16 seasons analysis


Here some photos of ladies with Colour Me A Season colourings and designations. They are very over…………, as is also the case with Suzanne Caygill’s picturse in her book.

Spring: Absolute, Glorious, Striking and Pastel



Summer: Absolute, Indian, Sunshine and Striking



Winter: Absolute, Firelight, Snowfrost, and Sunset




16 seasons color analysis at Pretty Your World – Lora Alexander.



Designations of Colour Seasons According to Color Analysis Theories

Absolutes/Trues= Genuins Spring – Summer- Autumn Winder – no flowing into other seasons.

Toned Spring, ………………….- Summer……………-Autumn………………..Winter



Clear Spring – Colour Me Beautiful

Pure Spring – Pretty Your World; 16 seasons:

Striking Spring – Color Me A Season


Light Spring – CMB

Tinted Spring – PYW

Pastel Spring – CMAS


new season – not CMB nor CMAS

toned spring…..


Warm Spring – CMB

Shaded Spring – PYW

Glorious Spring – CMAS



Autumn: Absolute, Golden, Striking and Gentle

Absolute Autumn:——————

Warm Autumn – CMB

Pure Autumn – PMW 16

Golden Autumn – CMAS


Soft Autumn – CMB

Soft Autumn Light – PYW–Tinted Autumn – 

Gentle Autumn – CMAS -Tinted Autumn

Soft Autumn Deep – PYW–Toned Autumn – PMW

Gentle Autumn – CMAS

Deep Autumn CMB

Shaded Autumn – PYW

Striking Autumn -CMAS

Pure Autumn           Warm Autumn

Tinted Autumn        Soft Autumn Light

Toned Autumn        Soft Autumn Deep

Shaded Autumn      Deep Autumn



Pure Winter           Clear Winter

Tinted Winter         Cool Winter

Toned Winter         *new season

Shaded Winter       Deep Winter


Pure Summer         Cool Summer

Tinted Summer       Light Summer

Toned Summer       Soft Summer Light

Shaded Summer     Soft Summer Deep






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