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Applying eye makeup – Youtube instruction videos

Smashbox video:
Round eyes : the white is visible above or below the iris !
Almond eyes : white not visible around the eyes’ irises !
 Smashbox Full Exposure Palette —…………….
Christina Henry suggesting:
For a redheaded woman with golden blonde lashes.
Laura Mercier – Metallic Creme Eye Color in Golden Mist –as highlights all over the eyelids, 23 dollar
Laura Mercier – Metallic Creme Eye Color in Gold – 23 dollar.
Laura Mercier – Metallic Creme Eye Color in Rose Gold – 23 dollar
Laura Mercier – Tightline Cake Eyliner in Mahogany Brown, 23 dollar
Liquid eyeliner pen in a dark brown shade:                                                               Nars  Eyliner  Stylo in Nuku Hiva ….. 27 dollar
MAC Power Point eyepencil in Engraved….16 dollar

Christina Henry ”Hooded eyes aka Bedroom eyes!”

Eye shadow primer……………………………………………….

Christina Henry: Protruding eyes really benefits from eyeliner.

Lorac Pro Eye Shadow Palette ….42.dollar
White –Cream–Taupe–Light Pink–Malva–Sable–Espresso–Black,
Champagne—Gold—Light Bronze—Pewter—Garnet–Deep Purple–Slate

Combinations used:

  1. Taupe and Espresso
  2. Sable and Rose Gold – ”a lighter goldish tone”
  3. Sable contour, plus eyeliner
  4. Golden Mist highlight and Espresso and Dark Brown eyeliner shade
  5. Gold highlight, Mahogany Brown eyeliner

Same MASCARA – Different Application

Makeup For Different Eyeshapes



Most Flattering Eye Makeup For Your Eye Shape | NewBeauty Tips and Tutorials


Eyeliner For YOUR Eye Shape

by Sinead:

The Makeup Chair Handbook

14.95€ 9.95€
(You save 5.00€)
1.95€ (Fixed shipping cost)

 Eyeliner used: Best Eye Liner EVER! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQkWN…

How to Apply Eyeliner – Pencil, Cream/Gel, Liquid : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vugDX…

Finding Your Eye Shape: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smJCn…

Keep the eyeliner close to the lashes to avoid it taking over the shape if you have…
Deep set eyes are large and set deeper into the skull.
Monolids are flat on the surface and don’t have much of a crease, if any.
Hooded eyes feature an extra layer of skin that droops over the crease, causing the lid to appear smaller.

Apply the eyeliner as thick or thin as you like if you have…
Protruding eyes create the appearance of projected lids in the eye socket area.

Apply the eyeliner the same width from the inner corner to edge if you have…
Wide set eyes are more than one eyeball width apart. To bring your peepers closer together
Elongated eyes and you want to create a rounder shape.

Apply the eye liner thicker on the outer edge if you have…
Round eye that you want to elongate
Close set eyes are less than one eyeball width apart

Keep the eyeliner close to the lashes to avoid it taking over the shape.

Please check out my website, it’s updated daily!
It’s – SINEAD and the website is http://www.blankcanvascosmetics.com/

Hey you! Ya you! I just want to thank you for supporting my channel, it means so much to me!
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Finding Your Eye Shape


Eyeliner Techniques For Different Eye Shapes | Milabu


10 Makeup Hacks For Beginners | Milabu


How to Do Classic Makeup on a Mature Face

Unique Monique

Publicerades den 1 apr. 2016

How to Do Classic Makeup – Tutorial & Product Info
All too often, low budget movies will try to save money by having actresses do their own makeup. Which can be a good or a bad idea depending on the skills of the actress! Here is a basic “natural” classic make-up look that works on women of many ages. Product Info at http://www.uniquemonique.com/2016/04/

Always start with a good moisturizer. I used Oil of Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream.

Primer keeps the shine down and makes foundation last all day. If I am shooting, I like a good High Def Foundation and have used Smashbox High Definition Healthy FX for years.

