, golden, not reddish.  After midways transforms and lightens into a honey colour with most sunlight toward the end.

Pumpkin: the raincloud haze should obviously have pumkin lurking somewhere, but hard to see. No raincloud grey anymore, but a thin translucent wash of peach/apricot= ”pumkin”.Stronger and clearer, it darkens to a clear desert sand, lit by the sun which seems to get oranger toward the end, creating a beautiful sunset glow.

Agath – originate in a translucent fair pink, having passed the pastel stage, continuing through warm pinks like clear salmon and muted vintage rose. Darkening to rose red, – real roses in mind- roses that turns more corally, brighter as it darkens,  and reaches a genuin hue of red roses.









A Day at Hazeltown-a trying on of Pumps

(If you mean the preposition ”at” is wrongly used in the headline, my defence is , really, I did it on purpose, as a funny gimmick, really, alluding to expressions as in Queen’s ”A day at the Races”, ”A night at the Opera”. Hazeltown being a vague translation of the town’s Swedish name. The real name would be ”Hazel Islet” but that name seem so akward in English, so Hazeltown it will be! Furthermore, I thought it quite funny to write ”a trying on of pumps” is really meant to be that magnificent, I choose voluntarlily not to state: ”trying on pumps”. All of which means I’m in quite a good mood!

I went to town yesterday with time at the dentist, after which visit I took the opportunity to fix a few errands.  The woman in this picture …… wears wonderful pumps, my husband told me, him having put the picture as desktop background. I agreed and was inspired: wrote an entry analyzing her clothing. And forward a post on my own relation to pumps, here above.

Yes folks, pumps! Shoes without strings to tye, nor with any straps or velcro bands to pull together the leather round my feet. Yesterday I spent in town. After having been at the dentist, I decided to run some errands, to wonder about in the small streets round the square and try to enjoy the lovely lilac smelling air. It had been a long time, some years or so, since I went into a shoe shop, so I thought I’d have a go and look at some of those black heavenly pumps that make goddesses of women. And truly, there they were on the shelf, a perfect pair of round toed, low heel pumps even I would be able to walk in without risking to stumble on pavement edges and fall straight on my nose at the asphalt and break my glasses. Which has happened, and glasses are expensive. So I asked the female shop clerk for one of those thin little brown sock of a stocking, put in on my foot and then tried on one of the coveted shoes. Normally, I pull size 39 (Swedish size, i.e. English size 6, US 8.5). The shoe sat as cast round my front foot, neatly caressing my long toes. I put my heel in the back, put my foot plainly on the carpet, pressed the toe gently toward the floor and raised the heel, as if to imitate the beginning of a step. Should my heel stay in the shoe? Answer un undoubtedly No! Again, as so many times before, it was confirmed that my feet are long and very narrow. Shoe width measured in letters, namely F, G and H, H being for broad feet, G for normal and F for narrow. Even saw a K last in a catalogue for extremely wide feet. But there seem to be no equivalents for tiny lasts, possible C only for childrens feet. So for me it’s best to stuck with Italian lasts. Or maybe Chinese as being famous for tiny feet. Shoe factorers do everything they can to please ladies with enourmous feet. Scholl anyone?  But we small lasted woman are discriminated au the crudest. My heel did obviously not stay put back in the shoe, and when I raised the heel part, my heel was lifted up from the shoe which stayed on the ground. Hah! This was just what could be expected. Then I tried on a size 38, (5-7,5), but the shoe being much too short, I  couldn’t even get the foot in. Well, I asked if there were any 38,5 (5,5-8) but got a negative reply. Typical! There was another pair not as sublimly created as the first ones, with pointy toe and higher heel. I did not like them and there stumble-and-crush-your-glasses-capacity. They did not fit my slender feet either. My heel was, again, too tiny. Have come to ….. that coming to pumps I much prefer a rounded to mirroring my soft and laidback psyche. Leave the pointy ones to women that more aggressively try to outmanoeuvre others, climbing, with unscrupulous ambivalence, up the carrier ladder. Pointy pumps: the ferociously kicking cleaning lady in a Bond movie, yes, the woman with spikes on her shoe tips!

