To Look On Deciding Which Foundation Suits You?

Well, I have found out a trick to decide if a foundation color suits you or not.

I urge people out there to see for themselves when applying foundation testers to judge from the result how the color tested influence the non-painted colors of lips and brows. Not to exclude natural nail color when choosing nail polish.

Don’t tell me to bring on lipsticks and brow gels on lips/brows that wrong foundation colors make pale cool grey or any other discoloring you might not like!

Of course you can bring on lipstick if you want, but not to hide a wrong natural lip shade brought out by wrong foundation. Not to hide, but to enhance right lipcolor, not distorted.

I try on very fair foundations and on practically all of them I can see, when spread all over my face, on the color of my unpainted brows and lips, that they are all wrong!

Lips and brows look better when no foundation at all.

That means colors of foundation are Sooo Wrong!!

Right shade of found is going to enhance the natural colors of brows and lips, no?

Are there any fonds out there which don’t make the rosy lips go cold grey like corpses lips, nor don’t metamorphose the golden blonde eyebrows into ash grey ones?



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