Rose Ann Woolpert on Caygill’s Palettes

Heureka! I have found it! On Facebook: Personal Colors by Rose Ann Woolpert.


  • Personal Colors by Rose Ann Woolpert Suzanne Caygill typed me as Autumn, ”close to ‘Woodsy’, between Mellow and Topaz. If you notice the texture in my hair, skin and the sweater I am wearing, that gives a clue. I once wore only gold jewelry, but as my hair grays I move closer to a Pewter Autumn and wear tarnished silver.
  • Virginia K McMath Do all autumns eventually become pewter autumns?
  • Personal Colors by Rose Ann Woolpert Autumns who have pewter gray hair are called pewter autumns.

This photo shows a palette done by Suzanne Caygill in the 1980’s above a Personal Colors palette of the same person done just last month, without previous knowledge of the Caygill palette. These side by side comparisons demonstrate how the Caygill system, correctly used, can produce a palette which truly expresses the unique essence of a person, an essence which changes little with age and time.

This EARLY SPRING palette is water washed and effervescent with fresh color. Skin tones are peach cloud and apricot sorbet; neutrals are fun and pretty black, blueberry, storm blue, warm taupe and parchment sand. Eyes are blue celadon, blue mist is slightly more quieting; viola, narcissus and nectarine blush are soft dramatics. Other options are yellow/green reed and robin’s egg blue. Both silver and gold metals work well, as long as they are soft.

A pretty Floral Spring palette

GOLDEN SPRING – This fun and lively palette is infused with golden warmth. Skin tones are apricot ice, peaches and cream and ripe watermelon. Neutrals are fresh and pretty black, green navy, storm blue, butterscotch and primrose yellow. Eyes are golden bronze and dramatic choices are bright turquoise and marine blue. Quiet options are aquamarine and dusty leaf green; lupine is another possibility. All metals are golden.

SANDY SPRING – Varying shades of yellow green are drawn from the eyes to infuse this palette with a natural freshness and friendly warmth. Skin tones are peach pearl and sugar coral. Nectarine rose red and ocean blue add subdued drama. Neutrals are black navy, a deep taupe brown, dark gray taupe, black olive, ocean sand and creamy white. Eye colors are dried sage, grayish khaki green, golden khaki, and sage green. Other options include soft, smoky blue, French blue, caramel cream and eggshell.

Robust, buoyant Spring

ENGLISH ROSE SUMMER – Camellia, dusty desert rose, dusty garnet and carnation pink are skin and blush tones for this palette, which lies between Iridescent and Dusty Rose Summer. She wears beautiful blacks, deep indigo, greyed spruce and dusty plum neutrals. Hair colors are a lovely cocoa brown and raisin. Eyes are deep tarragon, silver sage and slate citron and pastels are dusty blue and lilac. Drama is added with purple haze.


This summer palette is less complex in design and more ”sporty” than typical for the season. Skin tones are toasted almond and rose madder pink with reds of crushed raspberries and Bordeaux wine. Neutrals are navy blue, gray taupe, slate, dove and silver gray. Eyes are misty blue, dramatics are tanzanite and lupine, and additional options are green eucalyptus, aubergine and frosted violet.

SMOOTH IRIDESCENT SUMMER – This woman’s smooth and casual Iridescent Summer palette features finely patterned menswear in a variety of taupe neutrals. Skin tones are porcelain bisque, toasted peach and Etruscan rose. Neutrals are chocolate brown, dark navy, gray taupe, rose taupe and birch. Eyes are aquamarine blue, eucalyptus is a quiet green, and additional colors are Atlantic blue, greyed wisteria with soft silvery metals.

