Colors for ”that” Season?


From Truth is Beauty. Rachel  Arnt-Schemmel  lists these colors as typical for the color seasons she names.

If you cannot wear this and that color, then you are not this and that color season.

Well, guess it is entirely personal, which colors in any season is good for you or not!

A funny game, here. Put the arrow to mark any of the color squares and see how it changes.

Picture Hot Pink -for Clear Springs.

When marked, changes to blue violet

Picture Warm medium Violet – Picture

for Dark Autumns. Nathalie Portman illustrates – but what is the likeness between the violet square and the color of Portmans dress? Would rather see this bright fuchsia on a Bright Winter! When marked, changes to Violet Blue

Picture Rich Burgundy – for Warm Autumn. When marked – changes to Dark Blue.

Picture Cocoa brown for Soft Summer. When marked – changes to Medium Dark blue.

Picture Light olive khaki – for Light Spring. When marked – changes to Medium Light Blue.

Picture Light Pinky Coral – for Light Summer. A color I cannot bear to wear. Thus am not a Light summer. When marked – changes to Dark Lilac.


Picture Dusty medium Blue – for Soft Autumn. This blue – when marked Remains a Blue – but becomes Brighter.

Picture Bright blue – for True Spring – does not look so bright, after all….And when marked – still is blue, but also becomes brighter. Funny. Must mean those blue colors are very near pure blues without any other colors mixed in!

Picture Mint Green – for True Summer. Mint a color that’as changed.  And when marked becomes blue too, but feels a bit warmer. Like warm dark Sky blue.

Picture Lime – for Clear Winter. Bright! But this is a Bright lime. Neon lime. Other versions of lime for other Seasons.  When marked – Medium Bluish Green that rather looks quite near the Mint color above.

Picture Clear Lemon Yellow – for True Winter. Oh. This color square gets Grey when marked!

 Goldenrod – for Dark Winter. Take a better look at Picturethis lady, Penelope Cruz ‘s her name as if you didnt’t know! Marking this dress puts a grey shadow on at turns it Pale Greyish Yellow.






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