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My Personal Color Chart acc to Jen Thoden

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Jennifer Thoden
den 1 januari kl 13:59
Chara Choppel is bright, warm and light.
This analysis has inspired me (Jen Thoden) to do a video on wearing our colors as we age. At first glance, you might say Chara is soft and you won't be wrong. As we age, we soften and grey. At a certain point, wearing muted colors will grey us further and not complement us... and this is when you want to start wearing some brighter colors. But not too bright. The biggest mistake I see older women make is wear colors that are simply too heavy on them. Chara Choppel is light and should only be wearing the lighter colors of the bright color wheel. Anything super bright or darker will age her and bring her down. The lighter colors of the bright color wheel are softened a bit with white and are appropriate for her. The lighter colors of the soft color wheel are too grey for her.
When you think you in between soft and bright... it's possible you are bright but simply can't wear the brightest ring. Hope this helps some of you. You look beautiful Chara Choppel!" (Jen Thoden)
As you can see, when comparing the color chart Jen chose to put me in with these Collars,
it is obvious there are more colors induced in the collars then in the picture above. In her system,
Jen Thoden uses  each color of the spectrum wheel as base for a number of other colors.
Those colors ends up in her charts  for Bright-Warm, Bright-Cool, Soft-Warm and Soft-Cool.
In the analysis chart there are colors missing – namely those that don’t look so good on the
person. The collars, on the contrary, holds plentiful colors! And I find the collars really more
The suggestion that I might wear a such a clear rose I must reject. Have tried that color,
and it clashed with my skin – that is much whiter –  skin color in picture is higher than
usual depending on the hot and humid summer day.  So bright, clear colors – except some
that compliments me –  utgör a very strong contrast to my whitish paleness.
But talking of clarity, red is a color I like very much to wear: red leaning toward orange that is.
So tomato would be one of them.
When talking of roses/pinks,  the lightest rose/pink dot sitting upon the clear rose drape
is a better choice for me. And pink and roses should be yellowed, absolutely not bluish.
And, best of all are roses/pinks, apricots, peaches and oranges that are lightly toned with
But brown-toning is not a thing I have read about in Jen Thoden’s work.  Maybe she will
write about this subject later? Soft, she perceives as greyed tones. I can wear mustard,
took this color as an example and googled it: mustard is, as I thought, yellow with
brown in it. But as Jen has Mustard in her Warm color chart as a Soft, must assume she
takes mustard to be a greyed, not browned, color??
Brown being an interested colors that consists of many nuances.
Brown is said to be a very dark orange. And so may well be.
But browns can also be bluish or purplish. And there are reddish browns,
and golden browns, red or yellow added to the dark orange.
And browns, of course, could be greyish.
My colors must be mild and balanced. Nothing too wild and extreme.
Although I fancy leopard patterns in light golden camel and warm
brown flecks in coffee or warm dark chocolate.
Collars consists, as you can see, of three rows. The outermost one
presents colors that are favorites of mine. But I won’t go darker than
these, as darkest shades are not at all pleasing. Believe me, I have
tried them! Medium dark tomato and medium olive have been
staples. And will continue to wear such colors until I have aged
to the degree they become straight out unbecoming.
Cannot agree with all the color dots on the collar! Specially the clear cyan blue, not even the lightest one. Nor the light lime green.  The only yellows I can pull off is the buff yellow,  a mustard yellow and possibly a light golden yellow. Have a photo - in mother's house where I am twelve years old and sits on a rock dressed in blue jeans and a light golden yellow shirt. Possibly with Indian feathers on my head!! Should very much like to post it here and in Jen Thodens ColorStyleClub!!
Seems as the lightest rings of the brights and softs are not included in the collars. Not the very darkest either. name the circles A to F, counting from outward circle to inward. 
Personally would  definitely buy clothes from circle B (clear medium dark) But not all colors, obviousely. From F only as trousers, skirts, shoes and bags. Dubious about E and D, but some of them. As I'm now definitely classified as Light, would surely buy from circle B, as said above. Concerning A, am more hesitant, as I'm aware too light hues washes me out. and make my already whitish face sickly pale, but there are fitting rooms! Ha ha!Though I never buy from shops anymore: they never have my size, and if they have, there are only few items and the colors are mostly adjusted to women of Summer and Winter types! The common ones here in Sweden. I am a startling exception, as I have a look more typical for Scottish/Irish ladies. Nowadays I buy from the web, I can try the clothes at home and send them back, if not pleased.