Amazing Concealer in Medium Golden does a great job on under eye circles as well as any red spots (that seem to take forever to fade away) applied with a small concealer brush. NYX Dark Circle Correcting Concealer fixes those under eye circles with an orange tone. Or break out the heavy duty Joe Blasco Orange Highlight for really dark circles.

Off camera face powder, just to knock down shine on a daily basis? Neutrogena Rice Powder. On camera I prefer the e.l.f. HD Powder.

Nars Orgasm/Laguna Blush/Contour Duo. And sometimes, you just want the Orgasm. Yeah. I went there.
Product Info: http://www.uniquemonique.com/2016/04/

Mascara is L’Oreal Voluminous Extra Volume in Carbon Black.
Product Info: http://www.uniquemonique.com/2016/04/
Monique Parent is a Hollywood actress who has been in the biz for 25 years. UniqueMonique is not just her brand but also her view of life! We all deserve to be unique and to celebrate our individuality!

























Kettlewell colours: Autumn

Warms and Cools

Orange’s a Warm color. Blue is cool. That is what we learnt at school. 

But any color can be cool or warm.

On Youtube I came over this video explaining the diffrence.


Says: ”The cool side of the Color Wheel
Is Any Color Plus Blue”


”The warm side of the Color Wheel
is Any Color Plus Gold”.



Shades of Medium Brown or Black to Auburn considered deep/dark. This is Autumn hair.

A model who’s hair is Strawberry blonde is both Warm and Light. She is a Spring.


Colors for ”that” Season?


From Truth is Beauty. Rachel  Arnt-Schemmel  lists these colors as typical for the color seasons she names.

If you cannot wear this and that color, then you are not this and that color season.

Well, guess it is entirely personal, which colors in any season is good for you or not!

A funny game, here. Put the arrow to mark any of the color squares and see how it changes.

Picture Hot Pink -for Clear Springs.

When marked, changes to blue violet

Picture Warm medium Violet – Picture

for Dark Autumns. Nathalie Portman illustrates – but what is the likeness between the violet square and the color of Portmans dress? Would rather see this bright fuchsia on a Bright Winter! When marked, changes to Violet Blue

Picture Rich Burgundy – for Warm Autumn. When marked – changes to Dark Blue.

Picture Cocoa brown for Soft Summer. When marked – changes to Medium Dark blue.

Picture Light olive khaki – for Light Spring. When marked – changes to Medium Light Blue.

Picture Light Pinky Coral – for Light Summer. A color I cannot bear to wear. Thus am not a Light summer. When marked – changes to Dark Lilac.


Picture Dusty medium Blue – for Soft Autumn. This blue – when marked Remains a Blue – but becomes Brighter.

Picture Bright blue – for True Spring – does not look so bright, after all….And when marked – still is blue, but also becomes brighter. Funny. Must mean those blue colors are very near pure blues without any other colors mixed in!

Picture Mint Green – for True Summer. Mint a color that’as changed.  And when marked becomes blue too, but feels a bit warmer. Like warm dark Sky blue.

Picture Lime – for Clear Winter. Bright! But this is a Bright lime. Neon lime. Other versions of lime for other Seasons.  When marked – Medium Bluish Green that rather looks quite near the Mint color above.

Picture Clear Lemon Yellow – for True Winter. Oh. This color square gets Grey when marked!

 Goldenrod – for Dark Winter. Take a better look at Picturethis lady, Penelope Cruz ‘s her name as if you didnt’t know! Marking this dress puts a grey shadow on at turns it Pale Greyish Yellow.




Changing Colors with Controls—and Comments


Finally! Have just found what I’ve been looking for when it comes to describing colors’ dimension. It’s this website Martin and Irena  inform us of the various subseasons and illustrates examples by 12 different pictures of controls: for light to dark, bright to muted and warm to cold color properties for each subseason. By using controls like this: 12-seasons-color-analysis-warm-spring

I would have wanted the controls to be moveable and a possibility to choose true colors to be changed with the controls. But they are static, so no!

Secondly, I do not agree with  Martin and Irena about the positioning of every control. They are set very subjectively on their part. For instance, I don’t think the Autumns description as dark, warm and soft is always THAT dark. I think there is room for very much individual differences. Same with all the other properties: light – dark, muted – bright, warm – cool, there’s room for much diversity within the ranges.

