Finding Undertones on thigh or underarm

Carole Jackson wrote in ”Colour Me Beautiful” that you find what undertones you have by watching the skin beneath any freckles on the surface of the skin.

Then another trick is to look at the palm of your hand.

Or to see if your venes go towards blue or green.

I have done all that and found out my undertones are golden, not yellow, but golden: like buff or yellow ockra.

Lately, however, people have started talking about all those colours as ”overtone”, which means that ”undertones” are entirely diffrent.

Some people have yellow faces, but are still Winters.  Some have rosy complexions, but look best in warm colours.

I, myself, have much pink in my skin, visible especially in broad day- light, when sun is shining the brightest. But I have an obvious trans- lucency to my skin, which makes the red underskin shine through.

Have you tested to press down with your fingertips the skin of your underarm or your tigh? Do that, and see what tone will be occurring round the area where you press your fingers. You can also press and make a …. ing movement. See how the tone follows the movement of your fingertips.

This is very interesting: I have established, already, that my skin is oyster with golden ockre, and so I thought this was all there was. But with the finger tip pressing test, a completely diffrent hue was being reflected. The tone that appears when pressing on my tigh, or my underarm for that matter, is a warm satin grey. That will be my true undertone, I should guess.

Now, my husband and I have nearly exact matches of overtones, we are both warm, light and golden. But his undertone, I discovered, is a distinguished copper.

Myself, though being a redhead, cannot wear copper. I tried it once on my eyebrows – but it clashed very pronouncedly.

Now: warm, soft, satin grey or hard copper. What undetones can you find, else?





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