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My Personal Color Chart acc to Jen Thoden

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Jennifer Thoden
den 1 januari kl 13:59
Chara Choppel is bright, warm and light.
This analysis has inspired me (Jen Thoden) to do a video on wearing our colors as we age. At first glance, you might say Chara is soft and you won't be wrong. As we age, we soften and grey. At a certain point, wearing muted colors will grey us further and not complement us... and this is when you want to start wearing some brighter colors. But not too bright. The biggest mistake I see older women make is wear colors that are simply too heavy on them. Chara Choppel is light and should only be wearing the lighter colors of the bright color wheel. Anything super bright or darker will age her and bring her down. The lighter colors of the bright color wheel are softened a bit with white and are appropriate for her. The lighter colors of the soft color wheel are too grey for her.
When you think you in between soft and bright... it's possible you are bright but simply can't wear the brightest ring. Hope this helps some of you. You look beautiful Chara Choppel!" (Jen Thoden)
As you can see, when comparing the color chart Jen chose to put me in with these Collars,
it is obvious there are more colors induced in the collars then in the picture above. In her system,
Jen Thoden uses  each color of the spectrum wheel as base for a number of other colors.
Those colors ends up in her charts  for Bright-Warm, Bright-Cool, Soft-Warm and Soft-Cool.
In the analysis chart there are colors missing – namely those that don’t look so good on the
person. The collars, on the contrary, holds plentiful colors! And I find the collars really more
The suggestion that I might wear a such a clear rose I must reject. Have tried that color,
and it clashed with my skin – that is much whiter –  skin color in picture is higher than
usual depending on the hot and humid summer day.  So bright, clear colors – except some
that compliments me –  utgör a very strong contrast to my whitish paleness.
But talking of clarity, red is a color I like very much to wear: red leaning toward orange that is.
So tomato would be one of them.
When talking of roses/pinks,  the lightest rose/pink dot sitting upon the clear rose drape
is a better choice for me. And pink and roses should be yellowed, absolutely not bluish.
And, best of all are roses/pinks, apricots, peaches and oranges that are lightly toned with
But brown-toning is not a thing I have read about in Jen Thoden’s work.  Maybe she will
write about this subject later? Soft, she perceives as greyed tones. I can wear mustard,
took this color as an example and googled it: mustard is, as I thought, yellow with
brown in it. But as Jen has Mustard in her Warm color chart as a Soft, must assume she
takes mustard to be a greyed, not browned, color??
Brown being an interested colors that consists of many nuances.
Brown is said to be a very dark orange. And so may well be.
But browns can also be bluish or purplish. And there are reddish browns,
and golden browns, red or yellow added to the dark orange.
And browns, of course, could be greyish.
My colors must be mild and balanced. Nothing too wild and extreme.
Although I fancy leopard patterns in light golden camel and warm
brown flecks in coffee or warm dark chocolate.
Collars consists, as you can see, of three rows. The outermost one
presents colors that are favorites of mine. But I won’t go darker than
these, as darkest shades are not at all pleasing. Believe me, I have
tried them! Medium dark tomato and medium olive have been
staples. And will continue to wear such colors until I have aged
to the degree they become straight out unbecoming.
Cannot agree with all the color dots on the collar! Specially the clear cyan blue, not even the lightest one. Nor the light lime green.  The only yellows I can pull off is the buff yellow,  a mustard yellow and possibly a light golden yellow. Have a photo - in mother's house where I am twelve years old and sits on a rock dressed in blue jeans and a light golden yellow shirt. Possibly with Indian feathers on my head!! Should very much like to post it here and in Jen Thodens ColorStyleClub!!
Seems as the lightest rings of the brights and softs are not included in the collars. Not the very darkest either. name the circles A to F, counting from outward circle to inward. 
Personally would  definitely buy clothes from circle B (clear medium dark) But not all colors, obviousely. From F only as trousers, skirts, shoes and bags. Dubious about E and D, but some of them. As I'm now definitely classified as Light, would surely buy from circle B, as said above. Concerning A, am more hesitant, as I'm aware too light hues washes me out. and make my already whitish face sickly pale, but there are fitting rooms! Ha ha!Though I never buy from shops anymore: they never have my size, and if they have, there are only few items and the colors are mostly adjusted to women of Summer and Winter types! The common ones here in Sweden. I am a startling exception, as I have a look more typical for Scottish/Irish ladies. Nowadays I buy from the web, I can try the clothes at home and send them back, if not pleased.

Just as was my experience, Jen Thoden, confirms I really am Soft, but as I grow older should be best looking in the clear lights. So I will continue to wear softs but not toned with Cold greys. Those I already shun! Instead I pick those  toned with warm greys (gold-yellowed or most preferably goldened) and "toasted" with warm browns.


Kommentera Those are the pictures I sent to Jen. I only had two pictures to send, because my mobile phone had disappeared. And those photos were not the best, am afraid! I asked Jen to interpret the picture where I am the lightest, which was taken outdoors.
Chara Choppels foto.
 And here's the other one - an app that photoshopped me automatically. Had not expected that. Photo taken indoors in lamp light. 

Chara Choppel Believe it or not. I have some under panties (”knickers”) that I found very becoming to my skin —ha ha! Usually am not so fond of light colors which often washes me out. So therefore was surprised to be classified to be best looking in all those Vis

Chara Choppel
Chara Choppel Jen. You wrote I should not count in the two outer cirlcles. But still you have draped me in a rose color that I identified in the Middle circle. I read this as I can wear some colors from the middle ring, too. Am I right? —-:-) Besides, talking of kVisa mer

Chara Choppel

Hey everyone! I experienced a funny color thing this morning. In the bathroom I happened to lean my forehead toward the mirror and suddenly I saw my eyes as close as could be. The lamp was above my head but was shadowed by my head. I found to my amazement that my eye color was a rather clear, but mild jade green with blue and a bit grey to them. So now I wonder: would you guys out there try to do the same and see what / which colors you find in your own eyes!! Wouldn’t that be a funny thing to try? 🙂
The bathroom light was hidden by my head so should be indirect light.

Chara Choppel Another thing you might do is to put your underarm and hand against your computer screen. It should be ON obviously. Then watch what color your skin gets. Light come from back of where you sit. I happened to find this out some time ago. Me and my motheVisa mer