Get your Skintone

I went to Kicks, a makeup shop chain in Sweden, to get my skin tone code. They make it thus. With a little gearsteg 1 they point on three places of your face and so get a skin tone code with which you can buy the foundations that match your skin color.

I have done it twice. First time the shop assistant measured on three points of my cheeks, which are often red, and very red then, because I had been walking briskly in town. The result thus became fawlty as I am more yellow/golden basically. But may obviously be useful for choosing a blushing shade. So yesterday I did a test again in another shop of the chain, c and told her not to measure where I was reddish. She then measured at three points on the neck and the color I was matched to was a Max Factor somewhat number 55. I found out this color’s name is Buff Beige, which sounds perfectly allright. Buff being a color I look good in.

From Youtube comes this video, with Alice Red putting on foundation:


Here are some women with fair to light complexions and the foundation colors that suits them.

L’Oréal True Match Beige Buff N4Buff Beige

L’Oréal True Match N1True Match Soft Ivory

N1 a very Neutral Light. She is golden and peachy in tone.

Classic Ivory

L’Oréal True Match  Classic Ivory N2. Woman not as golden, but more matte skin.

Classic Ivory

L’Oréal True Match Natural Buff N3

Natural Buff

L’Oreal True Match C1 Alabaster — Cool tone and very very pale.Alabaster

L’Oréal True Match C2 Natural Ivory .  Also for cold toned women.Natural Ivory

L’Oréal True Match W1 Porcelaine   A warmish light color on the foundation. Her flecks are warm brown.Porcelain

L’Oréal True Match W2 Light Ivory. She is warm under the reddish cast.

Light Ivory


L’Oréal True Match W3 Nude Beige. Also warm but not as light.

Guess we have an Autumn here.

sheNude Beige



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