IRIDESCENT SUMMER – Suzanne Caygill typed this palette Iridescent Summer in the 1980s, but since then this person has chosen to wear her hair more yellow blonde, and she is so close to Early Spring that she could fit into either category. She is one of those people who transcends seasonal typing and is very difficult to categorize. Although the smoky quality of many of her colors fit Iridescent Summer, she has slightly brighter yellows, blues and corals found in Early Spring. Her skin tones are alabaster chablis, strawberry cream and sugar coral. Neutrals are black plum, blackberry, indigo, deep blue spruce, and textured toast. Eyes are gray eucalyptus and green jasper, with an alternates of blue celadon and smoky aquamarine. Her dramatic is lilac mist, and other options are narcissus and Swiss blue.

Rose Tone Summer – This palette is close to Jewel Tone or Dusty Rose Summer, but “Rose Tone” is descriptive of the underlying rose coloring of the skin and hair, and the floral qualities found throughout the palette. Skin tones are pink sand and rose ash with reds of old rose and rose hibiscus. Neutrals are a feminine and beautiful black, Hershey’s cocoa, deep navy blue, black forest green and rose taupe. Eyes are sage green, dramatics are crushed grapes and nickel green, and additional colors are slate and laurel greens, rose dust, silver and rose gold.

ROSE BROWN SUMMER – With all the black that infuses these pigments, it would be easy to type this palette Warm Winter instead of Late Summer. A refined and elegant, deeply saturated black is the most formal neutral, followed by black navy, dark charcoal and a dark eucalyptus green. But romantic skin tones of antique rose, English red and bronze cream, combined with the warmth of smoked amber eyes, a rose brown neutral, options of caramel cream and sandstone, and the restful, quiet color of green smoke combine to tip the scale to summer. Understated drama comes from deep teal blue and green fir.

DUSK SUMMER– This soothing, relaxing palette is filled with the deep, hazy, dusky colors of summer twilight. Skin tones are pink pearl, old rose, and the deep ruby reds of antique tapestries. Neutrals are rich and beautiful black, deep indigo, dark rose taupe and Bordeaux wine. Eyes are coppery brown with rims of smoky blue grey. Dusty purple wisteria and dark royal purple are dramatic. Soft silver and rose gold, with additional colors of faded roses, mauve clouds and a silvery, misty green river convey the essence of late Summer.

Dusty Rose Summer

DUSTY ROSE SUMMER – Cameo and rose quartz pink are skin tones, and her ”red” is dusty rose. Neutrals are black navy, dark rose taupe, forest green, greyed rose taupe and mauve grey. This gentle palette is greyed and dusty, with notes of iridescence. Eyes are honeyed bronze gold, blue delphinium and dusty sapphire blue are dramatics, and dusty aquamarine is her quiet color. Lilac mist is another option; silver and rose gold are her metals.

Fawn Brown Mountain Summer


  • Paisley DuskyRose Summer No, they’re not Caygill names. I love them, too! I like this palette very much.
     Personal Colors by Rose Ann Woolpert When Caygill did this person’s palette in 1963 she called him Desert Mountain Summer. She used many names not in her book when she wanted to describe something special about a person.

Twilight Summer

??? – Somewhere between Dusk and Jewel Tone Summer, this palette has warm skin tones of pale apricot bisque and dusty peach and a garnet rose red. Neutrals are decorative black, green navy, dark chocolate, deep plum and forest green. Eye colors are smoky blue aquamarine and silvery blue eucalyptus. Other blues include lobelia, storm blue and dramatic royal blue. Royal purple is also dramatic, and crushed grape is soft and quieting. Metals are silver, rose gold and blended gold and silver.

Tapestry Autumn.

Personal Colors by Rose Ann Woolpert This is close to Mellow or Topaz autumn. It is called Tapestry because the texture and complex pattern of tapestry recurs throughout the palette, and because tapestry fabrics express and flatter this type.

TAWNY AUTUMN – Woodsy and mellow also describe this palette, which features skin tones of café au lait, peach amber and sugar coral. Neutrals are patterned and saturated black, deep forest green, cognac brown, hazelnut and vanilla. Eyes are leafy green, and dramatic colors are vivid aquamarine and golden ochre. Smokey teal is quieting; metallics are burnished gold, tarnished silver and bronze. Additional colors include bronze yellow, purple leaf plum and pecan shells.

