On Trinnysus’s Body types

Trinny and Susannah presents 12 different body types.

son las creadoras del programa "What not to wear". En un formato muy ...

They can be divided into …. groups:

Curvied lines : Upper body smaller – lower body bigger : Pear – Skittle – Bell – Cello

Lower body smaller – upper body bigger: Goblet –

Upper and Lower body Equal with indented Waist: Hourglass – Cello (big hourglass) –  Hourglass -Vase –

(My Addition: Differently sized upper and lower body but with indention (waist)-  All the Amphoras)

Round body shape: Apple

Straight lines

Brick, Column,

Look at these magnifications and descriptions!  Cello – instrument actually is smaller at the top

Short waist – clearly defined, higher, nips in and out – in contrast to long sweeping waist. Can’t put no picture here.

Bildresultat för trinny susannah vase  Bildresultat för trinny susannah pear

Amphoras: Bildresultat för amphora body shape

This picture should illustrate how the gravity point varies among women.

Bildresultat för trinny susannah pear

Bildresultat för short waist


What I see i a fully ripe Pear.  Very small bust and high waist.

Diffrence Hourglass Cello?


Bildresultat för cello trinny and susannah







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