Just as was my experience, Jen Thoden, confirms I really am Soft, but as I grow older should be best looking in the clear lights. So I will continue to wear softs but not toned with Cold greys. Those I already shun! Instead I pick those  toned with warm greys (gold-yellowed or most preferably goldened) and "toasted" with warm browns.


Kommentera Those are the pictures I sent to Jen. I only had two pictures to send, because my mobile phone had disappeared. And those photos were not the best, am afraid! I asked Jen to interpret the picture where I am the lightest, which was taken outdoors.
Chara Choppels foto.
 And here's the other one - an app that photoshopped me automatically. Had not expected that. Photo taken indoors in lamp light. 

Chara Choppel Believe it or not. I have some under panties (”knickers”) that I found very becoming to my skin —ha ha! Usually am not so fond of light colors which often washes me out. So therefore was surprised to be classified to be best looking in all those Vis

Chara Choppel
Chara Choppel Jen. You wrote I should not count in the two outer cirlcles. But still you have draped me in a rose color that I identified in the Middle circle. I read this as I can wear some colors from the middle ring, too. Am I right? —-:-) Besides, talking of kVisa mer

Chara Choppel

Hey everyone! I experienced a funny color thing this morning. In the bathroom I happened to lean my forehead toward the mirror and suddenly I saw my eyes as close as could be. The lamp was above my head but was shadowed by my head. I found to my amazement that my eye color was a rather clear, but mild jade green with blue and a bit grey to them. So now I wonder: would you guys out there try to do the same and see what / which colors you find in your own eyes!! Wouldn’t that be a funny thing to try? 🙂
The bathroom light was hidden by my head so should be indirect light.

Chara Choppel Another thing you might do is to put your underarm and hand against your computer screen. It should be ON obviously. Then watch what color your skin gets. Light come from back of where you sit. I happened to find this out some time ago. Me and my motheVisa mer


See Your ColorBreeze Season here!

Shopalong with Lora at Pretty Your World!  has added a new feature to her ColorBreeze system. A range of clothes you can buy from her site.  Hit the picture showing your main color season and shop away! There’s lots and lots of items. Some of them are labelled with subseasons they’re specially suited for.

I advise you to skim through the clothes to see which colors fit you. See names of colors when clicking the garments you want to know more about. Alas, not always appliable.

Lora disclaims: ”Our current collections are for the 2016 Spring Shopping season (not to be confused with the color analysis ”Spring” season).”

2016 Spring Shopping Season Collections

Lora Alexander’s ColorBreeze System

Lora Alexander at PrettyYourWorld has completed her ColorBreeze color analysis system.

Wondering what order to put them in.

What does Dusty, Smokey and Toasted mean?

Let’s begin with Lora’s own presentation:

Lora says following:

Lighter Soft sub-seasons will be either Dusty or Sunlit. (The Springs and the lighter Soft Summers and Soft Autumns).

Deeper Soft sub-seasons will either be Smokey or Toasted(The Winters and the deeper Soft Summers and Soft Autumns).

Lighter Soft sub-seasons will be either Dusty or Sunlit. (The Springs and the lighter Soft Summers and Soft Autumns).

Deeper Soft sub-seasons will either be Smokey or Toasted(The Winters and the deeper Soft Summers and Soft Autumns).


Clear Spring=Warm, Light, Clear

—-Best Colors: Clear Red, Hot Turquoise, Lime Green, Hot Coral, Bright Yellow.

