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Sophisticated Redhead

This sophisticated red found on an  homepage of one of the very largest hair color producers. Which one? I do not find it now. I would die to have that color and those locks. Would by as a wig if I could afford it.

As my hair goes paler and thinner, am pondering a wig. Mourning sooo much my warm soft brownish red fading away! Thought would  color with some brownish orange, but golden brown will do for now. Have a dark golden brown and a light golden brown, so will be using one of those soon.

Maybe I’ll color for now and then save money to buy a wig later! This feels like the best choice and make me feel lighter at heart.

By the way, a good tip for buying wigs is to spend money on a real one. Real hair wigs you can treat like your own hair. Wash it, style it, put lotions and creams in it, cut it – if you will.  But I should not go near any scissors if I had one I was really contented with. That case, better start saving to some other one, if you want to change coiffeures!

I very much warn against wigs made of synthetics. They are cheaper, but first and foremost they can be unbearably warm. My sister, deceased since 1989, bought a wig when her hair fell off because of cancer treatments. She said she could not afford a real one, so bought one cheap synthetic. But could not stand wearing it as she went too warm and then choose to be bald headed till her hair began to grow again.

Secondly, read a page yesterday, stating the synthetic wigs: cannot be washed, cannot be treated in anyway for styling. Really wortless. Ok, cheap, can afford more than one. But why spend money on trash you’ll have to throw away when they get dirty because cannot wash’em!  A real wig is quite expensive, but they last much longer.

Other good wig tip: wig will stay better put if the band that holds it put goes all way round your head. Measure your head circumference. Myself I have 58 centimeters. Most head wear, now talking hats and such, that is so called ”one size” will only go up to 57 cms, so you’ld better measure if you’re not sure a ”one size” is for you.



Naturligt Röd —-

Rött hår – så tar du hand om din frisyr

Rött hår kräver lite extra underhåll. Men oh så snyggt det är!

Här tipsar frisören Elin Johansson om hur du får den röda färgen att hålla sig snygg – och hur du som är naturligt rödhårig kan förstärka din snygga hårfärg:

– Rött hår lyfter hela ansiktet och får både ögon och hud att skina.


Rött hår i olika varianter är alltid hett.

Oavsett om du har kort eller långt hår.

Lockigt eller spikrakt.

Mörkt eller ljust.

Rött hår kan verkligen lyfta hela ditt ansikte.

Allt om Mode tog hjälp av frisören och bloggaren Elin Johansson för att få de bästa tipsen till ett rött hår.

Färga håret rött

Vad behöver man veta innan man bestämmer sig för att färga håret rött?

– Det man bör veta är att man kommer få underhålla sin röda hårfärg oftare än andra hårfärger. En röd hårfärg bleknar lätt och man behöver underhålla med produkter hemma samt tätare frisörbesök.

Passar alla i rött hår?

– Ja, faktiskt. Idag finns det så många olika alternativ hur man kan färga rött hår så färgen passar ens personlighet och ansikte. Rött hår lyfter hela ansiktet och får både ögon och hud att skina.

– Det man ska tänka på är att om man har mycket rynkor så ska man gärna undvika rött hår. Rött har en tendens att förstärka rynkor i ansiktet.

Ljusa personer med blå/gröna ögon kan gärna satsa på lätta ljusa röda toner och har man mörkare bruna ögon så kan man satsa på lite mer rost/brons röda toner.

Hur får man färgen att hålla sig så där snygg som den är då man går från frisören?

– Jag rekommenderar att tvätta håret 1-2 gånger i veckan. Återfukta håret mycket, ett friskt hår håller i sig färgen bättre och att underhålla med färggivande produkter.

(Fler tips på hur du får den röda färgen att hålla hittar du HÄR.)

Vilka produkter ska den som har färgat rött hår hålla utkik efter?

– Schampo och balsam för färgat hår. En inpackning med röda färgpigment i sig som man låter verka i håret 15-30 minuter. Det finns även väldigt intensiva färginpackningar som passar rödhåriga väldigt bra.

Rött hår – naturligt

Hur ska naturligt rödhåriga tänka när de vill färga håret?

– Personer med naturligt rött hår tycker jag inte ska göra någonting.

