Listing Zyla’s Season Archetypes’ Clothing

Taken from David Zyla: Colour your Style, chapter six.

In one place, I hope to  arrange Zyla’s  suggestions to clothes for 4×6 colour seasons which he also calls archetypes. But I’m not going to write of the archetypes for now, as I do not believe in archetypes paired together with color seasons the way Zyla does.  Are there any archetypes, then there will be special archetypes for any personal woman. Guess the book Colour your Style has young teenagers and girls in their early twenties as it’s target group. The archetypes are much too alike and really are not archetypes a all. The six Springs, for instance, are really only one archetype: the young party girl. Maybe an exception could be The Maverick ”setting her own trends”.  A Warm Spring, by the way, who dresses well in moss greens. But all 24 colour seasons can have women who personalizes fashion. And and there are examples of all Zyla’s archetypes in women of all 24  seasons. And there are many, many more archetypes than 24 – and, obviously, you cannot pair a certain colour type with only one archetype and generalize it toall women with certain colours.

Question is: do Fabulous Fabrics go together with proposed Must-haves?

Vital Spring – so called Prom Queen.

High contrast -guess she could be a Clear Spring. How she is as an individual is quite personal. She could be any of the 24 or any other conceivable archetype.  This applies to all Zyla seasons, so  not going to repeat  anymore.

What does she wear?

Fabulous fabrics – limited to fashions of a small span of not more than two or three years, so must add fitting fabrics continually!

Suggested for Vital Spring.  All fabrics to be crisp. Piqué and sateen of cotton. Satin. Bouclé, faille, patent leather, the latter used for shoes. But, hands on heart, where do you find patent leather shoes  when they are out of fashion?

black coat with red scarf

dark vintage inspired coat with bright high contrast lining.

blueberry umbrella with white dots

Chanel style bouclé jacket -(bouclé was in that year)

gabardine pants in nautical style (gabardine too)

slim, pegged skirt

button-front blouse with pearl buttons

crisp cotton belted shift dress

styles of the 1950s.

swing coats

swirly skirts

structured purse

conversation pieces

And she should not wear:

– burnished cololours – me neither. But——-can wear this.

muted, blended colours and fabrics – can I wear. Zyla says Spicy Autum has the most blended palette of all the seasons.

Blended colours are for example green, orange, violet as opposed to red, blue, yellow which are the primary colours. And there are many more blended colours out there too.


Floral Spring – – also a Suzan Caygill colour type. She is also high contrast. So I will be pairing her with Vital Spring.

Fabrics. Crisp. Camel’s hair, gabardine, eyelet, organza

Suggested  clothing: good to offer relief from head to toe color:

blouse in her white and suit in her energy color —By the way, it won’t be so easy for every female out there to find her exact Zyla colours in the stores, and certainly not every year.  One year she may find one colour, but she should be glad if she finds another of her colours  the next. Fashion colours are decided by Pantone, not by individual women’s body colours.

brightly coloured peacoat

Slim trousers with side slits at ankles

A-line skirt

cute sweater set

shift dress covered in pastel  paillettes

costumy elements as a bow shaped cluth, sandals with bumble bee buckle.

Never anything practical, reinvent practical clothes: sailor’s peacoat in vivid colour with theatrically sized buttons

Also avoid everything austere and serious.

Avoid camoflage cargo pants, one shoulder gowns,  asymmetry.


Mischievous Spring

Fabrics: Lightly textured knits, brushed cotton, embossed suede, organza, crisp cotton, piqué, (bouclé)

Gentle contrast is best,but can handle more contrast than most Springs. So, she will be in between.

Longish belted tweed coat in her energy colour, over short skirt and tights in third base (her khaki) , metallic and energy coloured purse,

metallic earrings and some odd mismatched bracelets

softly tailored short anorak

short sleeved knit sweater with self belt and collar

slim stretched cigarette pants

miniskirt with pleated hem

bouclé knit hooded cardigan

halter style printed maxidress

well fitted dress with simple lines with marabou shrug or feathered headband

Marabou shrug- this is white but comes in other colours too:Bildresultat för marabou shrugBildresultat för marabou shrug

These kind of pieces often worn  in detective stories set in the 1930’s and by for instance Marlene Dietrich.Bildresultat för marlene dietrich Feathered headbands reminding me of actresse Sarah Bernhard

Early Spring. Suzanne Caygill has Early Spring too. Corresponds to Light Spring and, to judge from Caygill’s portraits, even to Light Summer. Cool saturated pastels. Cool hues rather for Summers, actually. But saturated? To me you get saturated pastel by painting very hard with a pastel chalk,  like a child tends to do. Before you discover that you only have to draw thin strokes with the chalk and then smooth it out to a thin, very light layer a tecnique which makes the painting much more sophisticated.So:  does ”saturated  pastels” mean ”colours like in a child’s pastel painting”?

Fabrics: Cashmere, organza, suede, especially: crisp cotton,

Wearing: crisp winter white cotton blouse – no one looks as good in it.

simple polished-cotton pastel Agent 99 trench coat

Hollywood waisted pants

slim, waistbandless skirt

crisp cotton blouse with a thin belt

updated shirtdress with up-popping collar

beret or cloche hat sleek  and close to the head

dove grey suit

pearly white blouse

the type for which blouses with bows were invented

Not wear:

Denim, jeans.

masculine coats with epaulettes

high contrast prints not for her gentle appearence


Pattern to tie together the look.

Poplin, organza, embroidered cotton, linen, stretch satin

romantic coloured shirt

third base (her khaki) capris

plaid sandals with both these colours a conversation piece

blazer cut to high hip with accentuated waist

capris and shorts

turtleneck (Swedish ”polo”) with short puffed sleeves. (…… should not have puffed sleeves)

metallic brocade shift dress with feathers at the hem

Avoid hyperformality

Chiffon caftans too grand – any item with queenly grandesse

full length ball gown

Motorcycle looks – boots and leather hardens her












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