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What Hair Color when Wet?

What color does your hair show when you’ve washed it? I noticed very early on, that the red in mine disappeares completely when it has been drenched in water. My medium orange red tresses became a warm medium brown. A very interesting observation.

Wonder how other hair colors are visually affected when their ”owners” have been in the shower?


Me color type

Bildresultat för sophie anderson foundling girls in their school dresses Sophie G.Anderson 1823-1903 – Prerafaelit. brittisk konstnär.Bildresultat för sophie gengembre anderson Sophie G. Anderson Bildresultat för sophie gengembre anderson Sophie G. Anderson – Girls in their school uniform —-Sophie G. Anderson Dreaming

John Mc Ghie – Fisher girl

Sophie Gengembre Anderson


Young girl fixing her hair Sophie Anderson.




Sophie Anderson The turtle dove

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