So what to do to make heels stay in pumps? Those little insoles to place in the back of the shoe to make the heels stay put have shown repeated times to be of no use whatsoever. They are much to flat and does not do it’s job. So I thought how to do instead. Makeup sponges? Could they be the solution. Any makeup sponge thick enough which does not flatten when the heel push against the shoe’s back part? Later, exploring a makeup store, came across packages of foamrubber hair curlers. Could maybe use one such? To put between my heel and the shoe’s? They are thick and rather hard to press together, so the heel ought to press them flat only with difficulty. They could finally be the answer to my pumpsy prayers. Maybe I gonna get a parcel next time in town and try the pumps again if they are still unsold.

I must tell you, folks, more of my sunny adventures of yesterday. It being a rather warm Summer’s day, Friday and the youth having left high school riding and dancing on the beds of ornated trucks parading through the streets, it was a really feisty day. Hazeltown echoing with high volume music,  heavily drumming away, and new carriages  getting nearer all the time. There were large pieces of paper monted on the trucks with funny messages like: ”I chose this and that high school program because everyone else did!” End of high school is celebrated sprightly, here in Sweden, after the Student exam, one of those so called transition rites, a person is, kind of considered a grown up and expected to find themselves a job. This in our modern time when (almost) all youth attend upper high school (”gymnasium”), Back then, before the War, or so, this ritual tranition to adulthood was introduced when children were ”confirmed” in the Lutheran church, at the age of 14-15, when ”folk school” having ended after 6 or 7 years, after which celebration,  poor patrents’ children got jobs quickly and easily in contrast to today’s examined students of 18 or 19 who must wait for jobs many years! Parents have to support them way beyond their 30′, this being the unemployment era. Hope their relation to parents is good, someting which, according to my own experience, is not always the case. This, of course, could bring on social difficulties, not only because of unemployment. Youth with means continued to higher educations.  Lots of people on the pavement, looking at the ”cortege” smiling and chatting, twinkling in the bright sunshine hallowing the blue skies, filming and taking snapshots, small children held high. How I envied those students, their white caps, and happy celebration. Back in 1978, when I ”took the Student” there was not that kind of pomp at all. I should dream to be able to celebrate it again. My white student cap I still have. Baloons and branches of green birch, cockards, rosettes and festoons, all in yellow and blue, the Swedish colours, lest anyone didn’t know. When I remembered my ”Student” 37 years ago, I counted it to be. How fast did not time go? Would be worth a Shakespeare quote to lapidarically and boldly summarize what I felt concerning all those years having past since that glorious day, June 3rd, 1978.