Light Spring=Warm, Light, Clear

Best Colors: Camel, most Yellows, Light Lime Green, Peach.

Warm Spring=Warm, Light, Clear 

Best Colors: Clear Red, Coral, Marigold, Orange, Clear Teal.

No diffrence between Clear, Light, Warm??

Sunlight Soft Spring=Warm, Light, Soft

Best ColorsAmber, soft peach, butter yellow, pea green, sand and soft coral are key.

Dusty Soft Spring=Warm, Light, Soft

Best Colors: Cocoa, French Vanilla, Turquoise, Light Lavender, Lemon Chiffon, Salmon, Soft Peach, Camel. 

So what diffrence are those??

The original three Springs, Clear, Warm and Light are completed with two new Springs, one Sunlight Soft and one Dusty Soft. Obviously there are no Smokey nor Toasted Springs.


Original Soft Autumn=Warm, ?  , Soft 

Soft Sunlit Autumn: Warm, Light to Medium-light, Soft

—Sample best colors:  Milk chocolate, pea green, warm sand, warm peach, butterscotch, banana, coral.

Dusty Soft Autumn: Warm, Medium-Light to Medium, Soft

Sample best colors: Peach, Tan, walnut brown, light moss, oatmeal, cool sage, rich grey green, lemon chiffon and ivory. 

Warm Autumn=Warm, Medium, Soft

Sample best colors: Brown (most shades), Pumpkin Orange, Khaki, Mustard, Olive, Gold

Smokey Soft Autumn: Warm, Medium Deep, Soft

Best colors: Rich, earthy shades of brown, terracotta, olive, teal, and tomato are key. 

Toasted Soft Autumn=Warm, Medium Deep, Soft

—-Sample best colors: Chocolate brown, copper, tomato, forest green, deep teal, deep peach, coral, golden yellow. 

Deep Autumn=Warm,Deep, Soft

Sample best colors: Chocolate Brown, Tomato Red, Emerald Green, Rust, Burnt Orange, Avocado


Lora Alexander’s color tree, inspired by Munzell’s color theory. Little hard to read the signs though. Uppermost are the lightest, downmost the darkest seasons. To the left are cool seasons, to the right are the warms. From top to bottom signs read:

Numbers on the trunk are, I guess, valors from 10, lightest, to 1, darkest.





Zyla color theory

“You have 8 basic colors. Here’s what they are.
And here’s how to find them.


Essence: Your vulnerable color, your version of white, a skin tone that harmonizes the colors in the palm of your hand — light golden, oyster white
Romantic: Your passion color, your version of red found by gently pinching a fingertip—or the color of when you blush. Dark warm rose. Warm vintage rose. Medium warm brownish rose.

Romantic of course features red. But so does Energy. Or is Energy yellow? It is to me? Yellow meaning creative, curious, intelligent. Why not any version of yellow? Or does yellow belong to version of white? No, that was essence color. Light gold. White: oyster. No: my yellow is Mustard. That should be found in my hair!

Dramatic: Your “look at me” color, your version of blue, found in the color of the veins in your wrist. Teal blue, warm turquoise. Dramatic? Should be black. Version of black!  Maybe blue, then.

What is dramatic about vein colors? They are rather subdued. Turquose, blue, green, lilac? – in any case they ought to1.  be filled in sharply to be enhanced and 2. seriously Darkened to become Dramatic!

Energy: The color that supports you when you need a pick me up, taken from the darkest part of your iris (but not the ring around the iris) Oh, that might be difficult to name just one color: warm grey-green. Teal. Jade! No. Where is the energy in green being a calm color! Energy should be red!

Energy to me is represented by strong, sparkling, vivid colors. Like in my case turquoise, jade and clear green brought out when wearing pumpkin and jade.

Tranquility repr. by  calmer eye colors like sober green, blue, teal. Clothes matching those are dark warm tomato red, denim blue, olive and moss. 

Tranquil: Your peaceful color, taken from the lightest part of your iris.

