Diffrence betw Warm Spring and Warm Autumn – Clear or Muted Chroma


Finally, I found the entry on Sarah Fergusson that I have been looking for so long. On Pretty Your World, Lora Alexander’s blog! Stating diffrence Warm Spring and dito Autumn is Chroma – clarity of skin. Muteds are Autumns, Clears are Spring. In Carole Jackson’s book Colour Me Beautiful she says that most redhaired women are Autumns, but there are a few exceptions and those are Springs. The Springs are to delicate, C.J. says, so they cannot wear the strong colours of Autumns. Well, and there are some ladies who cannot wear the strong colors and neither are they Spring redheads. But this post on Sarah Fergusson seems so suggest quite another theory. Here, the Warm Spring wears the stronger i.e. clearer colors, whereas the Warm Autumns do the softer ones. 

Look at the brilliant picture of the Duchess in her bold red hair and clear green dress. Don’t know if she has dyed her hair a stronger color than her natural red. Anyway, what I notice in comparison with myself, is her strong tan. She can absolutely pull off much stronger coloring than I, who am fair and muted, that is an Autumn. Some Autumns do wear strong colors but they tend to be Dark, not muted.  Some Warm Autumns too can do this, but these are those who lean toward Dark. I guess I am the kind of Warm Autumn that lean toward Soft.

Here is the post on Sarah from Lora Alexander:





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