Analyzing Zyla’s Archetype Descriptions

Again chapter six in David Zyla’s book Color Your Style

It seems like the ladies who get dress suggestions in Zyla’s book are fetched from some 1950s girl school, teaching how to get married to rich and eminent men.

Chara’s suggestion for nameing of the archetypes

Corresponding Colour Season..Zyla Archetypes…Chara Archetypes

Vital Spring……………………….Prom Queen…………The Hostess, or, why not: Beautiful Helena who in the Odyssey acts as a hostess to Ulysses’s son Telemachos.

Early Spring…………………Playful Princess…The Queen of Spring

Floral Spring……………….Wholesome flirt….The Rokoko Spring

Buoyant Spring……………..Life of the party…………………..

Mischievous Spring…………….Pixie…………………………………..

Tawny Spring…………………..Maverick…..The Creative Spring

Chara: Tawny Spring’s negative archetype: Princess and the Pea


Classic Summer……….Classic Beauty……………………………….the Ancient Beauty………

Jeweltone Summer…..Glamorous career girl………………………….

Sunset Summer………..Elegant Bohemian…Possibly a Creative Summer

Dusky Summer………Earth Mother……Possibly the Witch, Wise Woman

Renaissance Summer….Drama Queen.. (not a good description as Drama Queen mostly refers to transvestites, who, by the way could assume any of the archetype roles and many more)…………………………………………….maybe …………………….would be preferrable.

Iridescent Summer…..Mysterious Mermaid……………………………

Archetypes at the Party

Classic Summer: just have to walk trough the door to brighten up a room



Archetypes at Work

Classic Summer: high expectations of others and of herself. Quite demanding, because she, herself, gives so much


Archetypes Otherwise

Classic Beauty: harmony above all

Classic Summer, negative: things being out of harmony

Classic Summer: charming in public even to her archenemy, but privately describe her hatred for that person

Classic Summer: cool, put-together, ultra-feminine

Classic Summer: practical but prefers beauty over function

Classic Summer: all about appropriateness and protocol (because devoted to harmony)

Classic Summer: dreamy adventuress


Classic Summer: avoid high contrasts in larger garments, they will look restless and imbalanced. Languid elegant garments show her classic beauty.

Classic Summer: draped and folded creates an effortless, timeless effect of beauty




Analyzing and comparing the 24 archetypes.


1. Prom Queen. 2. Playful princess, 3. Wholesome flirt,

4. Life of the party, 5. Pixie, 6. Maverick


1. Classic Beauty. 2. Glamorous career girl, 3. Elegant Bohemian.

4. Earth Mother. 5. Drama Queen. 6. Mysterious Mermaid.

Description analyzis

Prom Queen: Sounds like fun, -Negative: when something is not fun, she does not want to play

Playful Princess: strong sense of fun

Life of the party: this fun-loving type. While she is fun and game for most anything, a boots and leather look hardens her and limits the opportunity for the adornment of her favorite fashion element: herself (Chara: seems to be a bit of  narcissism there)

Pixie: evokes everything that is frolicsome and fun

Pixie:  shares her mischievous sense of fun with everybody at the party

Maverick: air of sprightly fun


Life of the party: I love being a girl silhouette

Prom Queen: charm, charm, more charm- but is it genuine?

Wholesome flirt: charming beyond belief, but their charm is always genuine. Chara adding: So the charm of the other archetypes is not genuine?

Pixie: like other Springs, the Pixie is charm personified -genuine?

Life of the party: playful, sporty, energetic, brimming over with high  spirits and good cheer

Life of the party: always a good cheerleader

Life of the party: buoyant energy

Pixie: the ultimate free spirit (free-er than the Maverick?)

Prom Queen: hostes kind of girl

Prom Queen: keep  (party)  crowd entertained, guarantees a great evening for all

while you are slaving in the kitchen – no archetype there, Poor ”you”.  No household styles for beauties out there? Only styles  for parties and love meetings. And possibly for female Office workers. All women in colour analysis books work as secretaries or have other jobs where they have to be presentable, for example tv-hostesses. But there are archetypes for people with practical skills who like to dig in on domestic chores. There is for instance the goddess Vesta, aka Hestia, the Roman/Greek guardian of the hearth.

Prom Queen: tend to lead with a smile

Prom Queen: radiate energy and magnetism that draws people in

Life of the party: knows how to draw other people out and encourage them to express their most cherished ideas and she makes them sound brilliant

Wholesome flirt: you fell good in their presence because they really do see the best in everything and everyone, including you, (Chara: ”you” who are slaving in the kitchen, matching no archetype at all.)