Shouldn’t peaceful be a green version color? Anyway:

Light transparent blue, turquoise, warm green, grey. Depending.


First base, formal, your version of black, taken from the ring around your iris . Version of black. Ought to be Dramatic, I think!

Second base, less formal but still serious, your version of brown, taken

from the darkest part of your hair [tips in the book for where else to look if you color your hair]

Third base, casual, your version of khaki, taken from the lightest part of your hair (tips in the book for where else to look if you color your hair)

Brown and khaki, and olive/moss. What more?

Zyla Archetypes in Pictures

Zyla describes very thoroughly his color theory in the book Color Your Style.

But, alas, the so called Archetypes, he hardly only mentions.
Pairing 24 subseasons of color with as many ”archetypes” – but how are those? Descriptions please!
Being an archetype is being in some special way. But no.
At last, found this on Expressing Your Truth, starring ………………… .
Pictures that at least give an impression of what the diffrent archetypes look like! Am curious about where I might fit in….

Much to my surprise, under the title:

Zyla’s Classic Winter

The Queen
a cool or deep winter

there was this little cutie Spanish princess from the 17th century. My o my, what I see is warmth. How did she end up among the dark haired and cool skinned Winters? She has my hair color. Margarita Teresia of Spain married at 15 to her uncle, the German Roman emperor. Died at 21. Velasques painted many pictures with her as motive. Here she is, painted by Jan Thomas or Jan Thomas van Ieperen (also Jan Thomas van Yperen) How could anyone mistake this young woman for a Winter? Here, anyway, is a real Zyla Classic Winter (dark and cool):  Or is she? Some will have her being a Dark Autumn. Borders are flowing to and through!

Zyla’s Soft Winter

The Romantic Poetess
a soft cool winter — Elisabeth Taylor a renowned representant:   Likewise: Joan Collins.

Zyla’s Dynamic Winter

The Passionate Leader — Are they really all Leaders?!?
a deep winter

Zyla’s Vivid Winter

The Earthy Philosopher
a deep or bright winter

 So a Philosopher kind of woman can only be a Winter?!?

Zyla’s Antique Winter

The Keeper of the Hearth
an even softer winter

 Sorry I do not add names of the actresses, but honestly don’t know them.  When you are to choose an housekeeper for your home, look at the colors of their clothes. Hire the one dressed in cool soft hues!

Zyla’s Playful Winter

The Ballerina
a bright/clear winter —sliding in to the ballet floor,  Come on, which ”ballerina” features does this lady have?!

Here comes Summers à la Zyla. This star, watching for birds? Philosophical? Cannot see her as a ballet dancer. But rather a walzer. Here are also Beyoncé and Grace Kelly. Know their names at least. Scarlet Johansson also a Classic beauty, but not represented in this category.

Zyla’s Jeweltone Summer

The Glamorous Career Girl
cool deep summer — Mind you: all these woman are dying to make a carreer! They sacrifice home and children to become bosses over global companies. One is Andie MacDonald.  Another is…who? Summer. Really?  Light may be too evening-ish but rather Autumn, don’t you think?

Zyla’s Sunset Summer

The Elegant Bohemian
deep clear summer

 I know this actress. E.R. and The good wife. Julianne Marguiles or something like that. Don’t look bohemian to me. Though this woman, NN, might. I can see her as a hippie. 

Zyla’s Dusky Summer

The Earth Mother
soft summer Again, evening light. Not what I call an Earth Mother type.

Zyla’s Renaissance Summer

The Drama Queen
soft summer, nearest to an autumn

Presenting Garbo:  In golden light. But she’s sure a Summer. And a contribution from Rubens. Mark, the model is muscular, not fat!Might, de facto, be a male! We’re soon into Autumn, so the red hair is appropriate.

Zylas Iridescent Summer 
The Mysterious Mermaid
light summer

 Sweet.  And recognizable. But no, her name is a mystery to me.  Now for the Zyla Springs:

Zyla’s Vital Spring

the Prom Queen
clear spring

A desperate housewife? No, a Prom queen!

