Improve the Eyelash Curler !

What About This Idea of Mine ?

Why Not Let the Eyelash Curler Put on Your Mascara ?!

This is a common eyelash curler from Oriflame. It looks like this:

The ONE Eyelash CurlerA Common Kind of Curler – no Fuzz.

You pinch your lashes in the grip and bend them all upwards in one quick move.

Then you apply the mascara.

But Hey. What About Doing it a Bit Diffrently ?

Why Not  Fix the Mascara container onto the lash curler and Applying Mascara With the Curler on Same Time as Curling them !

Advantage: Apart from Saving a Little Time, You Get Mascara on the Upper Side of Lashes Not Only on the Lower Side.

This is What Girls with Pale Natural Lashes Want.

Such An Unnecessary Effort to Have to Paint Pale Lashes on the Upper side.  When You can Do it so Quickly and Niftily With a Two-in-One Mascara-Lash-Curler.

I have been thinking of this Invention for some time.  Best solution for the Mascara container would be, maybe,  a kind of Plastic or Soft Metallic Bag Designed by the Mascara Companies.

This Bag will then be attatched to the Lash Curler in such a way that Pressing or Squeezing the Mascara Bag will Apply Mascara on Inner side of the Curler’s to Pliers: a Moderate, Just Enough Amount of Mascara, to Apply on Both Sides of Lashes at Same Time. The inside of Plier’s would, Preferably be coated with some material to which the mascara stick.

And the Mascara Lash Curler should be easy to clean, perhaps by rinsing in warm water and a drop of detergent or perhaps a more environment friendly cleanser.


1. Grip your Mascara-Lash-Curler

2. Cut along dotted line. Or Open as instructed by Producer.

3. Squeeze. A Moderate Amount of Mascara into the Lash Curler.

4. Bend your lashes. Look: Lashes are Coated with Mascara on Both sides.

Another Advantage: As Lash Curler reaches exactly to wear the Lashes grow out from the Lid, there’s no spill of Mascara onto the Lid. As can be when painting upper side of pale Lashes. Myself I use a cotton pin with a drop of water to clean my lids from mascara stains.

Would be Preferred: a Possibility to change mascara bags onto the Curler when wanting to change the colour.

And open bags should be easy to close when not attathed to the Curler.

Easy to reattatch and reopen, too.













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