From Expressing your truth

From Expressing your truth 

by Jane Rekas who has updated her site, dramatically.

Strawberry Blonde

This is what I always thought. Blue is better for me than green. Not the strong preussian blue to the right, though, even if Kidman wears it. It is not Kidmans best blue either. It is overwhelming her. I should say this clear intensive blue is for Winters. She should wear lighter blues than this one. And even if Kidman has red hair in some circumstances, I have seen her with mousier hair tone, so guess she is not a real redhead after all, but maybe a Summer of some kind, maybe light Summer.

Light dusky salmon on Kidman on left top photo is nothing for me either. But being a light warm (redhaired) or light cool (mousy natural haircolour), she can pull it off. Not the case with me though. I bought a jacket in that colour some years ago. Never liked how I looked in it. The salmony rose peach did really anesthezise the vivacity of my very delicate skin tones.

Actually, I am as white as this Winter..… although I am warm in tone. But I must comment on how her corally makeup lifts those grey eyes and makes them look like soft gems. This is what orange and warm reds do to mine. The more orange, the more sparkling turqoise, and the more red, the more greenish my eyes look. And with this smooth clean quality of this clear winter. And in some cases, certain colour combinations have actually given me exactly that warm grey of the girl on the photo.

Blue is better for me than green – now I have it on paper- proof is this is because I am a Strawberry and not a Red, more orangey. Blue is the contrast colour of Yellow, – does not say this, but in fact the contrast colour of Orange is Turquoise, in some instances, Petroleum or Teal.

If I should wear green, it should be on the moss and olive side -that is with brown and yellow in it, or with brownish grey. And, talking of clear greens, should go more towards yellow greens than blue greens. Some light clear greens can go with my eye colour- but the greens of spring often clash, because it is the contrast of rose, and rosy skins are Summers.

What colour palette suits you is decided by the fact that one colour is not drastically beginning where another is ending, but colours do gradually go over in one another.

So, for blue-turquoise-green. The more yellow in your red hair, the better a bluish-turquoise hue suits you, and the more red your hair is (not being so orange) the better you can pull of green.

See how much better Nicole Kidman looks in the two photos in the middle. The warm red dress on the little bit darker side. And that fantastic combination of a Strawberry red with a warm yellow dress that enhances her beauty making her skin glow.




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