Palette: Oriental Tapestry. Summer/Winter

My Oriental Tapestry palette can be worn by Cold and Soft Summers (lighter part of the scale) and Cold Winters (darker part of scale) Reminding of a style popular with farmers in beginning of 19th century and comprising colours like  English red – a medium dark, matte red, black and white.  Like this oriental mat. And folklore from the 1800s: Bildresultat för bonad 1800-talet

  Bildresultat för krapprött in english

Synthetic pigments of iron oxid has had several names: English Red, Venetian red, Italian red, Spanish red among others. Nowadays a pigment called Caput Mortuum (Dead Skull) is somewhat different from English red. Wikipedia:Caput mortuum is also sometimes used as an alternative name for mummy brown (alternatively Egyptian brown), a pigment that was originally made in the 16th and 17th centuries from ground-up mummies, and whose use was discontinued in the 19th century when artists became aware of its ingredients.
Kavaj  Tunika  Blus
 Tunika  Blus  Blus
Kavaj  Topp  Topp

Tunika   Topp  Bolero

Jumper  Jumper  Tröja

Tunika  Blus  Cardigan

Jacka  Cardigan  Linne

Jumper  Jumper  Cardigan

Tröja  Tunika  Tröja

Tunika  Kavaj  Skjorta


BlusJumper   Topp

Tunika + topp   Tunika  Topp

Linne  Tunika  Tunika

Tunika   Tunika  Tunika

Cardigan  Tunika  Tunika

Topp   Tunika  Cardigan

Tunika   TunikaTröja

Tunika   Blus  Tunika

Blus   Blus  Skjorta

Tunika  Tunika  Tunika

Blus  Cardigan  Jumper

Skjorta   Skjorta  Tunika

TunikaTunika  TunikaTunika  Kavaj  Tröja



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