Martin/Irena do throw in a disclaimer, though: ”As stated above one word of warning, this rough typography will only work about 25% of the time. Most people are not as clear cut and sticking with only the 4 types will mean you miss out on some colors you could have in your wardrobe!”

In case you want to skip straight to the seasonal color quiz please just follow the link.

Introduction: 4 season color analysis basics

Table of Contents [hide]

  • Seasonal Color types: theoretical background
    • Color saturation: bright vs. muted—An easy way to think of this characteristic is by imagining adding grey to a color. A completely pure color (100% saturation) means there is no grey element whatsoever. An example of this is bright red. On the other end of the spectrum you have a color so muted there is no color left. A color with 0% saturation is

basically just a medium grey.


No grey added.                               Base. Look greyer, or?                 Grey added.

(could also be toned with browns)

Color lightness: dark vs. light

This characteristic is very similar to the saturation characteristic we just discussed. Instead of grey however we are adding black or white to a color.

The extremes in this case are a pure black or a pure white color.


A clear pure red. Post says orange. Tinted by white………………..Shaded by black.

Color temperature: warm vs. cool—————————————————–


Bringing it all together

Applying this to the seasonal color analysis

How do I find my sub-season?

Seasonal color online quiz

STEP 1: Do you have a light or dark coloring?

STEP 2: Do you have a warm or a cool coloring?

STEP 3: Identifying your sub-season


When you have played with the quiz on please take a look at the controls being showed. How many more possibilities of color types can you find? For instance, between the two Brights – Winter and Spring? Between the Muteds – Summer and Autumn? Between the warms, the cools, the lights and the darks?

Are there any possibilites between light and dark, muted and bright, warm and cools?

Seasonal color analysis results – Spring

Bright Springbright-spring-color-season

Light Spring12-seasons-color-analysis-light-spring

Warm Spring12-seasons-color-analysis-warm-spring

Seasonal color analysis results – Summer

Cold Summer12-seasons-color-analysis-cold-summer

Light Summer12-seasons-color-analysis-light-summer

Muted Summer12-seasons-color-analysis-muted-summer

Seasonal color analysis results – Autumn

Warm Autumn12-seasons-color-analysis-warm-autumn

Dark Autumn12-seasons-color-analysis-dark-autumn

Muted Autumn12-seasons-color-analysis-muted-autumn

Soft autumns have low facial contrast. This means light hair colors pretty close to the skin tone.

Seasonal color analysis results – Winter

Muted Autumn

The last autumn sub season is the muted autumn. The season is defined by the low contrast which means bright and clear colors should be avoided.

Muted autumns have blond to medium brown hair, the lightest of all autumns. The skin is a neutral beige and even the eyes should be of light or greyish colors.

In terms of colors you should aim for a high amount of grey mixed in your colors. The colors should be overall dark with warm undertones. You can wear both gold and






Fair to Light Skintones: Alabaster

This beautiful girl came up among the Google pictures for ”alabaster skin”.  At first glance I saw her skintone’s just like my own. Could be a diffrence, though, depending on how good my screen is on correctly showing colors.Minty

By the way, some definitions of alabaster white color:

First an alabaster goddess – or woman:

Bildresultat för alabaster

She looks surely White. This is My kind of Whiteness. Alabaster skin said to be ”very pale white and translucent. See Nicole Kidman for a comparison. As you can see, diffrent lights seem to change her complexion color:




    Test Your Skintone Temprature at Stylecaster


    At Stylecaster.com, I found this handy picture for testing if your skintone is warm or cool.

    For testing, put your hand over the garments one at the time. Or you can choose to lay your underarm against a whole row of them. See how the colors match yours.

    There are five garments per row, so I give them numbers 1 to 5. And there are 12 rows, 6 rows for cools, and remaining 6 rows for warm toned persons.

    Don’t knowing the color names, I choose to mark each garment with a number. So:

    Skirt furthest left in top row: 1:1, shorts furthest right, top row: 1:5

    Sweater in middle of second row: 2:3 and so on.