Naturligt rödhåriga

personer är väldigt unika och har oftast en fantastisk fin hårfärg naturligt och det är dumt att förstöra det. Men om man vill färga håret så

ska man ta det försiktigt och mer  förstärka sin egna hårfärg. Man ska sträva efter guld, koppar, brons, beige och jordnära färger.

Till sommaren kan man ttill exempel tillsätta lite ljusare, tunna, tunna slingor och sedan använda en färginpackning som går ur efter några tvättar.

Till höst/vinter så kan man lägga en mörkare lätt-toning som håller i ca 20 tvättar som ger lite mer lyster och pigment åt håret men inte förstör hårets egna färg.

Det värsta man kan göra, verkligen don’t, är att färga håret med permanent färg samt att färga över det naturliga röda.

Hur får man glöd i sitt naturligt röda hår?

– Glöd får man om man färgar sitt naturliga röda hår lite mörkare och satsa mycket på guld och kopparnyanser. Gärna färga håret i en Ombre – en mörkare röd bottenfärg som blandas ut i lite ljusare koppar/guld längder. Vulkan rakt igenom!

Vilka produkter ska man leta efter?

– Genom att vårda håret med återfuktande produkter samt även här använda

en inpackning med pigment i sig

så kommer den naturliga färgen förstärkas och få en fin lyster och glans.

Använd gärna hårvård som ger mycket fukt, en färginpackning som är i guld, koppar eller rött samt använda mycket vårdande olja. Antingen ren kallpressad arganolja eller använd olivolja.

Sara Fridh
Av Sara Fridh





This from Pretty your World by Lora Alexander. 

Woman to the right is, at least on the surface, looking like Me. About my own, born with, hair color, but the person on the picture has darker roots. Her eyes are dark, unlike mine. But I prefer to dress in warm muted colors and her lipstick is also one of my preferred choices.  In the commentaries  Kate Carney-Robbins  (guess she is the redheaded woman in the above picture) says: ”I just wanted to say thanks for your book, it gave me the first indication that I am a Summer, not an Autumn. I wore the Autumn colors for years, sticking mostly with chocolate brown, olive green, and rust. Never could figure out why I didn’t look good in mustard and orange. When I began wearing the Soft Summer colors it was amazing. I can even go around without makeup on and get compliments. The four seasons work for many, but for some it has been hard to ”find ourselves”. I agree with you that Soft Summers and Autumns are the hardest to type, and often get put into the wrong season.”

She might indeed be a Soft Summer, if you think away the coppery red hair. Myself I do very well in olive green and mustard – some orange too, if warm toned and not to bright.




Me color type

Bildresultat för sophie anderson foundling girls in their school dresses Sophie G.Anderson 1823-1903 – Prerafaelit. brittisk konstnär.Bildresultat för sophie gengembre anderson Sophie G. Anderson Bildresultat för sophie gengembre anderson Sophie G. Anderson – Girls in their school uniform —-Sophie G. Anderson Dreaming

John Mc Ghie – Fisher girl

Sophie Gengembre Anderson


Young girl fixing her hair Sophie Anderson.




Sophie Anderson The turtle dove

VIssa resultat kan ha tagits bort i enlighet med dataskyddslagstiftningen i Europa. Läs mer
 Take the fair face of woman: SophieAnderson

Hair dying with Coffe, Tea, Soy


Brew and let cold:

3-5 teabags (black tea) equal amount loose tea

and sage brewn toghether with tea – equal parts.

Could even brew Sage tea, alone for coverage.

to brew much stronger than for drinking = concentrated,

Tea’s natural staining properties and anti-oxidants for colour and shine.

Works with natural colours, either blondes or brunettes.

Holistic Chic recommends chamomille tea for lightening, and rooibos tea for reddening for red haireds.

Though I wouldn’t choose rooibos for My red locks. Rooibos are for those women, often Vinters, who changed their black hair to red, for instance appliable to Sophia Loren. And those with really red hair from a bottle, but hardly existing in nature. Carrot juice, recommended here, http://www.ehow.com/how_12107662_dye-hair-red-tea.html for those who wants really shreaky orange hair.  Like this: 



Guess us naturally reds ‘d better stick to the black tea recepy, and with added sage for covering light strands.

Applicator recommended:  clean empty plastic squeeze bottle –

After applying the cooled tea and/or sage, let be for at least an hour. Or leave it till morning and then rinse. The longer it sits, the stronger the colour: do you see greys, then let mixture work longer.

