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Maria Vesterlind Dress

Maria Vesterlind designed this fancy Dress. Cost 2700 crowns – much too expensive for me. What I like about it is the Earth coloring, the Pattern and all the colors together.

Like those dresses with a wide, stiff skirt and a stiff bodice that reminding of 50’s dresses. Cannot see if this is one of those.

Dress  Vanna in French jaquard. Black with mustard and silvergrey butterflies.

Would it be something to sew?


Not to dress ridiculous

Newsletter from Jane at Stylemakeover.hq.

I’m often asked for help by women 50 years and older who no longer know what they should be wearing.

I attended a webinar for image consultants recently, ”Grown Up Style”, run by the lovely Sue Donnelly. It was a great session. Mostly it simply reinforced what I already knew about the topic.

What I found most interesting about the webinar was the part where Sue showed us a series of photos of the same woman, most probably in her 50s, dressed in different outfits and asked us to comment on each photo. The photos were presented in groups of 3s, with 1 outfit representing too young, another too old and the other just right.

It was fascinating because while in some outfits the woman was clearly dressed inappropriately (either too old, or too young). There were also photos where it wasn’t so obvious, or where we didn’t all agree, or where, with just a small tweak, the outfit could be made to work. This brought it home to me why women  can find it so challenging to dress appropriately.

I saw a woman in a shopping center earlier this week who had on a lovely, funky, spaghetti-straped zebra-patterned dress. With lovely mid-height heels in this season’s strappy, high vamp-style. She had 2 young children with her. My immediate though was that she was the mother of the 2 children, but looking higher at her face, hair and skin, I realized she was their grandmother.

She was maybe in her late 50s, or early 60s. She clearly took care of herself — she looked toned and fit, with her white hair in a nice medium length modern cut, that was both appropriate and funky (clearly reflecting her personality). However,  the spaghetti-straped dress looked as if it should be on her daughter.

She might have pulled the look off by wearing a light jacket, modern cardigan, or shrug, over the dress,

to cover the slightly crepey skin on her upper arms and neck area. Instead the overall impression I had was of a woman who had not come to terms with her age. She looked slightly ridiculous.

Carol Spensers outfit-shape system

Carol Spensers Stilanalyssystem. Fyra silhuetter per (mode)säsong / färgårstid?

Klädformer i stället för kroppsformer som  timglasform, äpple etc.

Dessa fyra outfit shapes är:
Jag gjorde outfittestet och fick att jag borde ha en Loose fitting – men det tycker inte jag. Tycker jag passar bäst i  Streamline. Tyvärr länge sen jag var en CinchedIn.

Löslinjestilen ska man ha, men trots det inte säckiga kläder!! Men tjejen på bilden är ju verkligen säckigt klädd!!

LooseLine Style means outfits with no waist emphasis which just skim

the body in medium-weight, drapey fabrics. Avoid very tight, clingy

garments which will make you look bigger than you are!

LooseLine Style is especially important for your tops – jackets, knits,

coats etc. Team these with narrower bottoms – skirts, trousers, leggings,

etc for a fabulous, fashionable look.

Above all, avoid baggy skirts and dresses with wide hemlines which have

a shortening/fattening effect!


Edge-to-edge styles
Waterfall front tops/cardi’s
Swing coats/macs
Fishtail skirts/dresses
Long-length jackets cardi’s

Evening separates
Flat fronted/side zip trousers
Straight skirts
Column dresses
Stirrup pants and boots

Can I wear a belt?

Belts are not your best accessory. Opt for eye-catching jewellery, bags, shoes instead! If you do want to wear a belt, the best way is beneath a loose jacket or cardi, so just the buckle shows.

Can I ever wear more fitted styles?

If you wear a corset (which pulls in your waist and hoists up your boobs!) you will be more able to wear StreamLine Style. This is great for special occasions – weddings, parties etc – but is not too comfortable for everyday wear!


Är för tjock för att kunna ha vanliga storlekar så de bilder som presenteras som  här på Expressen visar plagg jag oftast inte kan ha.

Förutom några urblekta tråktrasor så hittade jag den här som jag tycker är lite rolig samtidigt som blåfärgen är perfekt.

Jacka med skärp och dragkedjor från Issue 1.3 / Nelly.com, 699 kronor. Men den finns så klart inte i storlek 52. Man skulle kunna göra en väggprydnad av den annars, att förvara nåt i. Blomma!

Den här skulle däremot passa mig bra : Skjorta med dold knäppning från Weekday, 600 kronor. Jag har en liknande jacka i samma färg som jag haft många år och som jag älskar.