Ester Honigs Before&Afters-countrywise

Ester Honig, journalist, asked people round the globe to photoshop her to their countrie’s beauty standard and got diffrents of results.

Chara: To be pinpointed is the question: what, actually, is ”beauty”in a human being? Not a very objective choice.  Ideals differ from country to country, from culture to culture that transcends country borders, from sex to sex, and, of course, from person to person. And, concerning the concept of age, both from young to old age, and from time age to time age.

So, even though  the photographs below are said to be examples of what  people in different countries regard as beauty, it’s important to pinpoint the fact that each of the photoshopped variants are made by One individual, which rather should be the caption of the theme, rather than the Country headline.

She has a very fine Photostreaming feature, which I should like to put on display here. To the left her own photograph, unchanged, to be directly compared to the picture frame on the right where all the photoshopped versions of her picture are replacing each other, incessantly. It was not possible to do: Esther wants people to see it on her own site, so: Look at photostreaming here.

Below, …, see My comments which would be hard to place without seeing the very picturs involved, so have put them here, courtesy to Esther. But look at her site for the photostreaming feature that is absolutely priceless.

Ester’s Original Photo:Original Photo

She looks beautiful enough in original, methinx.

Israeli photo, very like the original. Very few changes, if any. Lips look natural in that brick rose nuance.


But this artificial look from Argentina looks like something out of Andy Warhol, some doll, not a real woman. First, they have given her skin a totally diffrent colour, some whiteish and shining blend that looks totally unnatural. It should crave wheel barrels full of pale foundations for Ester to make her face look like this. It shouldn’t be needed for her to change her already splendid colour of skin. (For girls that have such a colour naturally, ok though. Overall, colours are tastefully put together with eyeshadows and lipcolor that blends in well, though this version may be better on another lady.Argentina

And now, Kangaroo country. Australian picture features two pink dots on cheeks. They look glued on skin. Has she fever? They look like they should not be there at all. Do away with those pinks and left is a face which looks natural with foundation near her own skin colour, suiting eyeshadow and lipstick that fits her beautifully.Australia

Bangladeshian versions below: two of them. Personally, I think the left one makes Ester look stunning. Skin looking natural and smooth. Rouge blending into foundation. Eye shadow not visible until you really look for it: masterly contrasting to eye colour, by the way.

Photo on the right: having tried to much. Unfortunately a hairstyle that does not suit her. And compared to eye shadow on the left photo, the same on right picture makes her look tired and underpinning the bag under her eyes. Left side Esther has no eye bags something which enhances her looks on this picture. Would it be possible in reality for her to make it look as if their were no bags? Or is the look to the left unreachable for all of us with under-eye-bags? Make-up tricks? Cucumber slices?

The rightish photo has ok lipstick colour and rouge, though. But versions in left is ideal.


Three different tries from Mother India. Left one: looks like a Warhol version of Liz Taylor in her younger years. Or the colour of an Egyption Mummy. Face forward, but why does the hairdo vanish into darkness? Very unnatural, unfortunately. Middle picture, well, something is not right there, either. Person has been tampering with skin colour to make it more peachy, it seems. Nothing wrong with peachy skin, but this woman should be made to look beatiful in her own colours. Lipstick here is orange and most visible of the three. Should think lipstick in left picture suits her best.

Then right photo: compare to Argentina’s and my comment on that photo. She should not be forced to smear her whole body in a baking soda shower to get this look that is way impossible for her.


Beautyfying Esther according to Chilean standards should look like this, obviously. This, I think, is an excellent look for her, not as good as the Bangladeshian left photo, but beautiful enough. This photoshopper has plucked Esther’s eyebrows, which contributes to her beautylook in the Chilean picture, earrings added, a hair pin and a necklace (that looks funny, like it’s floating in the air in front of her). Eyeshadow, rouge well blended in, and lipcolour becomes her.



Then there is Germany. German photoshopper seems to have an ideal of beauty taken from the advertising sector favouring a dagerotype style like an old time sepia touch.  Hair is coloured in a cool, stark red, so ”in” here in Sweden the last few decades. I mean, it looks really ”coloured”, the hair not allowed to have its natural shades or be toned in a colour that suits her from the natural range. It’s ok to have such a rocking colour if that is the person’s choice, but I cannot say it contributes to beauty, rather to ”colour an attitude”.  Strong haircolor contrasting with skin made pale, and which IS beautiful, every flaunt photoshopped away, including nose lines: is it a child? Does body conture lines made impressionalistically diffuse underline a woman’s natural beauty. Me not think so.

Here again, why white skincolor, when the lady in question is brown?