Zyla’s Early Spring

The Playful Princess
light spring Playful? No, brooding and angry at nobody knows what. Gwyneth Paltrow also represented.

Zyla’s Floral Spring

The Wholesome Flirt
light spring

 Actress to the left has my hair. But my skin, rather the one to the right. Anyway am NOT a ”Wholesome Flirt”. Not any Flirt WhatSoEver!!
Love this Fragonard picture. This is me. But nothing flirtatious about this girl: 

Zyla’s Buoyant Spring

the Life of the Party 

Life of the Party, Prom Queen, Wholesome Flirt, Playful Princess – sounds they are all one and the same type essentially!
 Goldie Hawn is very much a reprensentative for them all!

Zyla’s Mischievous Spring

The Pixie
warm spring

Were I a Spring, would surely choose Mischivous. But Pixie? A pixie cut? Never. Julia Roberts a Spring? Why not Autumn? And is not this woman a Winter?  French landscape matching Warm Spring.

Zyla’s Tawny Spring

The Maverick
warm spring. Could be me. But a Maverick. What is a maverick? Says Free Dictionary:  A person who shows independence of thought and action, especially by refusing to adhere to the policies of a group to which he or she belongs. Characterized by or displaying independence of thought and action: a person of independent or unorthodox views.a person who takes a stand independent of others in a group.maverickindependent in behavior or thought; ”she led asomewhat irregular private life”; ”maverick politicians”

unconventionalnot conforming to accepted rules orstandards; ”her unconventional dress and hair style”



1.rebel, radical, dissenting, individualistic, eccentric, heretical, iconoclastic,nonconformist Her maverick behaviour precluded any chance of promotion.
 But this woman’s hairstyle is hardly unique, but rather classic in my opinion. Could have had it myself. Hair color as mine were in younger years. Otherwise, yes, am quite maverick. And Warm Spring too. Or rather between Warm Spring n Warm Autumn.

Autumns of Zyla:

Zyla’s Spicy Autumn

The Sensuous Backpacker
a deep autumn

 Isn’t she clear?

Zyla’s Mellow Autumn

The Sexy Librarian
a soft autumn  Emma Thompson??? Librarian, really? More a Bohemic type, acc to me.

Zyla’s Gamine Autumn

The Stylish Beatnik
soft autumn -Maybe she is: 

Zyla’s Copper Autumn

The High Stakes Gambler
warm metal autumn One of may polar seasons. But am not a high stake gambler, really.

Zyla’s Bronze Autumn

The Divine Diva
deep metal autumn. Sophiiiiiaaaa:   Was she an Autumn from the beginning? Think she was a winter with dark hair she colored red. Her pale pink lipstick not neat on her. Looks sick-ish.

Klimpts mistress: 

Zyla’s High Autumn

The Passionate Impressario
lighter warm autumn

 Could be me, but with redder hair.

Wikipedia: An impresario (from Italian: impresa, meaning ”an enterprise or undertaking”)[1] is a person who organizes and often finances concerts, plays or operas; analogous to an artist manager or a film or television producer. The origin of the term is to be found in the social and economic world of Italian opera, where from the mid-18th century to the 1830s, the impresario was the key figure in the organization of a lyric season.[2] The owners of the theatre, usually noble amateurs, charged the impresario with hiring a composer, for until the 1850s operas on stage were expected to be new, as well as gathering the necessary costumes, sets, orchestra, and singers, all while assuming considerable financial risks. In 1786 Mozart satirized the stress and emotional mayhem in a single-act farce Der Schauspieldirektor (The Impresario). Antonio Vivaldi was unusual in acting as impresario as well as composer: in 1714 he managed seasons at Teatro San Angelo in Venice, where his operaOrlando finto pazzo was followed by numerous others.

