Tightlining videos….comparing haircolors

Choose this video guide on tightlining by Melissa is obviously a warm season. I’d say she’s an Autumn.

Because she’s about to become a redhead, she really fit into this blog!

Her hair color looks very natural soft red, but maybe she has dyed it, cause she has cooler strokes swept backwards from her forehead. Look closely at her hair color. You probably would call her a strawberry blonde, and so be it. But first impression is not really red, but rather a medium brown warmed up by red pigments. Her face color is a strong golden. Maybe this hue is due to the lamplight indoors and her locks would have a slightly diffrent color when outdoors when sun shining.

Here’s another tightlining video, this time from PopSugar.  Kirbie Johnson’s our guide. As you can see Kirbie too is leaning a bit on red, but neither she is a real redhead. She is what I should call a golden strawberry. She is clearly very golden – I’d rather call her a golden than a blonde, blonde hair is more kinda yellow. Springs to mind: Goldenlock and the three bears. And amongst all that golden – not yellow, mind you, there are lashings of red pigments. Making her a golden leaning towards strawberry.



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