Unlocking Your Color Code by Marilyn Starr Harris

Marilyn Starr Harris has written the book ”Unlocking Your Color Code”. Her system is to analysing people in 6 color groups. Upper 3 are the cool groups, for what I can see.  Next three are warms. I also see both groups ranging from light via medium to dark. For redblondes-reds, I keep to the groups beneath.

Youtubevideos with Marilyn Starr Harris:

6:38   fromMyBeautyCode

EP-14 Color Drapes: Unlock Your Color Code  Marilyn demonstrating drapes

In this video Marilyn Starr Harris tells us about color: there are steps. Introducing the Color Shopping Guide and the Color Plan. Our colors consist of three colors: Red – Yellow – Blue. Always! she says.

(Well, this can be true – as the other colors are mixtures of these: Yellow+Red=Orange. Red+Blue=Purple. Blue+Yellow=Green.)

Continuing: Different people looks best in either yellow or red or blue. ”And then it splits from there.”

The page she is holding up teaches us a bit on contrast colors. Contrast color of red is green. This is why Red baubles is so visible in a christmas tree. Blue baubles seem to sink into the green, not so easy to see.  Contrast of yellow is blue. So guess blue dresses a yellow/ivory skin better than other colors. (Must add that these blues, reds and yellows she mentions in the video are the neutral ones. There are warmer and cooler versions of each. As she says: ”And then it splits from there.

 Mix light of yellow, red and blue and you’ll get white light. You can know your perfect place in the spectrum of light. ”What we are doing at the ”Science of Color” is to use light to bring Your particular pigment code: your particular composition of Red, Yellow and Blue. Into the balance of White Light. 

Demonstrating: Put yellow-red-blue over each other and send a ray of white light straight through – then you’ll get white light at the other end, too. She compares the Customer’s pigment combo with the YRB-combo.  ”We’re putting those specific colors On You that bring You into balance of white light.” These colors are those that make you radiant! And makes you glow of natural health.

And What is Unique and Special with These Color Drapes is:

(She does not mention the colors of the drape sets. Color names added by me, as the colors appreciated by me.)

Yellow Orange drape set: will Subtract Red, Add Yellow, Multiply Blue.

Red Orange drape set: ?

Turquoise-Blue drape set: Will Subtract Blue, Add Yellow, Multiply Red.

Yellow Green drape set: Will Subtract Yellow, Add Blue, Multiply Red.

Blue Purple -? drape set: Will subtract Blue,  Add Red, Multiply Yellow

Red Purple drape set: ”Will Subtract Red, Add Yellow, Multiply Blue

After showing the drape sets, she talks of her own color combinations and the undertones that suits her. For instance, the orange red not right, but the blue red ”Brings me into the balance of light.”


Continued from Part 1: Juleen is shown around the color wheel, draped in all of the 6 Color Collections

Chara commenting: First a Before and After photo of Brook. The wrong color photo shows Brooke in a light blue. Her face looks beige-yellow and the background a warm grey. The After:  her skin color is totally different, rose-red. Should it be like this? As her dominant pigment is yellow….

Then we see Julianne performing in her new coloring. RedOrange color type, she’s wearing a copper brown dress with a short pale yellow cardigan tied under her bossom. Apparently, she is a kind of Autumn. But not My kind, obviously.

Chara: You must ask yourself: Which color do I want to subract from my face, which color do I want to add (a little of) as Multiplying surely also is an Addition!

EP-10 Part 1of2 Brooke’s YellowOrange Color Makeover


EP-11 Part 2of2 Brooke’s YellowOrange Color Makeover

Brook is showing her new coloring: she wears an orange jacket and her trousers are soft golden beige. Think I maybe could pull off those colors, but not sure of the nuances. She has an ivory yellow blouse. Then another outfit that made me go ”Wow!!” A soft moss green dress and cardigan with a silky shine that would look absolutely stunning on me. But the thing she holds in her hand, a red and white patterned something is surely not for me. Anyway. When seeing the YellowOrange drapeset on her, I can’t but regret that one of the colors in that drapeset, the third from the left is too sharp for me. The others seem good enough. The yellow looks buff, which is very good.

Marilyn S.H. comparing different reds – RedOrange – looks pretty good on Brooke, but is more subdued and steels light. While the YellowOrange brings light and make her sparkle.

YellowGreen – puts to much light on her face. This bright lime is an abhorring hue on me. As well as bright lemon yellow. The second color in the drape, wonder how identical it looks on my computer screen, it looks moss green to me and a color I’d like to have in my personal wheel. But is it, really? Look like matching the yellow in the YellowOrange drape. Am I wrong?

BlueGreen – first drape looks turquoise or aqua. What is the difference. Says Marilyn SH: these were made for blondes, colors not rich enough for Brooke.

BluePurple — does not work at all. Brings out the red in Brooke’s face.

RedPurple would work, says Marilyn, for a brunette like Catherine Zeta Jones.

Red, A propos which I wonder: when my cheeks are red from being out in the fresh air and being warm from having made a brisk walk, then I look healthy glowing. Why should I try to reduce that red? No, I won’t. Guess it’s the overall red undertones in the face. That red is brought forward if I dress in bluegreen. Which is why I had to return some tops that looked soft olive in a clothing catalogue. They made me look red and mattified my face.

Brooke is with her Mother Janet. Marilyn says this is interesting, because you’re Both in the YellowOrange, but You (Janet) are on the Top (what is meant by that?) And you (Brooke) are on the Bottom: deeper, darker, richer.

Brooke has a predominance of Yellow in her skin set up proportion red, weakest proportion Blue. So the colors we use on her ought to Subtract from her dominant: Yellow, Add to her Red and  Multiply her Blue. That brings her pigment code into balance and make Her glow. It’s a principle of science, ”Color Science”.

Why add to red when to much red is not desired?





Let’s forget the cool seasons for now. Because this blog is dedicated to ladies of warmth, isn’t it? So, if a redhead (I count also redblondes to this group), which gemstone are you? A Peridot? A Topaz? Or a Garnet?

latest fashion trends for womenlatest fashion trends for womenlatest fashion trends for women

Here’s a division I noticed. Contrast coloring. 

Blue Green contrasting to Yellow Red that is Orange 

Blue Purple contrasting to Yellow Lime

Red Purple contrasting to Green Lime

latest fashion trends for womenbeauty codebeauty code

Here’s how the gemstone types place on the color wheel: 



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