Sophisticated Redhead

This sophisticated red found on an  homepage of one of the very largest hair color producers. Which one? I do not find it now. I would die to have that color and those locks. Would by as a wig if I could afford it.

As my hair goes paler and thinner, am pondering a wig. Mourning sooo much my warm soft brownish red fading away! Thought would  color with some brownish orange, but golden brown will do for now. Have a dark golden brown and a light golden brown, so will be using one of those soon.

Maybe I’ll color for now and then save money to buy a wig later! This feels like the best choice and make me feel lighter at heart.

By the way, a good tip for buying wigs is to spend money on a real one. Real hair wigs you can treat like your own hair. Wash it, style it, put lotions and creams in it, cut it – if you will.  But I should not go near any scissors if I had one I was really contented with. That case, better start saving to some other one, if you want to change coiffeures!

I very much warn against wigs made of synthetics. They are cheaper, but first and foremost they can be unbearably warm. My sister, deceased since 1989, bought a wig when her hair fell off because of cancer treatments. She said she could not afford a real one, so bought one cheap synthetic. But could not stand wearing it as she went too warm and then choose to be bald headed till her hair began to grow again.

Secondly, read a page yesterday, stating the synthetic wigs: cannot be washed, cannot be treated in anyway for styling. Really wortless. Ok, cheap, can afford more than one. But why spend money on trash you’ll have to throw away when they get dirty because cannot wash’em!  A real wig is quite expensive, but they last much longer.

Other good wig tip: wig will stay better put if the band that holds it put goes all way round your head. Measure your head circumference. Myself I have 58 centimeters. Most head wear, now talking hats and such, that is so called ”one size” will only go up to 57 cms, so you’ld better measure if you’re not sure a ”one size” is for you.




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