Toned Seasons

Pure Seasons——(slightly) wearing the pure color

Tinted Seasons —(slightly) tinted with white

Shaded Seasons–(slightly) shaded with black

Toned Seasons -(slightly) toned with grey…..This according to Lora at Pretty Your World!  Lora is the one who stressed ”slightly” – so the diffrence between a pure and a tinted or toned or shaded color could be very subtile – or they could, of course be more distinct.

What about toned with brown? I wonder.

There would be four main choices of toning a color, as I see it.

Anyway 2 subseasons of toned:

  1. toned with warm grey —a grey that would be Warmly yellowish, golden, orangey
  2. toned with cool grey —-a grey that would be coolish pink/rose, blueish

Or should it always be a neutral grey?

And could not each of these tonings be valued from light to dark?

A light to dark scale which is beside the value scale of the color itself?

Must you not consider this: the value of the toning color (grey or brown) ought to be the same value as the color itself.

Guess it would look off, else: for instance: a tinted rose, toned with a dark grey? Wonder what that would look like. Had I paint colors here and paper, I could try to obtain it. But no, it doesn’t seem right.

What about a pure red you tint not with white, but with a very light pink? That only means the light pink is tinted with the white, so the white tint comes in anyway.

More about this on Firefly Space. They say every hue – i.e. pure color, could be tinted, toned or shaded. BEFORE mixing two hues.

What artists do with tinting, shading and toning: they tint pure colors to get more ”body” and also to stress focal points. Eye are drawn towards white and to light colors as a rule. If not the whole picture painted with pastels! They often avoid to shade pure colors as this combination as too much of black can ruin the original hue. But toning, on the contrary, is used very often. Small amounts of grey in paint mixtues are often used by artists to finish the value and intensity.

Toning: A tone is softer than the original color. A Tone is created by adding both White and Black which is grey. Any color that is “greyed down” is considered a Tone.

Almost every color we see in our day-to-day world has been toned either a little or a lot. This makes for Tones are subtle and sophisticated, more appealing and eye-pleasing.

Colors lightened with white are called Tints, and are basically the Pastells. From an extremely pale, nearly white to a barely tinted pure hue.



Shading goes from an extremely dark, nearly black to a barely shaded pure hue.

Most artists use black sparingly because it can quickly destroy your main color. Some artists prefer not to use it at all. Instead they understand the rules of color well enough to make their own black mixtures. (Chara: for instance dark blue with a dark brown)




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