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How to find out your contrast level. Follow the Five steps that Imogen Lamport suggests in her Inside Out Style Blog.

Imogen has featured a grey-scale illustration with 10 different shades of grey from lightest (white) to darkest (black). This is of very good help when planning how to dress for your type.

What to do with this is to decide where on the scale fit the colours of your eyes, hair and skin.

Myself, having extremely light skin, I put skin colour on the very lightest tone, nr 1, but my hair fits somewhere in the middle, say 4-6, and I appreciate the variation of my eyes to between 3 and 6. That is, a medium contrast should become me the best.

Well, low contrast, varies depending on where your hair, eyes and skin place on the scale. Low contrast women could be anything from very light (eyes, skin, hair being close to one another, say from 1-3) to very dark (say from 7-10 – and any close shades in between)

High contrasting is where people with very different shades fit in, for example 1-10, 3-9, 2-8.







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