Alessandro Lanari (1787–1852), who began as the owner of a shop that produced costumes, eliminated the middleman in a series of successful seasons he produced for the Teatro La Pergola, Florence, which saw premieres of the first version ofVerdi‘s Macbeth, two of Bellini‘s operas and five of Donizetti‘s, including Lucia di Lammermoor. Domenico Barbaia (1778–1841) began as a café waiter and made a fortune at La Scala in Milan, where he was also in charge of the gambling operation and introduced roulette.



Modern use[edit]

The traditional term is still in use in the entertainment industry for a producer of concerts, tours and other events in music,opera, theatre[3] and even rodeo.[4] Significant modern impresarios in the traditional sense include Thomas Beecham, Rudolf Bing, Sergei Diaghilev, Richard D’Oyly Carte, Fortune Gallo, Sol Hurok, Aaron Richmond, and jazz festival producer George Wein.

Application of term[edit]

The term is occasionally applied to others, such as independent art museum curators[5] and conference organizers,[6] who take a lead role in orchestrating events.

Figurative impresarios[edit]

Jacques-Yves Cousteau said of himself that he was an impresario of scientists[7] as an explorer and filmmaker who worked with scientists in underwater exploration. Nicholas Wade described James D. Watson and E. O. Wilson in The New York Times as impresarios of Charles Darwin‘s works.[8]

Imogen Lamport: Unlocking Your Style


Inside Outside blog by Imogen Lamport

Style Puzzle


Defining face features

Body shape

Body proportions






Look how diversified the body types are! It is NOT true every skinny woman with a narrow waist automatically evolves with age into an Apple! Restrict myself to share with you Imogen’s description of two body shapes: the hourglasses X and 8 and her suggestion for clothing them. Because I seem to be an 8 shape, myself. Not an Apple as I had thought beforehand. If you are any other shape, please visit her website InsideOutside.
Video: Defining your features.

Take the Body Shape Calculator Quiz and discover your shape today.

Then sign up for a Body Shape Bible.

According to your answers, your body shape is most likely to be 8 Shape – your shoulders and hips are most likely fairly balanced. You have a defined waist but your hips jut out like a shelf just below your waist. Keep your skirts and dresses straight in shape to streamline your figure.
Remember that body shapes are just part of the dressing puzzle and tell you where to add vertical details, shapes of clothing plus where to add horizontal details to balance your gorgeous figure.
To receive your body shape bible to learn to dress your shape please click ‘Get Body Shape Bible’
Inside your body shape bible you’ll discover more about how to dress your shape, examples of outfits such as the kind of dress shape and details you should look for, which kinds of skirts and tops to put together, and an outfit based on your best jeans shape.

High Hip Hourglass

Notice her high hip – I’ve marked it on this photo.  They often feel they carry their weight in the behind.

8 Shape

A.     B.

A. She carries her curve high, not lower down on the hips, like X shapes tend to.  Her legs are slim, and she doesn’t have saddlebags.

B. Here is another 8 shape, this one has similar width at the high and low hip.  She also has narrower shoulder than her hips, so will dress her upper body like an A shape.8 Shape

8 Shape by imogenl featuring Vivienne Westwood

  • Clothes that suit best have waist definition, and are straight through the lower half (not flared or A-line).  Most 8s find that anything boxy or square, without waist shaping tends to be too tight across their high hip area.
  • 8s can have either equal width shoulders to hips, or narrower shoulders to hips.  If you have a narrower shoulder line, read up on the A shape for dressing your upper body (don’t take the tips for lower body from the A).
  • You will find that straight or bootcut jeans work well.  Avoid wide leg trousers and jeans.
  • Slim, flat-front trousers work well.  Avoid pleats at the waist as they will be pulled open and create unnecessary bulk.
  • Skirts are best when they are straight, they can flare from the knee, but not from the hip to be flattering.
  • Avoid skirts that are gathered or pleated from the waist, unless they are that 1950s flounce style.
  • Cropped jackets work for you, as do belted styles such as trench coats.  If you want to wear trends like the boyfriend jacket, leave open, then belt over it.
  • Peplums were made for 8 shapes.
  • Double breasted jackets and coats are not good for 8 shapes, there isn’t usually enough shaping and the extra fabric creates bulk.
  • Try belting  over a long line cardigan in a fine knit.
  • Make sure that you don’t have obvious pocket detail over your high hip area, look for coats and jackets with pockets set into the garment, rather than stitched onto the outside.
  • Wide waistbands work well on trousers and skirts.
  • Feel free to try a variety of belts at your natural waist, if you have a shorter waist try a thinner belt, if you have a longer waist you may be able to do a wider belt.
  • You may or may not have a rounded bottom, though rounded bottoms are more common amongst 8 shapes.  If you do, avoid flap pockets on jeans.
  • Open necklines look great on 8 shapes, they draw attention up toward your face.  Look for detail around the neckline to help do this.
  • If you have narrower shoulders, look for puffed sleeves, shoulder detail and ruched sleeves to balance your bottom.