Prom Queen: charm her boss and colleagues into an arrangement that works well with everybody

Prom Queen: become best friends with everyone in the room five minutes after she has entered

Pixie:shares her mischievous sense of fun with everyone else at the party

Maverick: Quirkiest of all Spring archetypes, the Maverick is nearly impossible to pin down.

Maverick: Habit of zigzagging from one activity to another

Maverick: reliable and trustworthy

Maverick: method to her madness

Maverick: being a little ahead of the curve, bringing other people along

Maverick negative: can’t get past that niggling detail, the thing that tarnishes  the whole, like the fly in the ointment. Frustration with relatively minor things can spoil the whole thing. Chara adding: think of HC Andersen’s story ”The princess and the Pea.”

Maverick: views the world through other glass colours than rose. Has a unique perspective: sees the details where everyone else sees only a forest.

Wholesome flirt: have a gift for making you believe in their magic

Playful princess: instinct for what is important,

Playful princess: always get to the heart of the matter

Negative: Playful princess: Not being appreciated -causes Early Spring to droop like a wilted flower

Playful princess: ladylike, demure,

Playful princess: appealing coolness

Playful princess: slight formality

Playful princess: beautiful manners, air of ”to the manor born”

Playfull princess, proper

Life of the party: Hyperformality – not only in clothing

Playful princess: lively curiosity, playful inquisitive nature

Playful princess: tells silly jokes at job interview, delighting the interviewer

Pixie: works quite hard but unless you pay attention you might not notice

Pixie: may create the impression that a battery of elves magically completed her assignments overnight,

Pixie: always meet her deadlines, show up on time, comes through like a trooper – but her process for getting there might drive more organized types insane

Playful princess: good girl who has her share of ”pluck”

Wholesome flirt: lives for today and making the most of every moment

Wholesome flirt:, negative: becoming self-conscious in realizing making a mistake in the middle of making it

Wholesome flirt: coquettish, feminine, flirtatious

Wholesome flirt: seems like an enchanted creature having lived in a garden all her life and has decided to venture out into the world of more ordinary mortals –Chara adding: like someone from another world, that compares well with a female angel  coming down from heaven, or why not love goddess Venus who was born from the sea.

Wholesome flirt: so to say ”samples every flower in the garden”

Life of the party: Enthusiasm, everything fascinates her

Life of the party, negative: scattered enthusiasm

Life of the party: to avoid: Hyperformality – not only in clothing

Life of the party: any clothing that conveys queenly grandness, feels too serious for this fun loving type

Life of the party: urge to do something zany to break the tension of a too stuffy a party – result problematic or delightful

Life of the party: no matter what her real age, is always young at heart

Life of the party: the girl who genuinely enjoys kicking off her shoes at the end of day

Pixie: huge confidence in herself

Pixie negative: expects everyone to come to her, so can be a bit selfish

Pixie: avoid big ruffles, wide legged trousers, full skirted gowns, layered dresses – all of which make her look like a little girl playing dress-up or like a delicate pixie drowning in waves of fabric

Pixe: should avoid a too polished head-to-toe look and garments and accessories proclaiming ”I am serious”

Maverick:put together diverse elements in a way she could not possibly explain to anyone else. Will also put together her contrast levels in precisely the way she wants to.

Maverick: the type that can easily wear a feathered cloche, fingerless gloves,  a plaid capelet, all on the same time. If her outfit looks like a costume from the forest scene in Shakespeare’s As you like it, where sheperds and sheperdesses frolic, she will love it

Maverick: I am my own trendsetter

Mavericks take warning: never wear shades of the same colour, this is because the excange of energy between the similar shades is not dynamic enough, but creates a muddy effect, And: When you strip this energetic creature down to monochromatic minimalism, she will feel and act as though she is at a wake.

Maverick: eclectic style, best in slightly theatrical pieces, Chara: such as? And: needs to make a statement by putting together diverse pieces in unexpected ways.

Mavericks should avoid anything uniform or matched, for example matched blazer and skirt, she should never even own a suit. Should also pass on long flowing skirts and anything minimalistic. And on chiffon: she is too ready for action, and her energy is too high for the languid ”I go with the flow”-mentality of drapey soft chiffon which suggests genteel beauty rather than Maverick’s air of sprightly fun.
















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