Palette: Bold Terracotta Autumn

Young Scholar painted by Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1732-1806)

There is a certain difference between Autumn that is not emphasized enough in colour analyses theory. The theory of CMB (Colour Me Beautiful) claims three different Autumns: Soft, Warm and Dark. But there is another dividing line, i.e. between Autumns with gentle and satin colours and those with bold and matte colours. I guess you can say the rich, mellow and satiny hues are for Soft Autumn whereas the bold and matte ones are for Warms ditos.  Gentle and satiny colours could look good on a Warm Spring, too. But Warm Autumns are not always bold in their colour language. So also Warm Spring who has both meeker hues and clear ones.

According to CMB’s twelve subvariants theory the seasons are flowing into each other. Warm spring to Warm Autumn, Cold Summer to Cold Winter, etc. I think, they also flow into each other in the order they follow. So Clear Spring flowing into Warm Spring etc. Clear Spring can also flow into Light Spring, which flow into Light Summer. So, the Warm Springs do not flow into Warm Autumn alone, but has many colours in common with the Soft Autumn as well.



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