Comparing Redhaired Caygill Types


Early Spring
Skin tone color: raw umber, lemon yellow, chromium oxide.
Eye color: transparent viridian, cerulean, Payne’s grey.
Hair color: raw umber, lemon yellow.

—Look at the lemon yellow colour block in this picture. The girl seems to have red strokes in her hair, though. Lemon yellow? Is she really a Spring, or is she a Summer? The warmth in her hair points to spring – but the cold yellow in her skin points to Summer.

Fruit blossom’s skin have, as you can see, skin glowing in warm rose. Hair seem to be soft brownish red.

fruit blossom copy.jpg

This another of Caygill’s Early Springs. She also has red hair, but lemon yellow pigments in her skin. Very strange contradiction. All portrait photos in this presentation seem to be very over exponed, by the way. That is, their faces are much paler in reality. The over exponation lifts their underlying pigments forward.

Tulip’s hair is leaning toward strawberry blonde. Skin is an intensive peachy rose.  Pink lipcolor mirrored on her cheeks. Eyes look greenish to glassy light brown. Brows same color as hair.

Neither of those two Early Springs have skin that matches mine. When putting my hand over Fruit Blossom’s face, her skin looks rosy, and Tulip’s skin is more apricot than mine. Her teeth are still pale. Yellow comes forward. (Must have very white teeth in reality.)

tulip copy.jpg

End of Early Spring


Golden Spring
Skin tone color: chrome, raw umber, Persian Gold, and scarlet. Skin may also be tinged with white. That is lighter versions of color mentioned.
Eye color: cerulean, ultramarine blue, or transparent viridian and verde
Hair color: raw umber, chrome yellow medium.

— See how the colour block in the Golden Spring photos change to a much warmer yellow tone: golden ockre or mild buff!

Quince Blossom also tend to strawberry, but browner and a bit darker. All those high and lowlights! Rosy skin it seems when compared to my own. She has pink roses on cheeks. Eyes seem light brown. Brows look brown like coffee.

quinsyblossom copy.jpg

talismanrose copy.jpg

Talisman Rose also show much rosiness in her skin. Hair is red, as it semms, but not the brownish orange of Quince Blossom. Instead it looks more apricot orange.

End of Golden Spring

Floral Spring
Skin tone color: chrome yellow, ivory with umber, geranium lake, or scarlet lake
Eye color: transparent viridian, cerulean blue, verde green, chrome yellow, umber
Hair color: raw umber, middle value. — The color block here is clear bonbon slightly bluish rose.

Lupin has a very rosy skin, also, because of geranium or scarlet pigments. Hair seem to be about same color as Quince Blossom.

lupin copy.jpg

wild flower copy.jpg

End of Flowery spring


Metallic Autumn
Skin tone color: raw and burnt umber and raw and burnt sienna toned with chromium oxide
Eye color: chrome green, transparent viridian, cerulean.
Hair color: raw sienna, burnt sienna, raw umber, burnt umber.

Warm brownish red colour block.titian autumn copy.jpg

copper copy.jpg

auburn copy.jpg

red bronze copy.jpg



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