Colors and Lights

Colors look diffrent in shifting lights, have you noticed?

How do your own skin color appear, lit by various colors of light?

According to Color Analysis theory you should always test colors of makeup and clothes in as bright daylight as possible.

You should smear a line of foundation on your cheek line, or a bit of rouge, or lip color, and look in a mirror that allows you to see the result in sunshine outdoors.

In natural daylight you can spot the more easily what category of color type you belong to.

Secondly, please hold a white piece of paper to your face – also in broad daylight – to see if your skin turns pink, blue, apricot, golden or whatever.

Personally, when seeing myself outdoors, sunlight makes me look totally marble white. Alabaster, as it is also called.

But am I really that white. Or are the sun rays so bright that it makes my underlying coloring fade away? Probably.

Our house wall is a white tinge and when holding my underarm against it, I could see my skin has a golden/buffish/ockra yellow sheen. Almost an olive – guess that is why I can wear olive so well.

How can it look so diffrent? First, at our step, so pale and marbleish, like an ancient statue. And suddenly compared to a white wall a strong golden gleams through and conquer the pallor – but then dissappears again when taking the arm away from the white background.

Then this experience with my computer screen. The white background of the blog on  which I am writing is shining brightly – when I put my underarm against this shining screen – the side of arm that is turned towards me reveals all its real tones. They are even more high-powered than they were against the house wall.

I have written about this experience before. Wonder what colors of yours are revealed when you let your computer screen – white – be background to your own skin.)

Morninglight and eveninglight, dusk and dawn, also change the colors that are yours at noon.










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