Suggested Color Palettes from Into Mind




At Into Mind you can look at 36 diffrent color palettes, 6 for each color subseason: Warm, Cool, Clear, Muted, Light, Dark.

The three color qualities of lightness  with two extreme poles light and dark -, of clearness with poles at Bright and Muted, and of color temperature with poles at Cool and Warm. Mind, you can lie somewhere in between all the poles.

Personally, I do not especially  like any of the suggested palettes. But here is an illustration from the site of how to compose one:

how to choose a versatile colour palette for your wardrobe


I could not expand the picture, so here comes a repetition of the explanations:

MAIN COLORS. 3 shades that represent the Essence of your style concept.
ACCENT COLORS: 4 colours to add variety
NEUTRALS: 2 colours to balance out the other shades.


This, obviously, is One way to do it, to compose your own color palettes!  I guess, personally, I should prefer Main Colors next to my face, in shirts, sweaters, dresses, scarfs and neck and hair ornaments.

The accent shades could as well be worn near face, as hair accessories, bags and belts. Neutrals could be worn in skirts, trousers, shoes, or paired with the accents and mains in patterns.

Anuschka at Into Mind advices us to chose colors for palettes that are mixable with each other. I guess you can pick colors from each of the seasonal color palettes.


How to build a versatile colour palette for your wardrobe



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