    Now is my turn to check how colors suits my coloring:

    First of all, the skirts in very light, tinted colours, don’t suit me at all. Neither the warm, nor the cool hues. They’re all pastels, unfortunately.

    Best cool-toneds for me are, at upper row: 1:3 and 1:4 – not easy to see color of shorts 1:6, but I don’t think dark-dark green works for me at all.

    Cool colours second row: 2:1 and 2:2 – hopeless! The turquioise sweater too strong a color.  A stong cool sea-green.  But I can pull of the blouse at 2:5, it looks a bit teal – petrol. The shorts in between dark green and dark blue probably better than dark-dark green.

    Cools third row: t-shirt 3:2 looks electric lilac against my skin. Beside, at 3:3 there is a pullover with strongest possible blue. My skin looks harsh against this blue which seems to be bright prussian blue – or berlin blue, a blue modern during the late middle ages, see paintings from that era. Has been very in vogue in later years under the designation …… .

    Beside the prussian blue, a more subdued blue at 3:5 which I absolutely can wear. It’s lending against marin – or navy ‘ really, I do not know the diffrence between navy and marine!

    Cool row n:o 4. Lilac and Purple tones.  At 4:2 lilac t-shirt too pale for me and the tone is not right either. More for me is 4:3, the sweater in  a lilac of more medium valor. Neighbored by 4:4, a subdued dark version looking almost burgundy and a no-no what my skin tone is concerned. Shorts in this row not good either.

    Cool row 5: tuning in to more purplish / cerise tones. None of these will do.

    Cool row 6: here comes the redder tones. None of these.

    Result Cool colors: can wear 1:3, 1:4, 2:5, 3:5, 4:3, that is four colors. 


    Now to Warm row 1=row 7: (skirts are all excluded). 7: 2 a coral rose t-shirt which color I don’t feel at home in at all. 7:3 orange red sweater is perfect, whilst the blouse at 7:4 is not. Nor are the shorts, too orangey brown, not for me.

    Warm row 2=row 8: to the peaches/apricots/oranges – t-shirt at 8:2 a good color but alas too pale for me. Garments on 8:3, orange pullover, and 8:4  subdued red orange blouse, perfect. Shorts at 2:5 gets the same critic as those at 1:5.

    Warm row 3=row 9.  T-shirt at 9:2 is, again, too pale. 9:3 pullover in mustard yellow is excellent. As is the orange blouse at 9:4.  Shorts at 9:5 still too dark and orangey brown.

    Warm row 4=row 10: no to yellow t-shirt at 10:2. And don’t think I can wear the sweater at 10:3, being a kind of yellow I’m not at all sure of.  But the mustard shirt at 10:4 I should certainly want to try some time. 10:5 those shorts are lighter, but still dark, and still too orangey.

    Warm row 5=row 11. Here come the limes and yellow greens.  Lime sweater at 11:3 looks better than I thought.  And I say yes to the olive colored blouse at 11:4.

    Last warm row 6=row 12. The garments at 12:1-3 are either too pale or too bright. So that leaves me with the warm green blouse at 12:4. Shorts at 12:5 to be excluded.

    Result: Warm colors – 7:3, 8:3, 8:4, 9:3, 9:4, 10:4, 11:3, 11:4, 12:4.  That is 9 colors.

    Nine warm colors, four cools.







    Palette from Threadstudio.com

    Here a palette with a few colors:

    Colour chart and projects information.

    Row 1 colours: Sun yellow, Golden yellow, Bright orange, Salmon, Scarlet.
    Row 2 colours: Brilliant red, Cranberry red, Hot fuschia, Magenta, Claret.
    Row 3 colours: Violet, Periwinkle, Turquoise, Azure blue, Cerulean blue.
    Row 4 colours: Midnight blue, Teal, Chartreuse, Bright green, Emerald green.
    Row 5 colours: Brass, Sulphur green, Ecru, Ochre, Brick.
    Row 6 colours: Brown, Burnt umber, Pewter, Black, White.