Next is Greece, actually. Face colour with beauiful facets – is it possible to make such pearly shine and live shadowing in real make-up life? Give me a DIY, please. Rouge is pink but, unlike the Australian photo not two cirkles on cheek fronts, is very much better applied and blended into skincolour. Only criticism I have to give is the choice of makeup colours for eyelids and lips. Those colours are ok on Ester, but not more than so. They seem to float apart from her face. You see the strong purple shadow and the fuchsia lipstic first, before your gaze lands on her face, which the makeup should enhance. Not concur with. Maybe she could wear this look to a fun party with coloured baloons and confetti and drinks with little umbrellas. Maybe launch a party featuring learning to apply creative makeups?


Sighing again. Are Indonesian women this pale? But Ester is not and should not change. Picture is very well made, though. But lipstick stands out too much. Maybe light pink is not the ideal even for this pearly white face. A darker red would be preferable, should think.


Italian style obviously requires minutiously plucked brows, and have managed to apply makeup professionally. First I thought the dark green shadow showed to much, but then it sank back and her face came forward. Lipstick allright, but could be a bit on the redder side, or with brownish cast as in left Bangladeshian picture. Italian photo-shopper has left her skintone be.


Kenyan contributor has kept Ester mainly as in original photo. But those strong blue streaks of eyeshadow she should save to that homeparty of Creative Makeup I talked about before. It doesn’t add to her beauty at all. Rather, it demonstrate bad taste, that is my opinion. Fitting a five year old girl playing with her mothers makeup.Kenya

Morroccan contrbutor has draped Ester in colorful shawls and given her a matching makeup: orange lips contrasting to turquoise. Little dabs of lilac and, voilà!! Face looks really beutiful, even though hair is not showing. A daring European girl could choose to colour her hair in this bright turquoise maybe, but it would be much MORE daring for an Euro-woman to keep her hair color and enhance her face coloring with a turquoise piece of cloth instead. C’est merveilleuse!


Pakistan. Don’t understand what they are saying here. Eyes thoroughly made over here. Does the brown shadow on lids enhance this depth, or are the eye colours photoshopped separately? She looks a bit sweaty, with bedchamber eyes,  and hair is kind of sexified as if she has come right out of bed. She looks more like a computer game heroine than a live woman.


Left picture from Philipinnes features a hair-do, much too heavy for her face. Kind of gipsywoman look there. Face, though, excellently made up. Ester looks great in dark brown shadow and dark red lipstick, just as I expected. But not quite that hairdo.

Right picture where she is left very much to herself but added a peachy lipstick that is somewhat too pale for her strong natural colour. Ester to the left is a dramatic beauty. To the right she is more of Roman slavegirl, though slavegirls did not have peach lipsticks.


Romania: very slightly changes made on Ester’s face here. Discrete light brown eyeshadow and the light lipstick in a colour much better than peach on her. And eyebags retouched. Remember the Cucumber trick. Not much more needed to make her a real Beauty.


Is the Serbian notion of beauty that dark blue eyes are more beautiful than browns? This contributor made Esters face more beatiful with small means that is hardly visible. Not all of bags retouched but difficult to notice because of the magneticism of those eyes. Professional.


Sri-Lanka – old Ceylon – green that suits her, but only on upper lids please. With green all the way round it looks like she has been beaten and gotten a black eye, which we certainly must hope she hasn’t.

Shri Lanka

United Kingdom contribution featuring an alternative, and very successful hairdo for Ester’s face.  Would be a hit, were it not for the eyebrows that looks like paper clippings glued to her face. Her pale lips could have been played up some shades darker, too.


Natural Ukrainian beauty. But why changing eyecolour? A little foundation enough to make a weekday face shine for the weekend.


U.S.Hey – Left photo. NOT beautiful. Too much changes. Face made longer and narrower. Eyes made oblique, almost Chinese, which Ester has not. Eyecolour remade to blue. Eyebrow shapes changed. Rouge wrongly applied. Rouge too obvious. Hairdo is ok, obviously, but all in all, Ester is made to look like a lifeless sex shop doll here, sorry.

Right photo much better. Very good lipstick colur on Ester. She is actually a look-alike of Indian actress Ashwaria Rai. Was not our dear Ashwaria crowned Miss Universe some years ago?



Vietnam. Natural. Lips to pale. Not much going on. A plain girl who is satisfied with herself without having to use amounts of makeup. Which is completely ok.


Venezuela. A little more here. Coordinated colours. Eyeshadow nearly perfect, but look a bit dirty. Lipcolour is outstanding for Ester.








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