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Tightlining videos….comparing haircolors

Choose this video guide on tightlining by Melissa is obviously a warm season. I’d say she’s an Autumn.

Because she’s about to become a redhead, she really fit into this blog!

Her hair color looks very natural soft red, but maybe she has dyed it, cause she has cooler strokes swept backwards from her forehead. Look closely at her hair color. You probably would call her a strawberry blonde, and so be it. But first impression is not really red, but rather a medium brown warmed up by red pigments. Her face color is a strong golden. Maybe this hue is due to the lamplight indoors and her locks would have a slightly diffrent color when outdoors when sun shining.

Here’s another tightlining video, this time from PopSugar.  Kirbie Johnson’s our guide. As you can see Kirbie too is leaning a bit on red, but neither she is a real redhead. She is what I should call a golden strawberry. She is clearly very golden – I’d rather call her a golden than a blonde, blonde hair is more kinda yellow. Springs to mind: Goldenlock and the three bears. And amongst all that golden – not yellow, mind you, there are lashings of red pigments. Making her a golden leaning towards strawberry.




This from Pretty your World by Lora Alexander. 

Woman to the right is, at least on the surface, looking like Me. About my own, born with, hair color, but the person on the picture has darker roots. Her eyes are dark, unlike mine. But I prefer to dress in warm muted colors and her lipstick is also one of my preferred choices.  In the commentaries  Kate Carney-Robbins  (guess she is the redheaded woman in the above picture) says: ”I just wanted to say thanks for your book, it gave me the first indication that I am a Summer, not an Autumn. I wore the Autumn colors for years, sticking mostly with chocolate brown, olive green, and rust. Never could figure out why I didn’t look good in mustard and orange. When I began wearing the Soft Summer colors it was amazing. I can even go around without makeup on and get compliments. The four seasons work for many, but for some it has been hard to ”find ourselves”. I agree with you that Soft Summers and Autumns are the hardest to type, and often get put into the wrong season.”

She might indeed be a Soft Summer, if you think away the coppery red hair. Myself I do very well in olive green and mustard – some orange too, if warm toned and not to bright.




Katie Moore as Susy in the Paradise

Today I watched British costume drama the Paradise. And I saw beautiful Katie More acting as shop assistant Susy.

With her red hair kept in a fashionable style with a thich bang, and her face made-up with tones making her iris pop with aquatic green, and dressed in a chiq black dress with a tiny white collar;  makes her a  style model for redheads.

(Can’t  add any picture, so here’s a link. No, couldn’t present the link: it was  enormous.) But look here – pictures 2 and 3.

Picture 2: Look at those  warm sea green eyes popping.

Picture 3: Behold how beautiful a red haired woman can be in Black, black that is considered a no-no for our category. Who said?!

Could be interesting, in future, to add more red haireds that can pull of wearing black. But maybe it’s the little white ”picadilly”? she wears next to her neck skin that do the trick?