I did not know this happening was at hand, as I sat quietly on the commoting train to Hazeltown. Prepared with a bottle of cold water as a remedy for my heat sensitivity, to give me energy when the heat took the toll of me, to make my capacity of action last the day out. Put on a flowery summer dress in soft cotton jersey or were it viscose – those are my favourite warm weather cloths. It is a v-neck piece, long lined and ending at my calfs – actually too long a garment for my short legs. Mirrored in display windows I looked awkwardly frumpy with stumps of legs.  Who wants to appear as a square old lady even if older than 50?! My clumpsy black tyeing shoes in black socks which I had rolled down to reduce the impression of sturdiness, did not make it any better. But what in all……..could I have done? I should have taken my sandals. Why didn’t I?Must confess, I am a rather ADHDily person. And the shoe gear contrasted revoltingly against my soft dress with flower pattern. It was not the pattern that looked frumpy, it was the hem at the calves and the clumpsy appearing shoes. The v-neck framed well my neck and chin, the light blue put a mild cast to my white skin and was not – in context of colour-so wrong a choice for me. A Springish kind of tonality to please my own mild and subtile colouring quite well. A dove blue, medium light and based on a …. grey, overridden with flowers in different reds and roses, whites not to be excluded, it felt nice to wear and cool in the beautiful weather. In the beginning of the day could I not have chosen any better. And it had a thin white lining, so petticote superfluous. This lining made me feel safer, because thin cloths make dresses translucent in dark shadows if not any lining or petticoat. Am a little conservative about such things. All through the day I kept on analyzing my coloring, how it changed. First, in the dentist’s chair, I looked up at the lamp which had a little mirror entached. I saw my face blushing from the heat outside, not a nice blush, but a pumping very uneven one, a sweating red, and then my forhead and eyearea and cheekbones turned black mark yellow in the lamp glass coloured a diluted cola. The light painted a lilac circle round my eyes, and even underlined my brows with this outspaced hue. The brow hair which I had thought was quite toned down, fair as they are and having trimmed them, were not only a neat line but a whole forest. So there I sat, a tricolore of a lady, a golden ockry blackmark yellow , electrical lilac and sweatty red blood rushing to my face, cheeks and everywhere which shouldn’t be blushing.It felt not good. Feeling the warmth pumping in my face, sweatting through all pores and lymphic areas, why hadn’t I brought along a kitchen towel to soak in cold  water and gently wash myself cooling the body down, stressed with heat as I was. Then I saw my hairy legs. First rule in the book: a sophisticaded lady should of course shave her legs when not in hiding trousers.  Next time I reacted to my appearence was when I passed the shop window. Could I perhaps cut off the dress a bit and trim the hem a bit higher up, maybe above the knees, don’t know. Try? Or vill the lovely dress be destroyed? A while later I botanized very choosily among nailpolishes and lipsticks in the makeup store but found keine. Well, I found some I could wear, the tester was there, but the colours outsold. I found on a nailpolishtester a rich warm red, and brownbased, so perfect for me, the only really autumnal hue there was, but no bottle with this colour in the counter. Then found, in the l’Oréal counter a orange red lipstick shade that looked good on me to judge from the tester. It had number 011, but no 011 in the lipstick row. Not a single one! Am I doomed to search in vane among trillions of pale and cold colours for Summers, and much too light and sheer yellowbased for all Springs lights and clears, Warm Springs do not bother to make an effort! Knowing that Summer hues too matte on me – I could as well skip all makeup. Which I had actually done. As always. What  I’m doing, whitin this timespan, is beginning to transform myself to becoming more raffinated and proud in the future, and at last a neat and tidy silverhaired lady, not a trashy hag.  The sun shone without mercy on my skin ruthlessly emphazing its paleness making it ugly as can be. Am much more to my advantage in mild eventing light caressing this oversensitive skin with a mild golden. Freckles red in contrast. I felt ugly, sweatty and stressed. In a gentlemens’ shop I tested on a shirt cheqcered in earth colors. Fell in love and bought my husband one also. At home comparing it to another shirt cheqcered in lilac and blues – found that both garments were of the same earthy tonality. They were of the exact same colouring class. My blue background flowery dress was of another class. When I tried the shirt on in the shop I had pulled it over my dress, so saw instantly that they clashed. Can wear both color scales but obviously not simultaneously. Something I really learnt yesterday. Summing up: 1. Next time it’s hot outside, bring a kitchen towel or two, a big bottle of cold water to drink to keep up energy, and to soak the towels – or slip in to a toilet room and soak it there. 2. Learn to shave, that is the beginning of style. 3. Trim the brows properly – as seen laying down in the dentist chair they’re mirrored from a whole other perspective which cannot be seen when you’re standing up. 4. Buy some of those soft hair rollers and use when trying pumps on in shoe shops.If this works, good. 5. Else you can always use them making funny creations with your hair. 6.Talking of feet, by the way, must learn to attend to them properly. 7.Pondering on visiting a pedicurist as I hardly reach my feet when clipping toenails. 8. And of course, more often, the hairdresser. All this seem like new year’s promises, eyh.