Katie Moore as Susy in the Paradise

Today I watched British costume drama the Paradise. And I saw beautiful Katie More acting as shop assistant Susy.

With her red hair kept in a fashionable style with a thich bang, and her face made-up with tones making her iris pop with aquatic green, and dressed in a chiq black dress with a tiny white collar;  makes her a  style model for redheads.

(Can’t  add any picture, so here’s a link. No, couldn’t present the link: it was  enormous.) But look here – pictures 2 and 3.

Picture 2: Look at those  warm sea green eyes popping.

Picture 3: Behold how beautiful a red haired woman can be in Black, black that is considered a no-no for our category. Who said?!

Could be interesting, in future, to add more red haireds that can pull of wearing black. But maybe it’s the little white ”picadilly”? she wears next to her neck skin that do the trick?




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