Changing Colors with Controls—and Comments


Finally! Have just found what I’ve been looking for when it comes to describing colors’ dimension. It’s this website Martin and Irena  inform us of the various subseasons and illustrates examples by 12 different pictures of controls: for light to dark, bright to muted and warm to cold color properties for each subseason. By using controls like this: 12-seasons-color-analysis-warm-spring

I would have wanted the controls to be moveable and a possibility to choose true colors to be changed with the controls. But they are static, so no!

Secondly, I do not agree with  Martin and Irena about the positioning of every control. They are set very subjectively on their part. For instance, I don’t think the Autumns description as dark, warm and soft is always THAT dark. I think there is room for very much individual differences. Same with all the other properties: light – dark, muted – bright, warm – cool, there’s room for much diversity within the ranges.

Martin/Irena do throw in a disclaimer, though: ”As stated above one word of warning, this rough typography will only work about 25% of the time. Most people are not as clear cut and sticking with only the 4 types will mean you miss out on some colors you could have in your wardrobe!”

In case you want to skip straight to the seasonal color quiz please just follow the link.

Introduction: 4 season color analysis basics

Table of Contents [hide]

  • Seasonal Color types: theoretical background
    • Color saturation: bright vs. muted—An easy way to think of this characteristic is by imagining adding grey to a color. A completely pure color (100% saturation) means there is no grey element whatsoever. An example of this is bright red. On the other end of the spectrum you have a color so muted there is no color left. A color with 0% saturation is

basically just a medium grey.


No grey added.                               Base. Look greyer, or?                 Grey added.

(could also be toned with browns)

Color lightness: dark vs. light

This characteristic is very similar to the saturation characteristic we just discussed. Instead of grey however we are adding black or white to a color.

The extremes in this case are a pure black or a pure white color.


A clear pure red. Post says orange. Tinted by white………………..Shaded by black.

Color temperature: warm vs. cool—————————————————–


Bringing it all together

Applying this to the seasonal color analysis

How do I find my sub-season?

Seasonal color online quiz

STEP 1: Do you have a light or dark coloring?

STEP 2: Do you have a warm or a cool coloring?

STEP 3: Identifying your sub-season


When you have played with the quiz on please take a look at the controls being showed. How many more possibilities of color types can you find? For instance, between the two Brights – Winter and Spring? Between the Muteds – Summer and Autumn? Between the warms, the cools, the lights and the darks?

Are there any possibilites between light and dark, muted and bright, warm and cools?

Seasonal color analysis results – Spring

Bright Springbright-spring-color-season

Light Spring12-seasons-color-analysis-light-spring

Warm Spring12-seasons-color-analysis-warm-spring

Seasonal color analysis results – Summer

Cold Summer12-seasons-color-analysis-cold-summer

Light Summer12-seasons-color-analysis-light-summer

Muted Summer12-seasons-color-analysis-muted-summer

Seasonal color analysis results – Autumn

Warm Autumn12-seasons-color-analysis-warm-autumn

Dark Autumn12-seasons-color-analysis-dark-autumn

Muted Autumn12-seasons-color-analysis-muted-autumn

Soft autumns have low facial contrast. This means light hair colors pretty close to the skin tone.

Seasonal color analysis results – Winter

Muted Autumn

The last autumn sub season is the muted autumn. The season is defined by the low contrast which means bright and clear colors should be avoided.

Muted autumns have blond to medium brown hair, the lightest of all autumns. The skin is a neutral beige and even the eyes should be of light or greyish colors.

In terms of colors you should aim for a high amount of grey mixed in your colors. The colors should be overall dark with warm undertones. You can wear both gold and








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