Makeup Tutorial for Mature Skin

Glowing,Youthful Day MakeUp Tutorial For Mature Skin

This lady probably lay too much in the sun in her younger years.  This tutorial is from Lisa Eldridge.

Interesting to see how she uses the brushes. Only that is a tutorial in itself.

Products recommended in video:

Look into the Brands mentioned and look up the colors suitable for people with same red hair shade you have!

First and foremost, Lisa uses BOBBI BROWN MOISTURIZING BALM, LIGHT-MEDIUM … Doesn’t stick in any lines and easy to apply with fingers or recommended: No 7 FOUNDATION BRUSH. Lisa applies first with brush, then smoothening it out with thumb. I get surprised at how she draws and pulls the skin, thought that was a no-no on age-softed skin. I dare not pull my own, especially not the eye area. But let’s continue!

RIMMEL WAKE-ME-UP CONCEALER, IVORY 010. MAC 217 BRUSH. Only small amount and gently because this skin is mature and sensitive. On the inner eye corner and under eye.

MAX FACTOR MIRACLE TOUCH BLUSH – Lisa uses Soft Cardinal 18 which is a cool pink in the jar. But use whatever color you prefer. I shouldn’t use that cool rouge, never. Let’s see what colors there are…..She applies with her thumb again mixing it with the Moisturizing Balm.


BRUSH: DOOMED EYELINER SABLE. With a very tiny brush she covers the catclaw scratch and brown spots. For this CLEARASILE correction stick works equally well. But the brush comes in handy, I think.

For Eyes – CLINIQUE LID SMOOTHIE -CURRANT AFFAIR 11, which Lisa applies holding the eyebrow up with one finger and smothing color out on lid with two others. Says: When you get older you’ll need MORE color on eyes, not less. Defining Makeup that gives Definition not only on eyes, but for whole face.  Color

No 7: STAY PERFECT EYESHADOW PALETTE – CAPPUCINO 30. On outher third or fourth of the lid.

For Eyeliner: L’OREAL INFALLIBLE STYLO EYELINER – GREY OBSESSION. A dark grey. Fine line. She circles the line into between the lashes’ roots.

She bends the fringes with an Eyelash curler. I’ve read you should not bend them after bringing on the mascara, as the fringes could break. SHUE EUMURA EYELASH CURLERS.












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