Soft Warm Aquatic Tones for Red Haireds

There are some colours that mesmerizes the skin of some redheads enormously well.

Those are warm and soft aquatic tones often with a transparent quality to them.  Material enbodying that quality is Silk.

Not all aqua colours for all red heads – some can pull off with clear aquas with a flat aspect to them. Others – like me – do better in the kind of Watery nuances presented below.

Picture above showing a sheltie dog in a summery thalassial milieu. Look at the Water, how transparent and warm in colour it looks, and you can spur the sandy bottom below all those mixed blues, turquioses, greys and greens – normally considered colds.  Picture in original can be seen on Sheltie iFokus.

(For those who don’t know it, ”thalassial” has to do with sea- / ocean-)



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