Följande stiltest hämtat från Today Style Excerpted from ”Fashion for Dummies” by Jill Martin and Pierre A. Lehu. Content used with permissiom. ”For Dummies” is a registered trademark of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. and its affiliates. © 2013 MSNBC Interactive


Comment: Quiz structured in 5 questions, each with A to F answers. Each Versal stands for a specific style: A=BOHEMIAN, B=the PREP, C=SURFER CHIC, D=FASHIONISTA, E=CLASSIC, F=SUBURBANITE.

Restructuring the Versal styles with connected options, leads to following descriptions:



1. long flowing dresses, 2. romantic vacation spot, 3. an armfull of gold bangles, 4.flip-flops, 5. Mostly white


1. cable knit sweaters, 2. on the tennis court in a country club, 3. a strand or two of pearls, 4. loafers, 5. lots of navy blue


1. bikini, 2. beach, 3. a rash guard, 4. barefoot, 5. bright colors, Rash guard är nån skyddscreme.


1. latest trend, 2. in a big city, 3.newest it-bag, 4. stilettos, 5. head to toe black


1. white button-down shirt and jeans, 2.  at home hosting an intimate dinner party  3.  big, round, black “Jackie O” sunglasses, 4. flats, 5.  Anything neutral.


1. fitted sweat suit, 2. in your SUV with the kids, 3. diaper bag, 4. sneakers, 5. dark colours


This, as all tests, are a little bit of fun game, and you should not take everything ad notam. In fact, the diffrent styles can be worn by one and the same woman at diffrent occasions.Suburban style is same as Weekday style for any Mom with little kids to care for. A Mom who has swapped her accessories for  the diaper bag! Couldn’t she have both? She has the most simple style because she cannot afford anything better: her money goes directly in to her take care of her children account. But why on earth must she dress in dark colors?

Suburban, by the way, what about all suburban non-mothers? What should they wear? They are all styles on all occasions, maybe not everyone is a fashionista, nor everyone a surfer girl who may, by the way, borrow the Jackie O sunglasses from the Classic.

Bright colors for beach babe, because she is supposed to have a stunning tan – not being deadly pale like me, or some Englishmen.

Question number two is where you spend time outside work. The answers are occasions when a woman dresses in all her diffrent styles.

This quiz seems to be aimed at quite young women: fashionistas, beach babes, and young moms.

Following are the quiz makers’ descriptions of  the styles:

Mostly A’s: Group 1 — The bohemian 
You love wearing loose-flowing, romantic tops, skirts, and dresses. You tend toward looking casual, yet pretty. Most of your clothes can go from day to night. You look like you just walked off the beach, no matter what time it is, because you have a relaxed, easy vibe about you. Your color palette includes white, off-white, white, and more white, earth tones, brown, and some beachy colors like turquoise and coral.

Well, ain’t the Bohemian the Surfer chic’s sister!

Mostly B’s: Group 2 — The prep 
You love to wear your polo shirts. You pair them with crisp pants or shorts, depending on the weather and the activity. You are likely to be seen in shorts at the country club during the day and pants at the evening barbeque. Comment: Polo shirts are not what Swedes mean by poloshirt, they are what Swedes call Tenniströjor.

The cable knit sweater is the cornerstone of your wardrobe. Your color palette is navy blue, kelly green, and pink — all paired with crisp white, if not one another. Your wardrobe is also filled with bold prints, such as plaid, madras, and argyle, for when you’re in the mood to be noticed. The prep look is totally “old school” yet multigenerational and current as well.

Mostly C’s: Group 3 — The surfer chic 
you are the quintessential surfer chic

You spend your mornings and evenings, and all day if possible, at the beach and out on the waves. Your outfit of choice is a bikini and rash guard, with sheepskin boots (of course). Your color palette is red, yellow, and blue — all paired with sand or off-white. The bright colors are reminiscent of all the beautiful foliage in Hawaii.

Sheepskin boots? What the heck are they doing at a beach?

Mostly D’s: Group 4 — The fashionista
You’re the ultimate fashionista! You love the big city. You adore your uniform of all black with stiletto boots, stiletto pumps, or stiletto sandals.

You love to dress up, be in all the latest trends, and wear all designer names. You’re never a fashion victim, and even if you can’t afford the high-end designer labels, you look like you do. You know which pieces to spend your money on and how to make the whole look appear expensive. You never miss an issue of Vogue, Elle, or Harper’s Bazaar. Your color palette is black and more black, paired with the color of the moment, which is, of course, “the new black.”

Mostly E’s: Group 5 — The classic 
You’re in group 5 if the letter E came up the most, which makes you a total classic. You have an easy way about dressing and are always put together and chic. You stick very close to the basics. You can buy your clothes at Gap or on Madison Avenue, or a combination — after all, a classic is a classic.

Your wardrobe consists of white button-down shirts, jeans and slacks, the perfect black blazer, the perfect little black dress, and a fabulous trench coat or two. You also have a drawer full of beautiful scarves and a closet full of gorgeous purses. Your color palette is denim, white, and black, with splashes of color here and there in the form of an accessory such as a scarf or purse. Clothing is basically neutral in color. The ultimate example of a classic is, of course, Jackie O.

Mostly F’s: Group 6 — The suburbanite 
If you answered mostly F’s, you fit comfortably into group 6, the realm of the suburbanite. You have a casual lifestyle outside the big city. You spend most of your time taking care of everyone else, but you manage to squeeze in an exercise class, a trip to the gym, or a run outside when you can. Errands and shuttling the kids take up a huge portion of your time, so you need to be comfortable, yet still feel stylish. A cute, well-fitting sweat suit is your go-to outfit first thing in the morning, and it generally carries you through all the day’s activities. If an evening activity is on the agenda, a quick change to slacks or jeans and a sweater or nice T-shirt does the trick. Your color palette consists of darker colors like navy, gray, and black. These colors are flattering and slimming and don’t show stains or wear and tear from all your daily activity.







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