Color Draping Video: Jessie and Catherina

Here comes a draping video from Aura Cosmetics. The girl on the left is Jenna. On the right is Catherine. Both are Autumns. Catherine a little lighter  than Jenna.

Voice: They’re in pure white – not the best.  Chara: their skin is not specially pale, rather at the deeper end. Cannot see the Pure white misbecome any of them.

Changeing to white that suits them better: a soft white. Chara: really? I can’t see any diffrence on their faces. Catherine suits this color better than Jenna, I think. Looking at the border between the cloth edge and the girls neck colors, it seems that it is not quite right for Jenna. Rather it looks like the color is ”sitting upon” her skin. On Catherine soft white blends a bit more to her beige skin, but not enough, as I see it.

Now Voice is draping them with very fair tones: a very light blue (icy blue?) for Jenna, an equally light yellow for Catherine. Being the wrong drape, it is changed for a light pink. Saying: These are not the right blue and pink for any of you. Certainly makes the skin splotchy, certainly makes Catherine pale. Chara: Yes,  they can master much darker, much clearer colors.

Now they are being draped in clear yellows, -Voice: Being Autumns you can wear pretty intense yellows. Jenna’s look like the yolk of an hard boiled egg. Catherine’s more on the orangey side, ”Saffron” the Voice calls it. Jenna’s yellow called a clear bright yellow.

Now they’re tested for Pink. Voice: Jenna here has a very ”blurr” pink. And Cathy’s in a Coral Pink.  Chara: Jenna’s is clearer and bluer. Cathrine’s coral pink seems orange based to me. When placing my hand on Jenna’s pink, it becomes evident how blue this pink really is. This tells me, that if being an Autumn, Jenna borders on Winter, which has those bluish clear pinks. The color gives such a bright contrast to my skin color. But when placing my hand on Cathy’s coral pink, looking much much better, really.

Voice says they look so much warmer on you, even though you have no makeup on.

Changing drapes for – Voice: this is very classic for all Autumns – some brownish ones. Jenna gets a drape that is medium to dark greyish brown. Catherine one that is more greenish brown. Voice talking about colors they reflect, ”very amber”, ”and these soft glossy type greens”(Chara: not brown at all) – ”looks very nice on both of you.  And Catherine has slightly lighter skin, so she’s wearing slightly lighter colors than Jenna is.”

New draping: for Jenna Hot Coral Red – (Chara: again showing she’s a Dark Autumn, because ”hot” is a description that fits brights, i.e. Winters) – ”that people might see as Tomato. And Cathrine here in –gush! –almost a Pumpkin type color” (Chara: Cathrine’s drape a burnt kind of intense orange. I would have thought pumpkin a lighter, matter color than this. Darker pumkin, maybe.)

Voice talking about their looks in these hues: ”very good on both of you. Skin even and smooth, eyes look good and they have high color and the chin line is good.” Then She asks the girls to put their hands on the drapes. ”When you’re in a color that is Yours, you can see your whole hand, all at one glance.” (Chara: completely new to me. How does she mean? I will try this!)

Asking for next drape, saying: ”If you’re in an incorrect color your hand will start to break up” (Chara: ???) ”You’ll see more knuckles.”

Draping them in very dark purple. ”Autumns think: what about purple? These are actually warm Autumn purples.  And Autumns are worried about wearing blue” -changing drapes. ”Instead of just ”blurr”-ing blue, which we saw is not the best color on Jenna, you have marine blues, like this navy blue on Jenna. And also lovely teal blues that have a lot of warmth in them.

While changing drapes, Voice is telling us: ”All the colors that are Autumn have more than one ‘beistula'(???). They are colors that are mixed with lot of amber”….”and again I have Jenna in a deeper tone. (Chara:Drapes are medium to dark blue greens, like peacock greens.). ”I have Catherine in a little brighter, lighter color, here. Two ”cosy” type Blues (Chara: not greens as I thought.)

Gold draping them. (Chara: a very light yellow gold, looking a bit greyish to me.) Says that Cathrines gold a bit lighter for her fairer skin, which diffrence I, Chara, cannot see. (Chara: wonder if Jenna should not have a darker gold. And what about Copper. Could she even – being a Dark Autumn – wear Silver as Winters do?) ”And gold goes with Every single color that Autumns have. Everything that goes on in Autumns also goes with gold. That’s true for Springs as well. You might notice the …..s out there, on the table – talking of color palettes? –

”Every Autumn looks wonderful  in green” – draping Jenna in a dark blue green, ”Jenna here has a Kelly Green, I would say Cathrine has a bit of a retro green, something you might have seen in the 50’s is back again!” (Chara: a softened medium yellow green, kind of leaf green.)

Now Linda’s trying a double side drape, first on Catherine ”just wanted to show that, even though you’re an Autumn, you’re not like everyone else. And Cathrine really looks Elegant and Mature in this lovely drape. (Chara: drape’s base color is golden lion, and there is a red or brown pattern on it.)

Linda now draping Jenna with the opposite side of the drape. Which is in a dark red. ”Very dramatic modern Autumn colors! Autumns look wonderful in colors.









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