Tawny Autumn

A luscious MELLOW AUTUMN palette has skin tones of creamed coffee, dusty cedar, cinnamon and pecan shells. Black coffee, bittersweet chocolate, Hershey’s cocoa, nutmeg and toast are neutrals. Eyes are antique walnut and silver sage is quieting. Dramatic colors are emerald and jade, with additions of purple leaf plum, orange marmalade and bronzed gold.

MELLOW AUTUMN – This spicy autumn palette has skin tones of creamed coffee and toasted peach, with highly textured neutrals of black brown, conifer, hot chocolate, ginger and vanilla. Eye colors are toasted plum, dark smoky topaz and tortoise shell. Dramatics are deep peacock green and bronzed garnet. Additional colors are amber and jade, with metals of bronze and tarnished silver.

Mellow Autumn – Intriguing

This unusually warm and colorful autumn palette has skin tones of amber peach and candied ginger, antique coral and Hungarian paprika. Neutrals are dark chocolate, black forest, bronze smoke and vanilla bean. Eye colors are cardamom and sunset gold and dramatics are mandarin orange and deep teal green. Amber green and golden lichen are quieter tones, and other options are purple leafed plum, amber gold and ocean turquoise. Metals include gold, copper and bronze.

Bronzed Metallic Autumn


BYZANTINE WINTER – Amber peach, camellia rose, hibiscus rose and cranberry are skin tones found in this palette, a subset of the Exotic Winter type. Neutrals are Turkish coffee, black navy, flint, black plum, black olive and cloud gray. Eyes are dark honey, dramatic colors are concord drape and amber green, and green river mist is a quiet tone. Cypress green is another option. Prints are more complex than typical for winter, with an ornate feeling which gives an Italian renaissance or Byzantine impression.

Classic Winter

WARM TROPICAL WINTER – Skin tones are almond, nectarine coral and coral pink, while neutrals are black, black tea, royal purple, green smoke, crystal gray and seed pearl. Banana and vanilla come from the eyes. Peacock blue and ultramarine are dramatic. Other options are lilac mist and purple hibiscus. Prints are tropical, and silver metals create a luminous effect.

DYNAMIC WINTER – Skin colors are pink pearl, porcelain bisque and raspberry glace; neutrals are patterned black with some sparkle or reflection, Black Forest green, shadowy navy, pelican, cloud gray, bittersweet chocolate and Burgundy wine. Eyes (from the rims) are black tea, with a quiet color of green slate. Dramatics are cabernet sauvignon, deep Russian amethyst, concord grape, Ming blue and vivid turquoise. Other options are lagoon green and deep emerald. Metal is patterned silver.

DYNAMIC WINTER – Dramatic, vivid teal blue and cobalt turquoise, along with bright cardinal and deep English red are exciting colors in this palette. Dark olive green eyes and neutrals of deepest black, dark chocolate, indigo blue, and dark concord grape contrast with pale skin tones of pink pearl and rose petals. Platinum taupe, dusty Venetian turquoise, icy arctic blue and silvery acacia green are cool and quiet.

DYNAMIC WINTER – Brilliant, classic and pure pigments of alizarin crimson, vermillion, ultramarine blue and cadmium yellow are exciting and dramatic colors. Skin tones are porcelain bisque and tea rose. The eye color of deep rhapsody blue is surprising and enigmatic because it comes from the rims rather than the main color of the pupil. Neutrals are black (but only if it is patterned and interesting), graphite, flint, dark aubergine, black walnut, serpentine marble and deep pansy violet. Calmer and quieter options are silver spruce, lilac mist and viola.

SOFT WINTER – Colors include shell, mother of pearl and camellia rose skin tones, grenadine and deep amethyst dramatics, and neutrals of rich black, shadowy navy, Ceylon blue, balsam and fawn. Also pale aquamarine, pastel lilac, dusty star sapphire, and stratosphere blue. Lovely and mysterious.



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