(Or add more?)

Rinse with cold water.

Wonder how long the dye will last: to next wash only, or longer??


Holistic Chic: Though my technique varies a bit, here’s a great step by step link for dyeing hair with black tea: http://www.sophisticatededge.com/black-tea-to-dye-hair.html



Holistic Chic: more tea you use, more intense results
this is natural and will give out natural looking results. You can NOT completely change your hair colour with teaif a blonde used black tea, all it would do is make her hair darker blonde 
The results are subtle so don’t be afraid to try it out and from there you can see by the results if you need a stronger mixture or to leave it on longer next time!  If it’s not noticeable enough, you can easily try again the next day – because it’s just tea and won’t fry or damage your hair!


How to use coffee to dye your hair
  • Make really strong organic coffee ( I use this one) , preferably espresso.  Non organic coffee most likely contains some added chemicals.
  • Let your coffee cool down.
  • Mix 2 cups of leave in all natural conditioner with 2 tbsp. of organic coffee grounds and 1 cup of  cold brewed coffee.
  • Apply the mixture onto your hair and leave it in for about an hour.   It will give your hair a beautiful chocolate color without any damage.
Simple Coffee Rinse

Shampoo your hair first and then pour coffee over your hair. Leave it in for 20 minutes. Use apple cider vinegar to rinse the coffee out of your hair (it will help  seal in the color). Then rinse it off with warm water.

If you don’t see the desired results right away, repeat the same process for a few days in a row to allow the coffee to penetrate the strands of your hair.

Locktång – Storlekar

Newsletter from Makeup.com 24th Oct. 2014


Iron Size: 1/4-inch—-0.25 in = 0.6 cm=6mm
This little baby is great for tight, ringlet-like curls. You ladies with naturally über-curly hair should definitely invest in one of these, as they can help touch up your curls and keep them from getting unruly.

1/2 inch = 1,3cm=13mm =knappt 1,5cm=15mm

Iron Size: 3/4-inch=0.75 in = 1.9 cm=19mm, knappt 2 cm, 20 mm
For those of you with short to medium hair or those of you seeking a romantic, country-rose-like ‘do, this iron is for you. Wrap the ends of small sections of your hair around this little miracle worker and gently separate the curls so they look natural. Spritz it with some flexible-hold hairspray and you are ready to roll. For some extra vintage flare, separate two sections from the front sides of the head and pin back with bobby pins.

Iron Size: 1-inch =2,54cm=25,4mm
This curler creates a lovely soft wave for a sultry siren look (á la Jessica Rabbit). Just create a deep part and curl your hair in two-inch sections. Apply some setting spray, like Matrix Biolage Thermal Active Setting Spray and, after it’s dried, brush out the curls with a flat paddle brush.

Iron Size: 1 1/2-inch
This iron produces big, voluminous curls. Ideal for those with long, luscious locks, looks with this tool vary from soft, romantic curls to loose, beach waves. It’s all about how you style them. If you’re going for an effortless, messy curl look, spray your hair with sea salt spray (we love EverStyle Texture Series Beach Spray) prior to taking an iron to it. After the spray has dried, wrap the hair around the closed curling iron (or wand if that’s what you’re using), starting mid-shaft and leaving the ends uncurled. Hold the hair for a few seconds and gently unravel. Muss-up and separate the curl by gently fluffing your hair with your fingers.

Iron Size: 2-inch=5,1cm=51mm, säg 5cm=50mm
This bad boy isn’t necessarily for curling, but for giving your hair some body and rounded-out ends. It creates a nice, voluminous “blow out” look for those with stick-straight locks and is also an ideal tool for showing off those layers.

Hey, boho mamas! If you’ve got fine, naturally straight hair,

this three-pronged contraption is your go-to for perfectly imperfect bedhead waves.

Just clamp the prong on a section of your hair (starting at the top), hold for a few seconds and release. Move down until the entire piece is crimped and repeat with the rest of hair. T

hose of you with thicker, wavier locks can jump on this waver wave too! Just stick to crimping the top layers of your hair instead of the entire head so as to avoid the hair getting unruly or lion-esque.

Photography: Joshua M. Shelton
Model: Brianna Leahy