Locktång – Storlekar

Newsletter from Makeup.com 24th Oct. 2014


Iron Size: 1/4-inch—-0.25 in = 0.6 cm=6mm
This little baby is great for tight, ringlet-like curls. You ladies with naturally über-curly hair should definitely invest in one of these, as they can help touch up your curls and keep them from getting unruly.

1/2 inch = 1,3cm=13mm =knappt 1,5cm=15mm

Iron Size: 3/4-inch=0.75 in = 1.9 cm=19mm, knappt 2 cm, 20 mm
For those of you with short to medium hair or those of you seeking a romantic, country-rose-like ‘do, this iron is for you. Wrap the ends of small sections of your hair around this little miracle worker and gently separate the curls so they look natural. Spritz it with some flexible-hold hairspray and you are ready to roll. For some extra vintage flare, separate two sections from the front sides of the head and pin back with bobby pins.

Iron Size: 1-inch =2,54cm=25,4mm
This curler creates a lovely soft wave for a sultry siren look (á la Jessica Rabbit). Just create a deep part and curl your hair in two-inch sections. Apply some setting spray, like Matrix Biolage Thermal Active Setting Spray and, after it’s dried, brush out the curls with a flat paddle brush.

Iron Size: 1 1/2-inch
This iron produces big, voluminous curls. Ideal for those with long, luscious locks, looks with this tool vary from soft, romantic curls to loose, beach waves. It’s all about how you style them. If you’re going for an effortless, messy curl look, spray your hair with sea salt spray (we love EverStyle Texture Series Beach Spray) prior to taking an iron to it. After the spray has dried, wrap the hair around the closed curling iron (or wand if that’s what you’re using), starting mid-shaft and leaving the ends uncurled. Hold the hair for a few seconds and gently unravel. Muss-up and separate the curl by gently fluffing your hair with your fingers.

Iron Size: 2-inch=5,1cm=51mm, säg 5cm=50mm
This bad boy isn’t necessarily for curling, but for giving your hair some body and rounded-out ends. It creates a nice, voluminous “blow out” look for those with stick-straight locks and is also an ideal tool for showing off those layers.

Hey, boho mamas! If you’ve got fine, naturally straight hair,

this three-pronged contraption is your go-to for perfectly imperfect bedhead waves.

Just clamp the prong on a section of your hair (starting at the top), hold for a few seconds and release. Move down until the entire piece is crimped and repeat with the rest of hair. T

hose of you with thicker, wavier locks can jump on this waver wave too! Just stick to crimping the top layers of your hair instead of the entire head so as to avoid the hair getting unruly or lion-esque.

Photography: Joshua M. Shelton
Model: Brianna Leahy




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