My Zyla Colours – an Attempt

My White – Essence color: very fair Oyster, golden white, golden light peach and golden yellow rose.

My skin colour among these colours: is the one on the right above: very very light buff, matching the caramel coloured spots.

The yellow golden on the left is very similar to my skin colour, but is very subtle, hardly noticeable on my porcelaine kind of skin.

My colour is fair and warm/golden, as fair as nr 100 – easily burning in sun. But ground colour is nr 125 – yellow golden undertone.Bildresultat för undertone buffBildresultat för skin coloursBildresultat för colour buff

Bildresultat för yellowish pink colorBildresultat för golden colour

My Red – Romantic colour: Warm dark Rosy Old Pink: Dark Frangipan red, Dark warm Red, Rich Apple Red, Bildresultat för old rose colour

My Blue – Dramatic colour: Turquoise, light teal

Bildresultat för light teal


Zyla has not got any colours of ”My Greens”. But some people do have greenish shades in their Venes and / or in their Eyes.


My Energy Colour – Dark Green: Olive, Teal or Jade and Warm Coffee(Darkest part of Iris – my Iris is of mixed shades: teal/jade/turquoise and coffee and amber – could even be blue and green or Warm Grey, depending on clothing colours) –Coffee I transmit to being First Base.Bildresultat för olive colourBildresultat för olive colourBildresultat för blue greenBildresultat för olive colourBildresultat för coffee colorBildresultat för green blue

My Tranquility Colour:  Light Pure Green, dito Blue, Light Teal, Jade, Turquoise, Amber, Grey (Lightest Part of Iris)

Bildresultat för jade green eyesBildresultat för light amber eyes

Bildresultat för light teal

Bildresultat för blue greenBildresultat för light blue eyesBildresultat för light blue eyes


My ”Black” (First Base Colur) (Ring around Iris)- not Black at all. I should say same as Dark colours of Iris, Same as Energy Colours:Dark Green Teal or Jade or Olive or Antracite Grey. Darkest part of Iris – my Iris being of mixed shades: teal/jade/turquoise. could even be blue and green or Warm Grey, depending on clothing colours)Bildresultat för warm greyBildresultat för olive colour

My ”Brown”, so called Second base: (Well, my ”Blacks” contains Coffee and Amber!) But my Browns should be, according to Zyla, the Darkest tones of my hair: that is, should say, Dark Amber.Bildresultat för dark amber

My ”Khaki”, Third base, Lightest tones of Hair, should be Light Amber, and Renaissance light red. (Thinking of queen Elizabeth I, and Simonetta Vespucchi, the model of Sandro Botticelli in several of his paintings: for instance Birth of Venus and the Four Seasons.)Bildresultat för light amberBildresultat för simonetta vespucciBildresultat för simonetta vespucci



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