For more about dressing your 8 shape body read here.

Celebrities with an 8 shape body include Catherine Zeta Jones and Beyonce.

X-shapes have in common, they have often Longer bodies! As they gain weight, waist becomes more undefined and they may evolve into H or A shape.

X Shape

X Shape by imogenl featuring Diane Von Furstenberg dresses

  • It’s all about highlighting your lovely waist.  Wearing a well supporting bra will help to enhance your waist and make it more defined.  Don’t to forget to adjust your bra straps every 3 or 4 washes.
  • Don’t be afraid to tuck and belt.
  • Try belting over cardigans and jackets as well as tops.
  • The wrap dress is ideal for you.  Dresses in general can really enhance your feminine figure.  From sheath dresses to shirt dresses, try them on for size.
  • Bootleg jeans are ideal for your shape.  If you want to wear skinny jeans, wear with knee-high boots over the top to balance, or a tunic top to mid-thigh.
  • Avoid whiskering and distressing of jeans.
  • Patch pockets on pants or coats should be avoided.
  • Avoid low-rise jeans – commonly X shapes have a longer rise, and need a higher rise so that when they sit down their underwear is not exposed.
  • You will often find that wide-waistbands sit better on your waist than narrow ones.
  • A-lines are your friend – whether in dress or skirt shapes.  Make sure the fabric has as soft drape so that it doesn’t sit stiffly away from your body.
  • Skirts with pleats and gathers that fall from the low hip are flattering.
  • You will often find that more open necklines are the most attractive, they draw attention up toward your face.
  • Gored and trumpet shapes can work well.  Look for fabrics with some weight (but not stiffness) that doesn’t cling.
  • Keep tops to just under your high  hip bone, avoid pulling your tops down to hide your bottom or thighs, as this will actually draw more attention to them.
  • Darker bottoms and lighter tops are more flattering for you than the other way around.
  • You will probably find that skirts that end around the knee are the most flattering length.
  • Single breasted jackets are more flattering than double breasted.  Avoid ones that end just under the bottom, keep them either shorter, or 3/4 length.
  • Many X shapes have shorter legs, and will find it hard to buy trousers that don’t pull across the crotch. Skirts can often work better for your shape, especially if you have a longer rise.
  • To elongate your legs when wearing trousers, match shoe colour to your trousers, and keep the hem as long as possible, without dragging on the ground.  Cropped trousers are not as flattering on your figure.
  • Creases down the front of your trousers will also help elongate your legs.
  • Look for denims with a vertical weave.
  • Boxy shapes are not a good fit for your body.

Celebrities with X shaped body include Fergie, Halle Berry and Scarlett Johansson.

For more on dressing your X shape read up here.


10 Ways Personality is more important than body shape

Creating Harmony with Your Personality

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How to be More Creative with Your Wardrobe

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What Did You Discover About Your Personal Style?

How to Find Necklaces to Suit Your Personality Style

What’s Your Colour Personality

How Your Personality Influences Your Choice of Prints


It’s not in the picture of the puzzle, but to me is an integral part of choosing a flattering garment for you.  Colours either harmonize with your natural colouring, or they create a dissonance, which can be unpleasant, or even make you appear sickly.

