Test Your Skintone Temprature at Stylecaster


At Stylecaster.com, I found this handy picture for testing if your skintone is warm or cool.

For testing, put your hand over the garments one at the time. Or you can choose to lay your underarm against a whole row of them. See how the colors match yours.

There are five garments per row, so I give them numbers 1 to 5. And there are 12 rows, 6 rows for cools, and remaining 6 rows for warm toned persons.

Don’t knowing the color names, I choose to mark each garment with a number. So:

Skirt furthest left in top row: 1:1, shorts furthest right, top row: 1:5

Sweater in middle of second row: 2:3 and so on.

Now is my turn to check how colors suits my coloring:

First of all, the skirts in very light, tinted colours, don’t suit me at all. Neither the warm, nor the cool hues. They’re all pastels, unfortunately.

Best cool-toneds for me are, at upper row: 1:3 and 1:4 – not easy to see color of shorts 1:6, but I don’t think dark-dark green works for me at all.

Cool colours second row: 2:1 and 2:2 – hopeless! The turquioise sweater too strong a color.  A stong cool sea-green.  But I can pull of the blouse at 2:5, it looks a bit teal – petrol. The shorts in between dark green and dark blue probably better than dark-dark green.

Cools third row: t-shirt 3:2 looks electric lilac against my skin. Beside, at 3:3 there is a pullover with strongest possible blue. My skin looks harsh against this blue which seems to be bright prussian blue – or berlin blue, a blue modern during the late middle ages, see paintings from that era. Has been very in vogue in later years under the designation …… .

Beside the prussian blue, a more subdued blue at 3:5 which I absolutely can wear. It’s lending against marin – or navy ‘ really, I do not know the diffrence between navy and marine!

Cool row n:o 4. Lilac and Purple tones.  At 4:2 lilac t-shirt too pale for me and the tone is not right either. More for me is 4:3, the sweater in  a lilac of more medium valor. Neighbored by 4:4, a subdued dark version looking almost burgundy and a no-no what my skin tone is concerned. Shorts in this row not good either.

Cool row 5: tuning in to more purplish / cerise tones. None of these will do.

Cool row 6: here comes the redder tones. None of these.

Result Cool colors: can wear 1:3, 1:4, 2:5, 3:5, 4:3, that is four colors. 


Now to Warm row 1=row 7: (skirts are all excluded). 7: 2 a coral rose t-shirt which color I don’t feel at home in at all. 7:3 orange red sweater is perfect, whilst the blouse at 7:4 is not. Nor are the shorts, too orangey brown, not for me.

Warm row 2=row 8: to the peaches/apricots/oranges – t-shirt at 8:2 a good color but alas too pale for me. Garments on 8:3, orange pullover, and 8:4  subdued red orange blouse, perfect. Shorts at 2:5 gets the same critic as those at 1:5.

Warm row 3=row 9.  T-shirt at 9:2 is, again, too pale. 9:3 pullover in mustard yellow is excellent. As is the orange blouse at 9:4.  Shorts at 9:5 still too dark and orangey brown.

Warm row 4=row 10: no to yellow t-shirt at 10:2. And don’t think I can wear the sweater at 10:3, being a kind of yellow I’m not at all sure of.  But the mustard shirt at 10:4 I should certainly want to try some time. 10:5 those shorts are lighter, but still dark, and still too orangey.

Warm row 5=row 11. Here come the limes and yellow greens.  Lime sweater at 11:3 looks better than I thought.  And I say yes to the olive colored blouse at 11:4.

Last warm row 6=row 12. The garments at 12:1-3 are either too pale or too bright. So that leaves me with the warm green blouse at 12:4. Shorts at 12:5 to be excluded.

Result: Warm colors – 7:3, 8:3, 8:4, 9:3, 9:4, 10:4, 11:3, 11:4, 12:4.  That is 9 colors.

Nine warm colors, four cools.









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