Skin Cool or Warm?

This Fair Lady with red hair and freckles, says ”People with fair complexions and blue eyes tend to have cool undertones to their skin.

I could, unfortunately not copy the portrait, but here is a link. Well, later on, it could be copied from another page on Wisegeek.

A young woman’s face framed by a strong orange-red mane. Might be natural, might be colored. Her face being very fair and with golden freckles all over her cheeks. Her lapis lazuli blue irises are mirrored in earrings of same blue tone.

Wisegeek believes this girl has cool undertones because of her strong blue eyes.

I don’t know. Think the freckles all over seem very golden, i.e. warm. Hair is warm. Eyebrows too. And look at patches on back what a bold yellow/golden.

Skin beneath those freckles forming galaxies of gold on her otherwise fair white skin.

Do I find anything cool in all this fairness? Yes, see some fair pink on her forhead, nose and chin. But that might be how the sun has burnt her and it might be blood shining through her delicate white skin. But blood color usually shines through cheeks on warm women, not so much on cheeks. So I guess she has burnt a little in the sun and that this is what Wisegeek sees.

Ok, she might have some coolness, but mainly she is a typical fair warm.

Like me!

Or what do you think?



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