SIgnature Colours and  more Finding Your Signature Colours

Understanding Colour Systems and Personal Colour Analysis

Using Simultaneous Contrast to Change the Way a Colour Looks

What is Monochromatic Dressing

Getting Your Contrast Levels Right

What are Clashing Colours

How to Mix Colours

Understanding Colours – Tints, Tones, Shades

Understanding Undertones

How Your Colouring Changes as You Age

Understanding Colour Properties

How to Work with Your Colour Palette

How to Combine Colours

What’s Your Best Neutral – Red Hair

What’s Your Best Neutral – Grey Hair

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Shades of Grey

Going Green

What Are Universal Colours

Which Metallics Can I Wear?

C is for Colour



Somatype is the Greek word for Body Type.  It relates to how your flesh is arranged over your bones.  So have nothing to do with body shape, but if your are bony, cushioned or muscular.

 — Mesomorph=hard and muscly


—Endomorph=soft and cushioned

You may also well be a mixture of two of those, or even three.

Your Somatype will tell you which will be the most flattering and comfortable fabrics, both weight and drape to choose.

What Sort of Fabric Drape Should I Choose for My Body

how we see lines

How to Measure Your Body Proportions

Body Proportions Explained

More Ways to Flatter Your Body Proportions

Body Proportions Explained – Long Rise

Body Proportions Explained – Small Bust but Long Decolletage

Body Proportions Explained – Large Bust

Body Proportions Explained – Short Mid Body

Body Proportions Explained – Short Body, Long Legs

Body Proportions Explained – Long Body, Short Legs

How to Use the Golden Mean when Dressing


Scale tells you how large or small your accessories and clothing elements need to be to create a harmony and balance.

S is for Scale

3 Essential Elements when Choosing Flattering Prints

How to Understand the Elements of Prints

What Size Handbag

How to Choose a Necklace

Large Bust – Large Necklace



There are so many different sorts of fabric textures.  Thick, chunky, fine, furry, smooth, soft, buttery, just to name a few.  The textures you choose will be influenced by your personality and your body shape, but also by your appearance.

T is for Texture

The Yin and Yang of Clothing

Finding the Right Texture and Sheen for You

How Formal is that Fabric

How to Flatter Patterned Skin

Choosing Flattering Texture



Another fabric element that reflects your personality as well as your natural appearance.

Matte Sheen or Shine?

What Sheen Should I Choose

How to Wear Metallic Accessories

How to Add a Touch of Glamour to Your Everyday Style

N is for Nighttime

What to Wear to a Wedding

How to Choose an Evening Dress that Will Last a Decade

Levels of Refinement

Neutrals for Springs

Found these pictures in a Newsletter from Pamela at Style Yourself Confident. It’s all about Neutral colors suitable for Spring women.


Stone and Light Beige 

Golden Tan and Camel 

Light Warm Grey  

Borrow this Grey from Autumn: 

Bright Navy – enhances the other bright colors of Spring. 

Best Black: Chocolate Brown – from Autumn and from the Deep Palette!

ColorBreeze by Lora Alexander

Lora Alexander at Pretty your World has come up with an expanded color analysis system. On this video she presents the ColorBreeze color analysis systems including the old and new color types.  Which are:

Warm Spring, Light Spring, Clear Spring

Clear Winter, Cool Winter, Dark Winter

Warm Autumn, Deep Autumn,

Light Summer, Cool Summer…..

”And the newly Expanded Soft seasons”:

Sunlit Soft Spring,  Dusty Soft Spring

Sunlit Soft Summer, Dusty Soft Summer, Toasty Soft Summer,

Smokey Soft Summer,

Sunlit Soft Autumn,  Dusty Soft Autumn

Smokey Soft Autumn, Toasted Soft Autumn,

Toasted Soft Winter, Smokey Soft Winter,