Video on draping a red-haired Spring-Summer

Draping video here. Ireene Ritter with redhaired Betty. Not really red. What I see is a light golden honey with darker and lighter shadings. Observe the warm greenish cast on her hair! She also have small yellow flecks among her locks.

Ireene calls the dark shadows of Betty’s hair : charcoal. Really: think they look brown. It could be the color rendering of my computer. Eyebrows also charcoal, says Ireene.

Here is a telling picture from the video on Betty.


Ritter says the reason Betty’s eyes are green is because she has a red skin. Well, my eyes are both green and blue and turquoise and light brown and coffe – so my skin tone must be very complicated!

Red and green are complimentary colors, says Ireene. She says Betty was created ”a perfect complimentary balnance”. As we probably all are – with complimentay coloring balance!

Betty’s skin look medium strong buff or ochre. It is yellow but has much red in it, obviously.

Trying on color boards in red:  beginning with the brightest warm red color. (Ireene flapping the paper thin boards over – a very simple way to compare colors directly to the face of the analyst!), first bright red is warm, turning it, you can observe a short glimpse of orange. .  2. : burnt red. 3.  in between balanced red. 4. Cannot hear what she is saying. 5. Ah, you like that. 6. Then the red. 7. Then the cherry red.

Ireene continuing: That means that you are on the warm band of colors. And you need that lift … (Breakage in video)

…Talking of pink as suiting Betty. Continuing with red drapes. 8. Watermelon. 9. Zapping away an orangey. 10. A very light one salmon rose. Betty looks displeased. Ireene says it is good, though. I don’t think it’s good at all.  11. A whitish blue is too light says Ireene – as if the salmon rose weren’t!

She even has blue tones in her skin. Drape 12 being blue red brings out the blue in her skin. You already have blue tones in your skin so we don’t need any more.

Now back to watermelon. Betty keeps the makeup. Going away from blues and cool pinks.


Over to greens. Picking a clear medium green, calling it a lime, saying greens are wonderful complimenting Betty’s eyecolor.  This lime (i.e. a clear medium yellow green) is good for her skin. But the tone is too bright and takes up too much space.  She is basically light colored so doesn’t want to have so much space — her hair color is a bit softer, (light colored- she is medium I think!) She is a delicate. She wears the lime as accents, patterns and things. 2. Evergreen color – it looks brownish green. Good too. 3. Then she picks a blue drape (in the green family!) repeating Betty’s eyecolor. Then her eyes are greenish blue. To which the complimentary is reddish yellow – which is her buff/ocher toned skin! She looks absolutey stunning in that blue! Now were her eyes instead a bluish green the opposite colors to skin would be a bit diffrent, i.e. a yellowish red – leaning more to red or pink.

Ireene: your eyes are a bit bluer in the green family.





Text under video: ”Published on Jul 12, 2012

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