Color Apps

Downloaded some apps to try in my smartphone.

Some better than the others. Will try and comment

on them here:


Modiface Makeup – Traditional looking makeover tool. Some photos to choose from or you can upload your own. Which I did.

You can makeup eyes, lips, face and recolor hair. Choose a few looks and hairstyles – not

many, though. Is to begin with. Not enough choices.

When clicking a look color splots appear on the screen. You move your face down and

up in the Oval and suddenly the splots are captured by your eyes and lips.

Funny. But strong colors mostly for school girls.

Skin tone not right in the mirror. It looks greyish pink. Makeup splots are bright

n does not look natural against that fond.


Makeup Genius – commercial tool from l’Oréal.  Opens an oval space on the tele screen

a mirror where to put your face.  Scan face then pop up Looks. They want you to choose among those and when you press a look, the products used in this look comes to forward.

As I did not like any of the looks so much, this was nothing for me.

Found some makeup colors that suited me, though. But doubt if they look

as good on me here as they did on my phone screen!


Makeup Mirror: At once metamorphoses screen into a mirror. Face tone looks

cold and greyish purple-rose. Yack!!  You can lighten n darken the light, and

magnify-minify your face in the mirror. Press the Snowflake to freeze picture.

Possible to change face by adding a row of filters. For fun. Kids could like.

No good for taking photos.


MakeupPlus.  Immediately opens your photo album and shows your pics.

Choose from some filter looks and/or test makeup on your photo. This

app delighted me. Enough possibilities of choice.


MakeupWizard is an app from Oriflame. Some looks to choose from,

but I prefer to work with my own face in the Oval mirror window.

Take one look and splashes of color emerge in the mirror. You pick

them up by nodding and lifting your face.  Take photo on which you

will be able to test some – not all – of Oriflames’ products.

Promising app that can be better!


ON ColorMeasure. You can either take a selfie or catch another pic. from the Gallery.

Photo of quite high quality mimics my natural coloring well.  Move the straw cross with a finger around the picture. Down the screen there emerges to the left a quad showing the color of the middle of the showing-mark. The RGB values. And the Name of the Color!

This is superduper! This little app finds any color hidden in my light skin tone, eyes and lips.

Hair: Brown. BrownBramble. IrishCoffee. Potters Clay. Orange-looks very browned. Fallow brown=light, sanddrift brown=light. Yellowish brown. Barley Corn. Sepia Brown. Baker’s choclate. Dark choclate.

Naural brows: Yellowish brown -very light. Light wood.

Eyes: Havana brown. Willow grey. Dark grey. Mortar grey. Irish coffee. Lunar green. Charcoal grey. Dark grey. Dim grey. Silver. Bole brown.

Forehead: Yellowish brown-very light.  Wheat. Pale Goldenrod. Light pink. Silk brown. Fallow brown. Sanddrift brown. Brandy rose. Light wood.

Eye area: Brandy rose. Light wood. Rosy brown. Light pink. Careys pink. Yellowish brown.  Havana brown. Irish coffee. Barossa violet at tearducts. Bole brown. Sepia brown. Wheat. Pale goldenrod.









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