Chara on Color Seasons


Now for discoveries I’ve made concerning  color seasons and how to divide them.

There are already the divisions between the Four Seasons, between the 12, and recently also the 16 subseasons.

This may well be. But have thought very much of HOW the seasons flow into one another, not only Warm-Warm, Cool-Cool, Light-Light, Clear-Clear and so on.

These flowings are so obvious. There are transitions not so clear to people which take place within the four seasons. We may take for instance the passage every color analyst knows, say from cold to warm as in Clear Winter to Clear Spring, or from cold to Warm represented by Soft Summer to Soft Autumn.

But there surely is a motion through the whole wheel of seasons – now I take the 12 season theory as an example. Question then will be about Where on the wheel a Person starts her journey creating a bridge to where the colors do not fit her anymore.

Then we must take the original Four seasons into consideration. Because this gets at, first and foremost, the flowings within those four categories.

SPRING – Clear to Warm to Light —-(preceeded by Bright Winter)Brighter to Lighter

SUMMER – Light to Cool to Soft——–(preceeded by Cool Winter) -Cooler to Softer

AUTUMN – Soft to Warm to Dark—-(preceeded by Soft Summer) – Softer to Bolder

WINTER – Dark to Cool to Clear —(preceeded by Dark Autumn) Darker to Brighter

Finding it would be conventient to pull a line straight through all the original seasons, dividing each in Two. Forget, for now, the partins of threes.

Now, what are the typical characteristics for the seasons?

Well, for Autumns it might be SOFT and BOLD. So, according to my thinking, there’s a flow within Autumn from Soft to Bold. We already have Soft Autumn with sister season Soft Summer. But let’s concentrate on Autumn. What does Warm Autumn do? First, let us establish that Dark Autumn carries the darkest AND the BOLDEST shades. Because Dark Autumns borders on Dark Winter, and Winters have the brightest colors.

Now the line straight through Autumn will stand straight in the middle of Warm Autumn. So Warm Autumn reaches to Soft in one Direction and to Bold at the other.

And mark all subseasons in the middle too, creating first and last parts.

Now an Autumn woman can have her flow beginning in Soft Summer via Soft Autumn into first part of Warm Autumn. Meaning she can pull of some cool softs, warm softs and warm autumn too, but not going too Bold.

She can flow from Soft Autumn part one over Warm Autumn into Dark Autum part one. This woman is all Autumn, wears only warms.  She can have soft colors, bolder colors, and all the intensities between.

Another girl’s color journey may start by Warm Autumn – first or second part can differ – and can wear some softs – which are often neutrals – and have a coloring strong enough to carry Dark Autumn colors and maybe som Cold Darks (Winter) too.

So you see this can be done with all the Seasons. Ask yourself: how can I name the both extremes in each color family? The borders of Autumn, f.i., I named Soft and Bold. Bold but not too Bright, as the Brights lie on other side Cool Winter.

What can we name the borders of Summer, Spring and Winter?

Summer suggestion: Light – Soft —main  border is middle of Cool Summer

Winter suggestion: Dark – Bright -main  border middle of Cool Winter

Spring suggestion: Bright to Light – main border middle of Warm Spring

And don’t forget the minor borders that divides each subseason in two.

Color season wheel traditionally goes: Clear-Clear-Warm-Light-Light-Cool-Soft-Soft-Warm-Dark-Dark-Cool-Clear-Clear and so on.

This I think ought to be adjusted. My suggestion:



Winter-Spring-SpringAutumn– Spring-Summer-Summer-Winter-Summer-Autumn-Autumn-Winter

This take the 12 subseasons into consideration but contra this division will then be that the Four originals do not automatically follow each other.

Well, this approach was maybe not so good. Best to stick with the old concept! But my idea could maybe be used in other circumstances.

Such as comparing Warm Spring with the three Autumns. Cool Summer with the Three Winters. Cool Winter with Summers. and so on.

The color temprature seasons – the cools and warms – are on opposite sides of the color season wheel. Putting them next to each other makes it easier to compare them.

Warm Autumn often compared with Warm Spring. But what about comparing Warm Spring with Soft Autumn. As Warm Spring is suggested to be soft too. This will be against the other Spring, clear and light. And how do Warm Spring meet with Dark Autumn?

Warm Spring being sister season of Autumn. But Autumns are three. So must be able to compare/contrast Warm Spring to each of the three Autumns!

These are my questions. And it goes for the other subseasons as well.






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