Color Analysis Blog: Style Yourself Confident

Coming up: color analysis blog ”Style Yourself Confident” by Pamela Graham. Yeat another neat little blog featuring the grounds of color for individual types. Several illustrations, not been seen before, on colour groups and tonal directions. Additionally, bodyshapes, clothing styles and wardrobe recommendations.

On one page she explains the difference between cool and warm greys and in pictures she shows you which grey is yours. This page on greys is very helpful, and I haven’t seen any similar anywhere else. But one thing, I have to point out. Comparing for instance the greys of the Light group, Pamela has put the grey in the middle of a color wheel, one for the cool light type and one for the warm light type. But the surrounding colours are the same in both pictures, like in the picture below. Except for  the DeepObviously, the light colours should be cool in the left illustration, warm in the right. And that should be true for all the colour wheels surrounding the grey versions on this page. .

Myself I see the differences of greys as the cool one being more bluish, and the warm one has beige in it.

The LIGHT Color Family

Light Cool Grey
Light Warm Grey


Look up your ”Birthday colours” – Pamela has put toghether a series of Pantone colours for all days of June to look at and be surprised. Get aquainted with colours you might not even know before. ”Your JUNE BIRTHDAY COLORS…Extend them with tints, tones and shades to make a Monochromatic color scheme…” she suggests. 

This idea is swell, because when tinting, toning, or shading, you can confirm your colour season/tonal direction and collect new fancy colours for your personal palette.

This is for June, so guess she has already featured the other months. At least some of them.

She took the idea from Colorstrology: What Your Birthday Color Says About You by astrologer Michele Bernhardt. Take the colour associated to your birthday and read a short description of your personality. This is not more than a funny game. Of course you cannot seriously describe your psyche from a colour placed randomly on a special date of a month.

Astrowheel with colors and capacities from Michele Bernhardt. Being an amateur astrologer myself, I must point out that you are not your Sun sign only, but a combination of 10 different planet positions. So not only one cake piece describes you, but lots of them. If you do not know the positions of all your planets, don’t worry. There is a better way than concentrating on planet positions. I recommend you to not only focus on your birth month, but rather read all the descriptions, regardless of month, and claim each and every capacity you feel aquanted with.








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