Out of the way for the Amphoras!

To broaden the sequence of 12 body types Trinny and Susannah have made famous, here comes the shape of the Amphora!

Have been wondering so what body shape I am. Apple? Bell? Cello?  None om them makes any sense really. Have thought I’d be something in between them all.

Have wondered how I might be able to discover my true shape, should I buy a dark fitting bathing suit or a skintight dress to reveal it?

Being into town some three days ago I came into a shop dressed in a flowery summer dress in viscose in a flowing quality. Testing a checquered shirt in earth colors – my season being a warm – standing in front of the whole figure mirror I did a try.  Having taken off the shirt I took the chance to try to really expose myself and how my curves were created by Him above.  Letting my hand hang down aside my leg, gripped the cloth at that level, drew it tightly round me, and then watched.  As my bust was hanging down – me being 56 years old, so you can imagine those assets (?) once so like Venus Milo, now Venus Willendorff, hanging down like fattened  wywerns. Size: large mangos -not as large as watermelons though. So I used my other arm and lifted  the bust, letting them rest on my underarm.

So with one hand I swept the dress’s skirt tightly round my body. The pompous bossom lay uplifted on the other arm. Now I could se my 3-dimensional image, as I had never seen it before. It looked like —I saw not what, in the beginning.

From neck to knees, this is what I got: Breasts, if heightened, prominent and dominant. Under my bust an area defined by vertical straightness, no curves,  measured all around could be compared to the shell of a wide tube. As shown in this pictures: the upper part.Bildresultat för trinny susannah short waist Bildresultat för trinny susannah short waist defined nips

 Bildresultat för trinny susannah short waist defined nips

Downunder this ”tube” – which probably should be the waist – came the underpart.  From ”waist” to knee a kind of large bulging, widest at belly and butt. Those parts, when taking my vertical shape into ……., are situated fairly lowly.  They are as prominent as my bossom.  I look like the woman to the right. But the outbulging starts further down I have a long straight part between bust and hips.


So: Prominent, bulging breasts – tubeformed waist – Prominent, bulging ass and belly. At the widest – belly, butt: a line far down, making me bottomheavy and short legged.

What I saw was not any of T&S 12 body shapes – it was an Amphora.  And there are of course several types of those depending where the waist is situated in comparison to the hifts, belly and behind.  My own amphoric shape is the one with the center of gravity placed fairly low.  Centre of gravity is always at the widest, and my widest part, stomach and bottoms,  as I have a long torso, sits very low. That mean I have short legs.

Guess, if I should dress to really show off my curves, it would be a demanding task to find skirts, the right length.  Because it looked like the curve flowing from waist and bending in slowly along my legs don’t stop until too late, too far down.  Where to draw the line, where on my legs should I put the hem? Above the knee? Not enough as I could conclude watching myself in the mirror. Far higher! But then, there is the problem of showing off thighs that are too fat and bulky. Well: dark stockings, would do the trick, maybe? An Amphora underpart is definitely to be shown in all its length, not to be cut off somewhere by a horisonal line as a hem. Clothes should reach somewhere below the widest line, absolutely. But not too far down making legs look still shorter. Bildresultat för short waist Putting the upper hem of skirts rather high in that ”tube” area under the bust should make skirts look a natural length, not being just a ”band” across the upper part of the thighs. Picture from ………,.




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