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How do I style curly hair?

by Rebecca

Curly Hair

Curly Hair

My biggest tips are…

    • Don’t comb or brush your curly hair!


  • Get a great cut from a good hair dresser who understands curly hair

To style, use a curly hair styling product after you’ve washed your hair, when it’s still wet.

Then style it by taking a small bunch of strands and twirling it around a finger. Repeat all over your head. It takes a while to start with. However, I now find it takes me 5 minutes and I can do it on the run. I let my hair dry naturally, then shake my head and ease out some of the curls with my fingers.

The days I’m not washing my hair I might apply some more curly hair product, or just use water to damp down my hair and re-activate the curl.

I finally learnt how to work with it, rather than against it. I now don’t like straightening my hair either, although occasionally for a different look I will get the hairdresser to use a flat iron on my hair, this may last a day or 2, if I’m careful. However, I would never dream of chemically straightening my hair.

If you want to dry your hair use a diffuser, on a heat setting, after twirling. Heat ”shrinks” your curls and defines them. T

Then blow cold air over to ”expand” or ”fluff-up” your hair.

To get a different look you can experiment with the thickness of the sections you twirl, or use large rollers (if you can be bothered) to get a smoother, bigger curl look.

I’ve tried several curly hair products. The best ones are only available from hair salons or specialists hair product suppliers.

I’m now using the Aveda ”be curly” range of products. I use the leave in curl enhancer with other shampoos and conditioners as well. (For example see the range on the UK Aveda website — to select a different country scroll to the bottom of the page and click the ”Country” button.) While these products aren’t 100% organic they do contain mostly natural ingredients.

My favorite was a range of organic products from MOP (Modern Organic Products). I used their ‘C-System Hydrating’ range of shampoo and conditioner and the ‘C-System Texture Lotion’ leave-in styling product. Sadly, this product has now been discontinued.

>> Find curly hairstyle examples using a virtual hairstyler program



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