What I’ve been Looking for

These kinds of diagrams with movable ….s is precisely what I’ve been looking for. (Although those below are NOT movable.)

Everyone has a personal and specific pattern on such a movable diagram.

It seems questonnaries on what season one is most often asks: one or the other;

light OR dark, muted OR clear, warm OR cold.

But it definitely is NOT that easy. You can be either of them, OR somewhere

in between. As these little diagrams show.

A Light can have her ……. in the middle of the line, being a little lighter

than the dark part thereof. She can be 2/3 into the light half, 3/4 into

it, 1/4 or 1/5 into it, anyplace into the light half really. The lighter

she is, the more to the left her ………… is placed.

And so with darkness: any place on the dark side of the line. And

will be darker the more to the right.

This applies to all of the color categories, seen in the diagrams.

Light to dark, warm to cold, bright to muted,


Diffrent states of light, dark, bright, muted, cold, warm.

This makes the color analysis results personal,

not that every light, dark, warm etc is the same.


Following comes from Style 24/7 Style Made Easy.





The second “light” season in the seasonal color analysis is Summer. You can see in the color wheel to the left that it is almost the complete opposite of the spring season.




Light summers are more flexible on saturation and temperature as long as all colors are light.



Warm autumns share some colors with the warm spring so they can wear fairly light colors for an autumn season.

that this seasons borders to the warm spring so some lighter colors like cream, beige and coral are OK. As a predominantly warm type you should avoid silver and stick to gold for your accessories.


The dark autumn is one of the seasons that actually has black in its palette. Due to the high facial contrast and very dark hair black actually looks good and not out of place for a dark autumn. On the lighter side this season should avoid white and rather wear cream

Due to the high contrast your wardrobe should feature darker colors. We mentioned black already, dark green and blue (think navy blue)  are also your friends. The autumn as a warm season can have many orange and red tones but again they should be on the darker side like a dark terracotta.


Soft autumns have low facial contrast. This means light hair colors pretty close to the skin tone.



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